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Feedback Friday 4-29-11

Feb 25, 2009
Due to the graphics issues in test, I have not been able to run much.

But What little I have seen with my Legendaries, Life and Fire, I am not really impressed with any of the new spells.

Triage is ok I guess, but not loaded in deck and not likely to either. Have not been able to run enough with the graphics to acquire the lvl 55 spell, so I can't comment on that one.

Fuel is ok too, but would be better if it was an all enemies instead of just one. And as for Link or power link, I have rarely used Link to begin with and don't see the new power link as much improvement. If Power link did more damage to the enemy and at least double the heal to the caster, it would be a little better.

Insane Bolt, I don't have yet as that wizard is not high enough to get it, but from what I have seen, It is just that, INSANE. won't be using it when my wizard does get it.

Ice wizard, I deleted a long time ago. Would have preferred an Ice blade instead of ice armor, so I understand very well what the Ice wizards are saying.

My Balance wizard is going to try running in test so I can't really comment on those either, but I will say that the only dispell I have used on any of my wizards is life dispell and that only in the Warehouse in MB. Other than that, I don't use them at all.

My death, storm and myth wizards are too young to even think about Wintertusk, but what I have seen of the new spells for them, I am not going to be in any rush to get them.

If you ask me, since we are coming up against bosses that are now using our rank 7 and 8 spells, then we should be given rank 9 spells and at least a decent up grade on some of our current spells.

Even as a legendary, our decks at the max only give us 64 spells and many are even using short decks in order to have their best spells appear when needed. But by doing this, it means we have to omit spells that could be more beneficial in any given battle. And yes we do adjust our decks according to that battle, but it is no guarantee that the adjusted spells will appear.

Nov 11, 2008
To be honest, the spell brilliant light seems useless. We already have a healing blade. Instead of that, I would love having a healing spell instead. The other schools have spells that are good like Talos, Insane Bolt, etc. I would also like Triage to have more of an animation.

Aug 12, 2009
I personally really like all the Level 35 spells. here are my opinions on them:

Supercharge - Sweetest spell on the planet, just wish my Storm had a better way to build pips... oh well, looks like Empowerment is a must!

Dark Pact - LOVE it! nothing like being able to boost yourself or an ally even better

Triage - This is an interesting one, and I like it personally.

Smash - FINALLY! A way to remove ALL SHIELDS and leave the traps alone!

Elemental / Spirit Defuse - Yes, this makes sense, however I kinda think they should also get Elemental and Spirit Prisms to be trained at Niles still...

Fuel - LOVE this one! Exactly what fire needed for their DoTs!

Legion Shield - Another thing I've been asking for!
Now, as much as a LOVE-FEST that was with the Level 35 spells... I am not nearly as impressed with the Level 55 Spells...

Insane Bolt - This spell seems to more often land on Heads (enemy) than on Tails (self). There will be people whining about 'Immunity + Heal' and Insane Bolt PVP Spamming. Please do not change this spell because of them.

Brilliant Light - Personally, yes, I like the idea for brilliant light. however conceptually it is flawed in that it costs 2 pips and not 1. Bladestorm costs 1 pip, and so does Plague...

Virulent Plague - This should have placed 2 'Weakness' tokens and 1 Infection token on all enemies, instead of 1 40% weakness to all.

Frozen Armor - This is actually a lot more useful than Ice Armor.

Talos - The most useful Minion in the world, a minion that gains power pips!

Availing Hands - Another useful spell, although I think it should be an All Heal over Time, instead of to one player and make it 6 pips instead of 4.

Power Link - It's a step in the right direction. Not sure how much more effective it is, but I'd be more inclined to use it since its got a bigger heal...

Anyways, that's my thoughts on it.

May 02, 2009
Ok, time to say what I think about the spells.

Fuel-an ok spell. Not quite what I was hoping for though (3 fire traps on one enemy, eh).
Link+Power Link-I love the new animation for the spells. I'm glad that link got intial effects for both the dot and hot. I've always liked using link and this upgrade makes it more useful. Power link is basically an upgraded form of link at double the pip cost (4 pips). Not too thrilled about it costing 4 pips though, maybe 3 or 2 would be more reasonable, at least imo.

Insane bolt-Cool looking spell. When I read it for the first time and got to the part about it having a chance of hitting you I said "What!?". From what I've seen though the chances of it hitting you are very low, and honestly, aside from the perfect accuracy (yes, insane bolt has 100% accuracy for 2 pips), I don't see it that different from spells like immolate (just shield up before attacking and your golden).
Supercharge-I haven't seen this in action yet, but from what I've read it seems that this spell is situational. The purpose of it is nice, but I don't find myself using it on my storm when he gets it. Maybe you could also consider changing the name of the spell so it's not confused with the derby talent of the same name.

Talos-Haven't seen him used yet, but from what I've read he seems to be a pretty good minion.
Super Pierce (forget name)-Same as talos and supercharge, but seems like a powerful spell.

Leigon shield-Love it. This is one of the better spells imo. It's been so helpful that I currently have no more treasure cards of it left. Yes the percentage is low, but considering it's for all teammates, I'd say that's a pretty good deal/trade-off.
Frozen Armor-Seems just like an upgraded ice armor; could've been better like maybe for 4 or 5 pips have it place a 450-600 ice armor on everyone on the team.

Triage-Very powerful spell indeed. Granted I've only seen this used once, but I can see it being very helpful in both pve and pvp. maybe have it increased to 1 or 2 pips to make it on par with the other new spells though.
Brilliant light-upgraded guiding light, but for all teammates. Considering not everyone will have heal spells, this could've been better like maybe have it place the life dual-shield on everyone for 3 pips.

