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Feedback Friday 4-28-17

Sep 01, 2016
I would really like to see animals and dragons to be obtainable next.

Dec 06, 2009
Community Leader
Sep 07, 2011
I may be odd for wanting creepy crawlers, but I'd love to capture Spiders, Scorpions, and Arachna.

I agree with all who said Polar Bears -> bears
Boars would be good too.

Sep 07, 2011
Cody DragonTamer on Apr 29, 2017 wrote:
Pox and Font!!! I LOVE making minion tc on myth and being able to mass summon stuff! if we could make Pox or Font minions that are dedicated to one task would be extreamly fun and helpful in so many quests or just for the heck of it in boss fights! Plus they would make intresting little house guests.

Extract Entity maybe for the spell? or Extract Fey and include Fairies, Elfs, Font and Pox all in one!
Yes! Font / Pox would be super useful as minions. And collecting them would be something worthwhile to do while farming Loremaster 8 million times unsuccessfully trying to get Deer Knight.

Thanks everyone for the feedback! The next ones we're doing are all things mentioned here, and we'll keep the rest in mind for next time. If you find any issues with current Monstrology animus types, report it and we'll get those fixed in future updates.

chase12345667 - I'll send this over to our Quality Assurance Wizards to take a look. Thanks!

New FF coming up shortly!

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