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Feedback Friday 4-1-11

Aug 15, 2009
wizard life has become fun after maxing out. Used to go down hill after maxing out. Now the focus has gone to more time in gardening, crafting, and for some pvp.
I agree with who said fishing would be cool. Seems kinda straight forward thing if we can fish in rivers and ponds. there are a few places in mooshu i would love to fish.
The reason fishing should be for maxed levels, and i say maxed levels because eventually the cap will rise again, is that fishing is chance over time and can catch whatever bonus from the fish they catch. And people who still have levels left wont have time to fish.
the concept is sort of easy, basically buy a pole and bait (can cost gold or crowns, find a spot, cast a line that takes training points (3 seems casual), which should really be called activity points, and wait for the fish to bite, then a chance over something like a fizzle that lands a fish, and then whatever bonus you get depending on fish type.
And then there should be the occasion where a really aggressive fish pulls you into the water and then you have to really fight it. Maybe it would be an occasional boss fish or something that gives decent drops.
Anyways thats about the only thing i could think to add to the exclusive activity of retired wizards in the spiral.

Dec 25, 2010
I want more houses to play with! I have so much money that it would just be fun to buy more elixars from lets say the crown shop and just let me buy all the houses from the shops.

And I like the idea of fighting your teachers! And they drop special items that boost there own school. :D

And give us a FIREFOX pet. I love foxes why don't we have any?! :(

Jan 09, 2009
I have gotten my pyromancer up 2 lvl 60 and what I would add would be the fact that as our wizards learn more about magic, we become older. By that I mean that every five levels our wizards grow, that adds another year on their age. They would start at whatever age the player is, and then they would age according to how fast they level up. Another cool thing would be schedule for the classes the wizards take. Example, at 11:00am on a monday, I would be at potions class.

Apr 30, 2010
Crystal, I love your idea! It would be great to show people how to play!

Sep 01, 2009
Perhaps level 60 gear? Or a higher level pet? I would love to see a special badge for people who have completed all the Zeke quests-maybe "Legendary Explorer"! Maybe even a level 60 only zone, where legendaries can go to trade, craft or just chat.


Erin Ice Weaver, Legendary Ice Wizard :D

Feb 15, 2009
I think you should add a new type of pvp; I have a lot of good ideas for them such as my "hatching" idea and "custom rules" the custom rules is pretty self explanitory; you pick your own rules, such as, no shields, no healing, no DOTs, and so on and so forth, the game finds someone with the same rules. Hatching is where you get an egg, it starts off as "defeated" and can be healed to a maximum of 10000. Players cannot be attacked, but eggs can to delay the hatching. When the egg reaches max health, it casts a stormzilla that can't be stopped with accuracy debuffs or dispels and does 10000 no matter which shields and stuff they have, thus, you win. This would make the game allot more fun for higher level players so they have more to do and you should also make more items "interactable" in the houses.

Feb 25, 2009
NicoUzumaki wrote:
honestly, i wish you would change the pet leveling system. It's something that i'd want to do now that i am levle 60 but i get SOOOO bored after 10 minutes and the talents aren't encouraging either.

i mean, when i painstakenly toil with my pet to reach a level only to realize that it didn't learn a duel talent!

So if I had to wave my wand it would be to level my pets to epic but not under the current system.

This is the one thing I would like to see changed too. Many times in the past, there have been posts suggesting using Grizz as an area to level pets.
Since the "xp" for the quests there is very low, it would be the perfect place to level pets in battle. (of course it would mean that even us legendaries would have to repeat the area for our pets) But I for one, even though I don't really care for Grizz, would gladly do it and avoid the pavilion. The pavilion could be used as a starter place for all pets to be leveled to teen or even adult, since our wizards can't really start anything in Grizz until level 20.

Their base "xp" for each battle or quest could be half of what the wizard gets for the quest or at least something along that line. We would still need to be able to feed our pets after each battle with maybe a few more points added to their xp based on there likes and so forth. If they just ate the food, the added points would be as they are now. If they liked it, an extra point or 2, and if they loved the food, up to an additional 5 points or more additional "xp"

Since the pet pavilion seems to be the place where all my invisibility problems appear to have started, as much as I would like to level my pets, I am not sure I want to go back. And as Nico said, after a few minutes it really does become very BORING.

Fallon WinterLeaf
Legendary Theurgist
Legendary Pyromancer
Grand Master Balance , lvl 53

Jul 04, 2010
A special world for level 60 and up with no loopholes for any lower level to get in would be great. A social place where legends go to hang out with other legends and get stuff only for legends, perhaps special trading, hatching, gifting, crafting, gardening etc. privleages. (coffee shop? mail? posts?) Also, fun sidequests where we can fight really challenging bosses and perhaps sign up or form teams inthe pvp style. I'm so glad this is the topic because legends seriously need something to do that someone doesn't get completed by a type A wizard in 2 days of staying up and drinking coffee and then suddenly ends. Also, a place like this could be independent from any other story themes but could could be place to get privlaged information about new story lines and worlds perhaps. Thanks so much, I'm seriously excited that you guys are thinking along these lines! :)

Mar 18, 2009
To be able to earn a special badge or achievement based on defeating previous bosses or content under restricted conditions. Example: beating one boss from each world in under a certain time frame.

