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Feedback Friday - 4/27/18

Nov 27, 2013
The bazaar interface.

It would be better if the initial view was not one of the most server-taxing elements (it has to load over a hundred pages of gear for everyone before anyone can do what they came to do).

It would be nice if the bazaar allowed us to select multiple items to sell like quick sell without having to confirm them individually.

It would be nice if the bazaar were able to take pre-orders for things that are not in stock, even to the point of bidding the price higher if necessary. (Controversy ensues.)

It would be nice if there was a way to flag drops for automatic selling. As a max wizard, when I help lower levels, I often receive gear for level 30 wizards that I have to sell. I might also be in the mood to choose to sell all snacks that are not level 7 or above.

Why can't the bazaar make a deal with the bank to allow them to work together? It would save me a lot of mileage.

Jun 13, 2011
A couple more in.

152. Verboten Mimic (needs to look a bit more menacing with some longer spikes on the creature's body with red gems for eyes that give an anger expression)
153. Mr. Toto
154. Tin Man
155. Dorothy Gale
156. Aphrodite II
157. Bloodwing
158. Sokkwi Keymaster
159. Frost Colossus
160. Sands of Time
161. Heka the Haruspect (needs to look way different than a recolored copy of Ammit the Devourer)
162. Greater Borealis Golem
163. Confused Forest Warrior
164. Yakedo
165. Polluted Earth Walker
166. Bricktop
167. Selwyn Skywatcher
168. Deep Kraken
169. Big Salgio
170. Selenor
171. Optio Marinos
172. Optio Vitale
173. Optio Neelus

There are the horse mobs in MooShu that share Diego the Duelmaster's grin in serious need of a facelift, because they look a bit too much like him. Seriously.

Just a little thought about the Celestian machines in Celestia, they should have a different defeat animation to differ them from the numerous hulking golem mobs, like shaking and being shorted out before being shut down and fall down to pieces. That'd make a good new defeat animation.

Also, the storyline in Celestia may need some rework to include a bit more story dynamics, & some exposition about Morganthe and her arrival in Celestia, and have her appear in the end of its last instance, Trial of the Spheres, during the instance quest, "Trial of the Spheres", complete with one hint about Zafaria & have us speak to Merle Ambrose when we're done talking to Halston Balestrom during the quest, "Through This Door...".

BTW, remove Astraeus' lines "Though my home was beyond the stars, I have dwelt in this place for time out of mind, serving and waiting." & "I will not surrender the secrets of Celestia's magic willingly!", 'cause they're from Selwyn Skywatcher.

I hope I covered them. It'll be a long task to do it, but, that'll be worth it. Thanks again, Professor Falmea! Hope this discussion gets picked up again someday.

Jun 13, 2011
Whoops! Nearly forgot one more mob that is need of a new look.

Greyback Trollkin

Jun 13, 2011
I may have to agree on some Wizards, some old zones in Wizard City could be renovated to make them look a bit more unique & less street based, along with all past 1st arc worlds, like how Unicorn Way needs to be expanded to include a new hidden evil lair for the Fairy Queen so she'll no longer be a roaming boss.

Yes, the Spiral Map in Wizard City needs to be updated again to include the worlds that were added lately. Hope that gets done, & kept up.

Star Edward on Apr 30, 2018 wrote:
This is why I tend to like the "Feedback Fridays" so much.

It allows so many of us to chime in with our ideas.

Reading through all these and I have to say, the ideas are pretty good!

Some of which I strongly agree with.

So, while we continually continue to share our thoughts here and for future questions,

I'm hoping some of these ideas will actually make it to the Design and Creative Team at the meetings!

I absolutely share these ideas with the team weekly (and frequently, they've beat me to it and comment on your ideas first! ). I think everyone will be pleasantly surprised with our future updates!

New topic coming your way in mere moments!

“If the Mind is like a candle, the Heart is like the sun.” Professor Falmea (aka Leah Ruben, your fearless Producer!)