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Feedback Friday 4-24-15

Aug 20, 2011
Just writing to update, I have socketed my first jewel. First, I won a polished healing opal (Level 95+). A few days afterward, I won an artisan's socket wrench, so last night I decided to open up my amulet's sockets with it. I am now slightly more heal-able.

I'm still avoiding the Rockhammer pack and jewel crafting until they are revised. Meanwhile, I am finding it much more enjoyable to farm for jewels while I am assisting people in Find-a-Team.

Oct 22, 2011
There are decent jewels to be had just from fighting mobs and regular bosses throughout the Spiral, for those who are not interested in crafting and those that are still questing in the worlds.

I've gotten quite a few. Some not worth it (like the damage and resist). I've gotten critical for my schools, accuracy boost, healing boosts, fishing boosts, block boosts, health boosts. I've gotten jewels that come with a card, but unless the card is really good, I delete it.

I do think with the crafting, that it should not shatter if you remove it from your gear. With all the effort it takes to get what you need and craft it, it's sad when you get a better piece of gear and can't take that jewel with you. I think that should change. You crafted it, you should be able to use it for as long as you wish on whatever gear you want.

Aug 18, 2011
Update: I got enough Orcalcum(?) to make a jewel... and it wasn't useful. Better luck with bosses though, I've added some outgoing health to my Life wiz, and pierce to Death. Little ice wiz is doing better. mid-level reagents seem more common. Crafted accuracy and damage for that one.

I think the changes to crafting, and upping wrench drops will help make socketing more popular.

Still need to fix the 98 and 99 rings - 3 sockets pretty please :)

Thanks all for the feedback! We've made some changes with an update this week, and we'll continue to keep our eyes on what's happening both here on the forums and in game.

A new Feedback Friday shall be happening in mere moments...

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