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Feedback Friday 4-20-18

Hello Wizards! It's a beautiful day, and a Friday to boot! So, let's chat about a new topic, shall we?

We've unleashed a new member benefit this weekend for crafters - unlimited crafting (no cooldown) and double reagents. So, who's enjoying this new benefit and what do you think? Which of our member benefits do you look forward to the most? What's your top 3? If we could add a few new ones, what would they be?

Have a bountiful Friday and a crafty weekend!

Standard disclaimer applies: We do not guarantee to use each and every idea submitted, and questions we pose may or may not be pertaining to things we are currently working on, or will ever undertake. Sometimes, there are just technical limitations that make changing things difficult to impossible, and though we possess all manner of magic wands here, there are technological beasts out there that are beyond our grasp. Sometimes, we may not feel it is within the spirit and vision of the spiral to add or change something. Also, we realize that some of these topics may have been addressed before in other threads - sometimes it's good to pick up a discussion again. Chances are I have read your threads and would like to hear more!

“If the Mind is like a candle, the Heart is like the sun.” Professor Falmea (aka Leah Ruben, your fearless Producer!)
Aug 03, 2015
I really like this new member benefit. Unfortunatly, for max level crafting, the free slots are compltetly useless because by the time you max out on crafting quests, you get a ton of free slots and I don't think anyone crafts that much in one go. On the other hand, this is really good for low level crafting because if you want to complete crafting quests quickly, not having to wait 10 minutes to craft on ring out of two is a really big advantage.
I also really like the double reageant idea, can't wait to farm for two pieces of amber instead of one

My top three member benefits are:
1. Second chest roll: I really like the idea of a second chance of free loot. Because of this, I got a pigsie tc, malistaire boots and the Rasputin deck on my myth. (I know a lot of people are gonna put double gardening rewards first but I don't garden much)

2. Double pet XP: Really enjoy making good (and bad) pets out of mega snacks with twice their energy!

3. Training point buy back: When I made this account, I was really new to the game, so ofcourse I would buy any spell that looked cool to me . Really like the chance you get to buy spells i'll actually use now.

If I had to make a new member benefit, I would make a double XP benefit. The way it works is for the weekend, you get double XP in general. Say you completed a low level dungeon that gave 1000 XP, you would get 2000 instead. It could really help low level wizards train up their wizards and help other wizards get to max level really fast.

Nov 22, 2016
I really enjoy the double pet XP. I only train my pets during that time, because otherwise I feel like it’s a waste of time and snacks. I wish there was double pet XP for the new hatching kiosk, because I have hatched multiple new pets that I’m waiting to train. In my opinion, it would have made sense to come out with double pet XP when the new kiosk came out. Anxiously waiting for that benefit!

May 15, 2010
Love the double reagents in the new member benefits. My top 3 member benefits are double pet experience, free fishing (that was awesome!!) and all the others tied for 3rd. I couldn’t decide, lol! I would love to see a free gardening day. A free pet hatching day would be awesome as well.

Dec 08, 2008
This crafting bonus is really interesting. However I'm not sure how helpful it'll be, I imagine reagent farming will increase drastically during this weekend... one might wonder if the double harvests can make up for the increased competition.

The benefit I'm always looking forward to is Double Gardening, it's amazingly helpful... but it's also a headache to deal with so many seeds and cards across multiple characters.
So it's the one I'm constantly wanting, but couldn't stand having it too often. lol I'm okay with it happening only once in awhile.

Now, the benefits I enjoy at any time make my top 3:
  1. Double Pet XP: Although I don't always engage in hatching while it's active, I still appreciate the bonus. It's a great time to feed items to your pets, especially those Crown pieces you don't really need!
  2. Free Training Point Reset: I love to experiment, and thus I often find myself with two or three cards that I don't use enough. Whatever it's fixing a tiny mistake or trying out a brand new strategy, buying back Points is extremely important. And let's be honest: The price to buy back TP's is just absurdly high.
  3. Double Animus: Because I really like Monstrology! Combined with Triple Animus Elixir this benefit is a blessing for any monstrologist out there.