Super helping hands (forget name)-upgraded helping hands; very handy spell indeed (no pun intended).
Tri-dispels-situational, and for 5 pips, probably not gonna be used much. Maybe make them 3 or 4 pips to make them more reasonable.

Dark pact-interesting spell. Similar to empower and sacrifice, but instead giving a suped up dragonblade. Maybe lower the damage it does to make it more reasonable.
Super plague (forget name)-more powerful plague; could've been better.

These are just my thoughts on the new spells.

Oct 24, 2008
The idea of insane bolt wasnt the best i will admit. Its basically either the enemy loses half their health or instant death for you. Perhaps instead it could be 2500 to the enemy or 1500 to you. Tell me that you think :D.

Aug 05, 2009
Myth spell: King Gobbler (SC and TC only)
990 -1080 damage
9 pips
10 mana
The king gobbler appears. He takes off his crown. He chews it. Then he takes the bits out of his mouth and make a ninja star. He throws it at the enemies causing serious damage. He chews it again into a heart. Then
he cuts the heart into (number of teammates) peices. He throws the peices at the teammates. They all catch them. All of the sudden, the peices turn into green sparkles. They go inside the teammates and heal them half of the damage of the attack. :-)

Sun spell: Headmaster
+550 damage to spell
2 pips
0 mana
No animation

LVL 70 name: Headmaster
(Ambrose dissapears when you get to LVL 70)

May 29, 2010
Looking at the new spells most of them seem ok and fitting for their school :-)...for the most part. Here are some that could use some improvement. :(

Triage seems like it would be a good spell for PvE but not for PvP do to the fact that not only can it be used on anyone (its not self only) but the fact that its unfair to schools such as Fire, Ice, and Death, who all have high level spells that are heavily relied upon such as Fire Dragon, Ice Angel, Skeletal Dragon, and upcoming spells for Ice and Fire like the new Link and Wyvern that goes to the new ice pet. Perhaps the spell could 1-be PvE only and not work in PvP,2-cost at least 4 pips (maybe more) and 3-it could only remove a certain rank of DoT spells and lower. :D

The other spell that seems unfair is Ice's frozen armor. The problems with frozen armor are that the spell takes all your pips and can easily be taken away. Another problem is that Frozen Armor is not that better than Ice Armor and Frozen Armor does not use Ice's resist. Perhaps Frozen Armor just isnt that useful later on in the game. Instead of Frozen Armor the ice spell upgrade could be made into Ice Mirror. Ice Mirror could be a Xpip spell that would reflect an amount of damage back on the attacker. I think ice mirror could begin at 1 pip reflecting 6% damage then at 14 pips reflecting 84% of damage recieved. Now when i say reflect i don't mean absorb the damage. Say you do 1000 damage to someone with an Ice Mirror casted with 10 pips- the attacker would recieve 600 (60%) and the target would recieve 400 (40%). The mirror would only reflect the end result of the damage so with and maybe a shield the mirror would reflect the shielded damage.

We've been hard at work on fixing and updating the test realm - we definitely want you to keep rolling with feedback, so please keep on letting us know what you think. We'll have a new feedback Friday next week.

Have a wonderful weekend!

“If the Mind is like a candle, the Heart is like the sun.” Professor Falmea (aka Leah Ruben, your fearless Producer!)
Jun 13, 2009
I agree with darthjt, super fuel would be a great spell for fire, i think you should substitute it for fuel .

Also please give ice another spell, we really DO NOT wish to have another armor, upgrade frost bite of blizzard please.

Nov 06, 2010
I haven't play tested, but I can't see using the defuse spells at 5 pips. I assume I would cancel one spell, but 2 really isn't likely. For 5 pips it is too much. You know someone isn't going to cast a good spell when it is on him or her. Maybe if you get first cast you could luckily catch someone casting a big spell?

If it gets cast on me? I will use my lowest cost spell to get rid of it or use my alt school spell to bypass it.

I would rather have seen a random spirit pet: cast it and get either a life, myth or death pet.

May 27, 2010
Ok, Falmea.
no offense but can you give Ice a different Upgraded spell?
Frozen Armor will be of no use mostly cause no one even used Ice Armor, what made you think people would use an Upgraded Version of it?
a better upgrade would have been to Steal Ward or something

Apr 28, 2010
I love Triage, thank you very much for this spell, although I dislike Brilliant Light since it isn't that useful for me since I ususally team with my best friends (none of which are Life) and even though they stack, they take two pips and delay my heals when Guiding Light doesn't. Perhaps an upgrade to a current heal or a healing enchantment (like Gargantuan but for healing) would've been a better choice but whatever happens, happens.

Jul 04, 2010
I know it's too late for it too mater, but:

blades - I can see the possibilities with them I don't know how often I'll actually use them. For instance, my level 59 diviner does not need any blades to clear most mobs with a 4-6 pip tempest. Now that I can boost scare crow and wraith, I don't think i'll need spirit blades either to crow the field clear.

Though it is nice that I'm only doing 449hp to self now with dark pact, though I wish it wasn't a generic 30% boost but a 30% death blade so I could wand off a weakness and not lose it.

ftw - I have tried fitting it into a boss farming deck but it almost never showed up round one.

Thanks all for the feedback, our Design folks have been very interested in the discussions here (and elsewhere on the 'net). Look for a new FF in just a bit!

“If the Mind is like a candle, the Heart is like the sun.” Professor Falmea (aka Leah Ruben, your fearless Producer!)