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Feedback Friday 4-21-17

Aug 03, 2016
Oh and sorry to post twice but -- I thought of another one -- this is for the future and might be good to offer at holiday time -- or maybe just afterward -- but a holiday vault??

You know how people put their holiday decorations and costumes away in real life, in a closet or in a storage locker or storage unit or shed?
How about a similar thing for Wizard 101?

Either a combined gear/furniture/decorations holiday vault or one for gear and one for furniture and decor.

A lot of people just leave one of their wizard houses decorated for the holidays all year long but there are also different holidays and it would be nice to really use all my houses instead of using one for storage and seeing Halloween and Christmas all at once every time I visit it.

It would also be great to be able to find all holiday items at a touch. Thanks!

Aug 03, 2016
I apologize again but I just thought of something else :)

Pet Hotel - if you make that - maybe you could even make it so that we click x and can go into the hotel and interact with pets.

I've seen people post in the past here that they wish they could interact with pets. This could be a way to code it so it might be easier to put into the game without recoding the whole game? I dunno?

It oculd be a separate item too but a pet hotel or dog park or something that we could go into and throw toys for the pets or dance with them or pet them or anything -- could be good! :)

I remember years ago in the early internet there was a desktop game where you could keep a pet on your desktop screen and feed it, water it and throw toys for it to play with. It wasn't a game it was more like an app before that word was invented.

Oct 18, 2011
A fish storage, i have all 171 fish and i can't place them anywhere so i have to struggle crafting tanks all the time...

A treasure card storage, for obvious reasons.

A pet storage, because of the limit in houses.

A mount storage, some of us have a ton of mounts.

A furniture storage, because personally i have a lot of rare items i have nowhere to put in my houses and don't want to trash them at the same time.

Thank you for asking!

Jan 08, 2012
we need more supply storage and reashure card space

Jun 13, 2011
Before this post closes, I should say we should have increased backpack space for non-members, 'cause we really need more space to hold our items in.

I think we should also have Castle Block Vaults, Treasure Card Vaults up to at least 1,000 treasure cards, and even Skeleton Key Vaults. We really need those.

Thanks for the suggestions, Wizards! I've got the list down of what you're looking for, and I'll discuss with the other Professors. A new FF will be coming up shortly!

“If the Mind is like a candle, the Heart is like the sun.” Professor Falmea (aka Leah Ruben, your fearless Producer!)