As for a new benefit, I'd love something involving jewel drops. An increased chance at rolls in jewel loottable would be the best way to have it, if possible. To get an extra copy of the same jewel, like we're having with reagents, wouldn't be too helpful; it's already hard enough to get a specific one... especially in worlds prior to Mirage. Maybe something like Triple Jewel Drop Chance!!!


Nov 27, 2009
Personally I see this member benefit as a way to boost lower level crafting. Like Trigon said before, if you are max (or near max) crafting level, these freebees almost become useless due to how many available slots we have.

My personal 3 favorite benefits

1: double Pet XP (always happy when I see this, makes training much easier)
2: second chance reroll (again, nice to get another freebee at getting the materials
3: double Gardening (sorry, i'm a gardener, LOVE this time)

One interesting benefit I could think of is "triple energy regeneration." I get I might be asking for a little too much on the triple part, however when it comes down to it...people spend a lot of energy training pets, gardening, fishing...then they are done for a while. This is not like mana/health wisps where they are readily available anytime. If you are not max level, it's nice because you can just go level up for all of your energy back while maxes have to wait out the 7:30 timer for a single point. If we wanted to train a mega+ pet, we would have to wait 1 hour and 15 minutes to train it 1 time. Adding in this benefit will drastically reduce the waiting time to finish the pet, or help with gardening.

Another benefit I thought about is re-doing the hatching perk members have. Instead of making members hatch every 12 hours (while free to play gets 24 hours) reset them back to 24 hour hatch timers except give members another slot to hatch with. So we could have 2 (24 hour) hatch timers. Purreau potions could be redone to free up the longer timer. Of course everyone may not agree with this idea...but that is my 2 cents on the topic.

Aug 19, 2013
I like this members reward it actually allowed me to catch up on crafting quest for my lower level wizards on my 2nd account .

as to my 3 Favorite member rewards ..
1) double pet experience
2) double gardening rewards
3) double daily assignment rewards

Mar 13, 2009
I really like the double pet xp and the "no energy" fishing.

Oct 31, 2009
I really like the new benefits. My favorite member benefit is the double gardening rewards. Top 3 are double gardening, double pet training, and double daily assignments.

Mar 12, 2017
This is a really good member benefit because I enjoy crafting and it's much easier to gather reagents. Regarding the crafting slots, I, as a level 73 wizard, only would use the extra slots for transmuting reagents.

Top 3 benefits:

Second Roll: It's really fun just to see what you can get and if you're trying for something, it's great because you don't have to spend extra crowns.

Extra XP for Energy activities: It's nice to be able to speed through Gardening and Pet levels.

Training Point Buyback: Simply because it's nice to, if you spent your points on something you now regret, you can remedy that.

If you were to add a member benefit, I think getting a better chance for boss drops would be interesting. Even if it were only 3.125% or 6.25% better chances, it'd be fun.

Sep 23, 2012
I feel like this is a a great member benefit to have. It really entices players that haven't started crafting to pick it up and I feel like this is a great thing as crafting is very useful through all stages of the game. I also love the idea of double reagents from boss battles and this also ties into easing new players into crafting.

I'm looking forward to double gardening as I both enjoy gardening and especially after the great kiosk update, making pets. So many pets to hatch with and so little snacks just makes me sad. I've loved these new ideas recently, both the kiosk and the new member benefit. My top three member benefits would be double gardening followed by double pet xp and my third choice would be either zero energy fishing, free training point buyback or this new member benefit.

Some new member benefits I would add would be: Double gold either quick sell, bazaar, drops. Another one that I would like to see added would be double arena tickets.

Have a great day!

Jul 25, 2012
I think the no-cooldown crafting slots is somewhat useless (especially for high leveled wizards) because you have so many slots when you're high leveled and no one's really gonna craft a whole lot of stuff. It's very useful for lower level wizards because they don't have many crafting slots.

The double reagents are very useful. I've gotten so many more reagents in 5 minutes than I normally would. I also got rarer reagents a lot quicker!

