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Are you in favor of limits on PVP?

No, let us play as long as it takes!
47% [45]
Yes, I'd be in favor of a round limit (e.g. 20 rounds)
5% [5]
Yes, I'd be in favor of a time limit (e.g. 1 hour)
13% [13]
Yes, I'd be in favor of either a time or round limit.
33% [32]

Feedback Friday 4-12-13

May 24, 2009
I would be in favor of a turn limit or time limit, and I'm pleasantly surprised that the response here is so positive.

As others have said, I think if a limit of some sort is put in place, then niether player/team should recieve any rank or reward if the match ends due to the limit being reached. Stop rewarding players who don't go in to matches with intentions to actually win the match by defeating their opponent.

I also like the idea of some sort of change in stats or conditions as a match nears the deadline. Maybe damage boost slowly increases while heal boost decreases. Maybe doom and infection become more potent in late rounds, while shields get weaker.

Lastly, I just want to say thank you KI for the renewed attention you have been giving to pvp lately.

Jan 01, 2012
i like the idea proffesor, i voted yes on your poll for both time and round limits, should be an option maybe?

Nov 26, 2011
Time or round limits is treating the symptom and not the problem. Why are matches taking so long? High resist jade gear and health boosts are the problem. Not to mention this gear is bought and not earned. So anyone can purchase and be a contender in PVP by trying to outlast their opponent. Whereas if you earned your gear you would learn how to actually defeat you opponent with strategy as you rank up in PVP.

Jun 18, 2011
I would rather see Jade gear removed from the arena because this is the force behind long matches in the first place. With heal boost near 100% and 80 resist to all schools players can go into a match with nothing but heals and drag out a match indefinitely with no intention of killing. A few bubbles to get rid of doom and gloom, a few cleanse, some shields, fortify, and I can stay there all day and drive you nuts- why limit the match when you can make the cause no pvp like talos or like commander gear is no pve? Jade gear in PVE isn't hurting anyone, but in PVP it creates an imbalance and is the reason behind 6 hour matches.

I know you guys thought changing reshuffle would shorten these matches but it will only encourage jade wearers to stay in the arena fully geared knowing we will run out of cards- it's giving them an easier win but not decreasing match length. It's also nerfing a balance spell which affects PVE and in case you guys haven't noticed your PVE community is very sick of the game changing to cater to pvp. No simplify and elucidate for sale, no 2 pip wands, GS and mana burn were nerfed all in the name of PVP fairness instead of you guys programming spells and gear to react differently to the PVP environment. PVP and PVE are 2 separate entities and need to be treated as such.

Lastly, I hope if the reshuffle change does go into the live game you will be returning training points to those who bought it because of the way it functioned. If your going to change the function of the card I would rather spend my training point elsewhere because this new change is not what I purchased in the first place. No jade gear in the arena would solve all these issues KI please take this into consideration as a no pvp item.

Jan 20, 2010
I like the idea of a timer on matches (at least in PvP) but i think a fixed 1 hour time is a little limiting. instead i would recommend 15 min. per player, so that a 1v1 would be half an hour, but a 4v4 would be 2 hours.

Aug 28, 2010
Just Another Wizar... on Apr 17, 2013 wrote:
Time or round limits is treating the symptom and not the problem. Why are matches taking so long? High resist jade gear and health boosts are the problem. Not to mention this gear is bought and not earned. So anyone can purchase and be a contender in PVP by trying to outlast their opponent. Whereas if you earned your gear you would learn how to actually defeat you opponent with strategy as you rank up in PVP.
I agree with Lucas, the Jade gear has really generated an issue in PvP. I disagree with the idea of a Gloom and Doom after so many rounds or a certain time. This would only benefit those with Jade Gear or certain Crown Gear. If it appears at the wrong time, you would have no chance in the match.

I no longer play the game, but would come back, if a time limit was placed on a PVP match.
Something along the lines of 2 hours for a 1v1 or 2v2, and 3 hours for a 3v3 or 4v4 match.