Oct 28, 2010
The one thing I looked forward too when I hit level 60 was being able to help my friends anywhere.

Helping friends is both enjoyable and profitable! It's like farming, but much less tedious. All the gear that gets dropped allows me to purchase new items for my house as well as purchase new houses!

Jan 01, 2010
I also like the apprentice/mentor system for legendary wizards! Great idea! Given that people play different times I think it would have to be more fluid than a direct assignment (too hard to schedule) but we could have a request pool that new players or anyone wanting help can sign into. Then they could be matched with a legendary with some time to spare.

Also, somehow reading through all the pet training comments and then seeing something on minions cause me to think: Why can't we train our minions! A lot of folks complain about minions never casting the right spell, picking off our feints, healing themselves needlessly, etc. Why don't we train them to learn the spells we want them to use?!? This would only be open to legendaries and would definitely be a cool thing to look forward to!

A+ Student
Dec 24, 2009
Once my wizards turned legendary, I spent a lot of time farming old bosses for school-specific clothes and rare housing item drops. The problem I ran into was the drudgery of repeating entire dungeons or gauntlets like the Crimson Fields and Shirataki Temple, just to get to the boss.

It would be nice to have something a little like the pylons in Celestia, where a Legendary-only (or above) wizard can go and immediately access a boss. Sort of like the Jade Oni in the palace. Just activate and duel away, without having to do the entire dungeon (unless we want to).


Also, for both Grandmaster and Legendary status, getting there is a huge let-down. Nothing happens. You're just ... one level higher. Yawn.

Where is the fanfare? Where is the celebration? The reward? The recognition? Not even a note of congratulations from Ambrose...? That was actually the biggest disappointment when I got my first wizard to Grandmaster way back in the early days. I was expecting something to acknowledge the milestone, but nothing happened at all.

Dec 21, 2009
I usually just help other younger/newer wizards, younger brother for example.

Oct 11, 2009
Mar 30, 2010
I really like some people's ideas of a mentoring system.It would give help to lower levels , but also help lengendairies something to do.Maybe you could be a mentor if you were, let's say, level 35.

Destiny Mistwalker,Master Diviner

Jan 08, 2010
I'd love to be able to have accsess to a new shop in the shopping district that gives you special lvl 60 gear for your personal school. And of course this building would exlude lvl -59 but i still think it would be a great idea. :D At the very least it would encourage peaople, I myself, to finally finish it and go on to lvl 60. I mean who couldnt resist a little extra power? Not me anyways.

Feb 15, 2009
I would like to see a "weaponsmith" character, sort of like the seamstress that already exist but for wands. I love the way the Reliquary blade looks (the sparkling Myth symbols appearing around it), but the damage it inflicts is low. I would like to take the stats from my Epic Sword and place them on my reliquary blade. Do you think this might be a possibility sometime soon? I'm pretty sure a lot of players have a favorite looking weapon that they would prefer to use but don't just because of low damage. How about it K.I.? This seems like an easy addition to the game that would not affect play balance.

Jan 09, 2009
May 04, 2009
Professor Falmea wrote:
Folks, I'm afraid this will be the last feedback Friday. It seems that popular opinion is that these are not fun, not useful, and just plain ol' boring. So, I hope you've enjoyed them..

Standard disclaimer applies: We do not guarantee to use each and every idea submitted, and questions we pose may or may not be pertaining to things we are currently working on, or will ever undertake. Sometimes, there are just technical limitations that make changing things difficult to impossible, and though we possess all manner of magic wands here, there are technological beasts out there that are beyond our grasp. Sometimes, we may not feel it is within the spirit and vision of the spiral to add or change something. Also, we realize that some of these topics may have been addressed before in other threads - sometimes it's good to pick up a discussion again. Chances are I have read your threads and would like to hear more!

...and of course, you know that I'm only APRIL FOOLIN'! ::grin:: We love feedback Friday and hope to continue it for a long time to come!

All fooling aside, I'd like talk about reaching max level. What is the thing that you are most excited to do once you hit 60 that's in the Spiral right now? What is the one thing, if you could wave your magic wand, that you would add for high level Wizards to do?

Note: increasing the level cap is the obvious answer, and we're well aware there is interest in that area ::grin::. Let's go beyond that please!

If I could add something for high level wizards to do it would be, for pets to do something other than the pet derby.

Jan 08, 2010
ty boleshaug. i have been longing to hear this idea. i mean after all you can stitch clothes. Hmm...why not swords and wands too? Makes sense doesnt it? well regarless i think that idea is the best by far so far. Oh btw ki id enjoy it if you could actually see the amulet you're wearing around your neck. 8) Ty and plz do have a great anjoyable day.

Great suggestions. While, of course, I can't comment much to specifics just yet, I think a great many of you Legendary folks will be pleased with some of the additions we're cooking up this year. ::grin::

New Feedback Friday going up shortly!

“If the Mind is like a candle, the Heart is like the sun.” Professor Falmea (aka Leah Ruben, your fearless Producer!)