As for member benefits, I would like to see:

1. Changing your wizard's name. Some people created their wizard when they were really young and don't like the name they chose anymore and don't want to delete it to restart with a better name.

2. Another cool idea to have double the chance of getting rarer drops like Hades' gear for example. So many more people would farm there if the gear everyone's there for would drop. I would also benefit those who still have yet to complete the dungeon because they can't find people to help with it.

As for my favorite member benefits:

1. Double Pet XP

2. Training Points Buyback

3. Second Roll

A+ Student
Jan 18, 2010
Greetings Professor!

Here are my thoughts (which some of which I hope will be taken into strong consideration)

In ranking order of all time favorite benefits:

Gardening Bonus - Goodness, I honestly love this member bonus. I mean it doubles all rewards from gardening! Double Mega Snacks and Double Seeds! What's not to love? The experience and gold that comes along with the bonus are also excellent! Still waiting on it.

Pet Bonus - With the introduction of the new kiosk, I've been spending the past week within the Pavilion and my, could I use the Pet Bonus right about now! This bonus actually has a favorite area in my as it really helps to alleviate the strain that comes into raising pets.

Second Chest Roll - Before I begin, please add a second chest to bosses such as The Gladiator and Cronus! They need these chests, honestly. Personally, this bonus is useful, especially when farming.

Future Bonuses:

Double Gold Bonus: Yes, a double gold bonus including all gold dropped, gained (selling etc.), bought from crown shop should be doubled. This can last a few days.

Luck Bonus - I would love to see a bonus/elixir that increases our chances of getting a particular dropped item through farming bosses (gear, pet for example), plants (rare reagents {amber}) or manifestation of useful pet talents! Look into it!

Reverse Pet Training - Many of us can relate to a pet failing. So, just for a short amount of time, similar to free training point buy back, how about we receive the opportunity to buy back a useless talent along with the snacks we used in getting that pet to learn that talent. Stated different, when a pet fails, we get an option to reset the pet back to it's previous age and also resetting the chances of it failing again!
Many pet trainers have complained about the tediousness involved in pet training, only to have it fail..

A+ Student
Jan 18, 2010
Free Pet Training - Introduce a bonus allowing us to train our pets free of energy, similar to the fishing bonus introduced earlier this year. OR; half the amount of energy needed to train a pet AND the experience needed for the pet to level up.

Reagent Bonus - A bonus specifically geared to Treasures and Reagents. Similar to the current crafting bonus, all reagents and treasures obtained will be doubled. I'm also thinking of having all reagent (including transmutes and those needed to craft spells) be halved! So, spells requiring for example 12 amber pieces will now require six. - Another greatly beneficial bonus.

Arena Ticket Bonus - Specifically geared to PvP, I'm thinking of a bonus that doubles the amount of arena tickets earned per match (regardless of PvP or Pets); this would also apply to daily quests.

Crown Shop Sale - Half or place a discount on every/most items within the crown shop.

Now, on to my honorable mentions:

Fishing Bonus - Even though I don't fish, this was actually a great bonus. Many wizards took part it in!

Daily Quests - Doubling the rewards here was a clever idea and sparks more wizards taking part it in.

Prof, we appreciate the support and love you've shown your members (particular with these periodic bonuses) and as you can probably tell, we show the same amount of love and support by continuously renewing our membership.

Thanks for keeping such a great relationship!

Looking forward to these bonuses being introduced someday!

Apr 20, 2010
I know this isn't technically my favorite reward or a new reward idea, but I think it would be nice if rewards were announced ahead of time. For example, during the last double pet xp, I ran out of mega snacks the day before (or I think I had like 5 left or something). I only have a modest plot of 13 couch potatoes, and I grow white and maltese tiger lilies on the side to help out getting mega snacks, so I don't often have an abundance of them lying around. If I knew what was coming in advance, I could save up accordingly.

Sep 20, 2017
Would really love to see more bonuses in regards to Pets and Gardening.

Some of the ones mentioned above seem very worth the effort of initiating!

Mar 16, 2009
So, who's enjoying this new benefit and what do you think?