I would also like to see a Cap on Resistance, maybe 60-65 %, after that it can get very hard to take
down a player. I would exclude the Ice Wizard's resist to Fire and Storm in this case, for obvious reasons.

The Draw or End Match button, if both players agreed would be fine by me, although I would never use it.

The Turtles players are exactly what removed me from the game. Going in against a player with 80% resist
just ruins the idea of playing PvP. Shatter was brought into the game to stop turtles that constantly put up shields. A card that I had reservations about at first, but later understood why it was needed.
A Match limit, with no rewards to remove turtles is needed in PVP more than anything else, imo.
Make PvP fun to play, with anyone having a reasonable chance, if they have reasonable gear,
and you will improve the game greatly.

I see no reason to change Reshuffle, if a time limit on the match was placed.

As far as PVE, you can leave it just as it is, it's perfect.


Mar 07, 2011
I hope you will take into account how many games a person has played when weighing the opinions expressed here. My first 250 games were a rough ride. I felt many things were unfair. I wanted things changed!

4686 games and 5 wizards later, I have to say you have created the best PvP game I have experienced. I have tried quite a few games and various PvP, and I keep coming back to Wizard 101. This isn't to say things are perfect. There is always room for improvement. I'm not a huge fan of games longer than two hours, but placing a round or time limit will greatly detract from the enjoyment us die hards get from PvP. One hour would be my perfect game length. It gives time for each side to develop a strategy that is the depth your game provides.I'm talking about 1v1 PvP; I've never played teams.

What I enjoy about your arena is there are SO many ways to create a legitimate strategy to win a PvP match. And treasure cards are just a truly brilliant idea. I use the max card deck available plus another 10 cards from gear, which is over 100 cards. So a round limit would certainly have to be at least x3.

The funnest games for me are when it's a real chess match of give and take, maneuvering, gains and losses, and YES, maybe even a reshuffle!!! Currently it's about the 4 bladed monster one hit kill strategy. At first I lost badly to this strategy, but I have developed some defense against this, but it's making games less interesting. And if you happen to defend against a 4 bladed attack, the words "noob" and "spammer" are sure to arise from your opponent.

I suppose you could split PvP into "Speed PvP" (less than half hour), and "Traditional PvP" (untimed). But that splits the player base to find an opponent, which makes players wait longer to find matches.

Time or round limits aren't the answer. It will take away the relaxed chess like enjoyment I get from a fun match. There are other creative solutions posted here.

Aug 28, 2010
After thinking on PvP, and what is wrong, I can understand why
KI considered dropping Reshuffle down to one usage. The problem is,
because of the size of the deck, you need to reshuffle, to get the
deck set up to take high healing (120%), higher resist players (~80%)

As stated, limiting the reshuffle won’t work, is that it gives the edge to Jade
Players, making PvP even more unfair. Limiting Cloak would most likely
do the same as limiting Reshuffle, giving the edge to the Jade player.
Limiting Guardian Spirit (that is used by almost anyone now), would
be a good start. Maybe dropping it to being used only once in the entire
PvP battle would be a good idea. I expect that this is very unlikely, even
though it just drags the match out when it should have ended.
The limit would stop the Jade turtles, from just casting it over and over.
If you can’t one hit a turtle, because of Earthquake, Guardian Spirit,
Empower, etc, the match can last forever, until you flee.

Maybe a button option, to allow the timer to reset could be an option.
So, if you have played an hour and a half, and want another
hour and a half, you could select the button. If both players agreed, then the match
continues. This would allow Tournaments to be played out, until a winner was
watching his fellow wizard’s head spin.

So removing the Jade gear from PvP should be a no brainer.
Second, limiting Guardian Spirit would nice,
as it would also limit the turtles. A resist cap (55-60%, excluding ice) and a
heal cap (60-70%), would help the game, and speed up the match.
Which is what I expect, that limiting Reshuffle was an attempt at.
Finally, having a timer, not a round limiter, is so very needed in PvP.

In PVE, you go in with the idea of beating the Boss, not outlasting him.
Players need to go in to PVP, with the idea of winning the match, not just
Outlasting the other player. This is the change that KI needs to make, imo.