I had some elder Huckleberries and the thought of doubling any Braided Vine drops pushed me to harvesting them. Also got a few extra Amber and Aether Dust/Ore out of it already, so that's pretty nice.

Which of our member benefits do you look forward to the most?

Double gardening! But lemme replant my Pink Dandelions first! And get all these Orange ones to Elder!

What's your top 3?

I already mentioned the Double Gardening one. I also like Double Animus, whenever my friends let me farm in peace that is. As for my third one, uhhhhhhhhh, I do not know. Maybe Double Daily Assignment rewards?

If we could add a few new ones, what would they be?

How about a member benefit where, for a short time, a vendor appears selling items that you would have to obtain in other ways, such as gardening, farming, or being lucky at the bazaar? Perhaps stuff like some of the metal reagents up to a certain rank. If you really want to make it a memorable benefit (for better or worse, not quite sure), you can even have the vendor sell certain coveted gear that people farm dungeons for over and over and over.

Jul 23, 2012
I like the idea of limitless crafting and double regents. It would be lovely if it applied to boss drops like sonic springs from the telegraph box.

My favorite membership benefits:
1) Double gardening rewards. This is a lifesaver. I remember farming for my mega snacks and spending hours trying to get plant drops. I started out with a few potatoes from Grizzleheim and have managed to multiply them via the membership bonus. It's also been great for jeweled plants, which drop tapestries. I don't have room for all my seeds anymore and it's made getting pet snacks soooooo much easier.

2) Pet training double XP. We all know the feeling of disappointment when a pet fails, and how all that time, energy, and snacks can be wasted when an unwanted talent shows up. With the bonus, training is faster, and pet fails can be a bit less painful.

3) Energy-free fishing. I love fishing, especially now that I've found a grumpy catfish and a labyrinth fish (sigh...oh Jareth). More than that, I love decorating and tons of furniture can only be found via fishing. It's nice not being limited in my attempts to snag new paintings or rugs.

I guess I'm all about saving energy. Close runner-ups would be training point buyback and double daily assignment rewards, followed by the second chance rolls on boss' chests.

I think another great idea for a bonus would be free stitching, and maybe free dying since both are popular. A lot of people have complained about wanting to stich their outfits, but it can get expensive if you're indecisive (cough, like me...).
It might defeat the purpose but maybe a few days with key-free skeleton bosses. Usually it's fine but we've all had that awkward team-up experience when everyone stops, rearranging their decks, hoping someone else has a key...because THEY didn't bring one...then you have to wait to team up again...and it continues.

P.S. Bug catching would be a fun addition to the game (kinda like fishing). Especially if insect boards could be displayed.

Oct 22, 2009
To make it brief,

Top 3 Current Member Benefits That I Like:
1. Double Gardening Rewards -- doubles and quadruples my garden very quickly without spending extra crowns

2. Training Points Buyback -- leveling up, needing to return unneeded spells without spending so much crowns

3. Zero Energy Fishing -- loving fishing, needless to buy elixirs or strive for leveling up for energy reset, relaxing

Future Member Benefits I Look Forward Being Made Into The Game:
1. 50% Extra Gold Reward -- members get to have their gold received multiplied by 150% (Chests, Combats, Gardenings, Auctions, Sellings, Feedings, etc)

2. Gold To Crowns Benefit -- time-limited only, members get to transfigure gold into “Temporary Crowns” at a certain exchange rate such as “gold/crowns = 100” (the user will have to use up the “Temporary Crowns” within the duration of the event, or the crowns will be transfigured back into gold when the event ends)

3. Member's Carnival Event -- members will be granted access to a new area of new stuff such as tier bosses, non-auction reagents (eg. Amber) made harvest-able, a chatting room where players have their chat restriction lifted but swearing or privacy infiltration will be censored and they will be locked out for multiple hours until they pay in-game money for re-entrance (during the event in this room, wizards won't get banned, muted or severely punished, but their improper speech will be blank to others and be simply kicked out of the club until they pay the fine in gold) and etc

4. Magic Battle Event -- temporarily, members get to battle in a place where they can pick their school, level, equipments and tier, and then play in a completely different way to win crowns-only items (gold may be needed for entrance)

5. Double Gear Drops -- monsters and bosses will drop twice the number of gears dropped per fight; during this event, monsters in monstrodomes will drop their regular gear drops as they do in their dungeons or where they originated

Mar 22, 2010
My three favorites are:

1. Training point buyback

2. Double gardening rewards

3. Double pet training bonus

For future members, how about a "no use energy weekend?"

For a limited time, members can do anything without using any of their energy,

Dec 14, 2016
Loving this crafting benefit! (Also double reagents is great for those pesky wands)
This extends to non-members too, but possibilities for crafting an elixir for double pet xp? (e.g. 24 hrs, 12 hrs etc.)
Also, loving the new pet kiosk! Would be even better, however, if there could be a 'refined search', i.e. search 1-5 talents of choice, and the pets in kiosk that have the searched talents will appear for the player?
It can get a bit tiring scrolling through several pets in one sitting haha.

A+ Student
Dec 24, 2009
So, who's enjoying this new benefit and what do you think?

Pros: Double chance of getting really rare reagents! Half the time to gather Agave Nectar, Spider Web, etc.

Cons: Everyone and their mother's uncle is out gathering reagents right now, making competition fierce!

Pro & Con: So I gave up on gathering and went to town thrashing Gannon for Flying Squid Ink. After several hours of that, I still don't have enough ink to craft my Revered Wand and have once again suffocated under the burden to TOO MANY SEEDS dropping. Even after trashing all the ones I don't want, it's still far too many.

(Also, still no Cabalist gear for my Balance and Fire. Only getting Death, Ice, Myth and Storm. WHY?!)

But hey, thanks to this new member bonus my Revered Wand project is down to only 20 more Flying Squid Ink needed, and then both wands can hopefully be crafted by Sunday night.

Which of our member benefits do you look forward to the most?

Double Pet experience, by far, is my most cherished member benefit. Right now, I'm begging you to bring that bonus back because the new hatching kiosk has my backpacks overloaded with incredible new baby pets that I need to train.

What's your top 3?

1) Double Pet experience

2) No Energy fishing and/or Double Animus (can't decide which one is better)

3) This new Double Reagent bonus!

If we could add a few new ones, what would they be?

Hmm... Here are some ideas:

No cost Henchmen for help with tough battles
Double boss battle/dungeon drops
No Energy Gardening
No cool down for pet hatching

And ... Double Pet xp that can be purchased by elixir for an hour? Like Fishing Luck or Triple Animus. Not as a member benefit but just please, let us buy it when we need it!!!

Alia Misthaven

Jan 22, 2012
I’m loving the double reagents! The Benefits I look forward to are the double pet experience. I love the pet xp, double gardening and the double reagents

Dec 18, 2010
I really like the new benefit, the double reagents really helped me finish crafting wintertusk gear for one of my lower level wizards who’s just about to grow into it! I also took the chance to gather up some comet tails, the benefit really helped out.

As for my 3 favorite member benefits? Hmmm..

Definitely putting double pet xp at the top. Really helps when training pets.

Next up, double gardening rewards, once again, really helpful, especially since I garden quite a bit.

I’m split about which is my third favorite, the double reagents, zero energy fishing, or free second chance chest roll.. All three of these are really nice, and I look forward to seeing them come again in the future.

And any member benefits I have in mind? I can’t really think of anything besides a temporary (small) increase in drop rates for members. I have a feeling a lot of members would like that, and who knows? It may encourage some people to get a membership.

Sep 02, 2012
I really like this new benefit. Gonna farm for some Empyrea and Mirage reagents this weekend
My top 3 favorite member benefits are:
1. Zero energy fishing
2. Double gardening
3. Improved rewards on daily assignments/free second chance chest roll
If there were other member benefits I would like to have either a hatching event with reduced or no waiting time between hatches or a short event where members could buy all crown shop items for gold (high gold prizes)