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Feedback Friday 3-4-16

Oct 22, 2011
Well, I'd have to say Malistaire would be my number one guest. Fish paste, battle muffins, and green goober tea was the food of champions after Dr. Von and I would battle Malistaire in Dragonspyre all those many (hundreds?) of times. We did decide, however, never to provide broccoli again, as the noxious green gas in the dungeon got to be quite overwhelming!

After his arrival, we'd go shopping at Wizard-Mart, where he could buy his minions some decent outfits (and better colors, too), and a truckload of tissues for Mr. Fluffy, the Dragon Titan, to help with that eye problem he has.

I would invite Cyrus and ghost Sylvia and have a group discussion to work out the issues that built up over the years between the three of them. Perhaps we all could take a vacation to the Wizard's End Beach, take our pointed shoes off and walk barefoot in the sand ....... oh, the list could go on and on!

I certainly wouldn't turn away Grandmother Raven or Professor Ambrose (always loved their voices). I would have to invite Dalia Falmea, as my husband thinks she's the 'cat's meow'.

I would also love to have Bartleby knocking on my door with his branchy hand, telling me I'm barking up the wrong tree (inviting Mally), that I should just leaf them alone, and that he'll be the one to get to the root of the problem. (Hmm. Me thinks he might be a touch jealous?) Of course, Bartleby won't fit in my house, but he can plant himself in my front/backyard for a bit of a stay!

Sep 27, 2014
The Professor, of course! As I've dined with a real Doctor Who actor, why not a Wiz101 corollary as well?

Apr 01, 2012
How about Morganthe because I want the Shadow Web bacl +=Power

Dec 13, 2015
I would let in Gamma or Malistaire. The reason for Gamma is because she's been here from the beginning and she's an animal. Not only that, but she's a talking owl- how awesome is that?
Next I would let in Malistaire- but not to defeat him. I have always teamed up with the bad guys in movies (except for when i was like seven and under lol) because in shows, movies, books, games, ect. they are portrayed as people who are strategic, brilliant minded, and are amazing actors if they are pretending to be a good guy the whole time. They also have amazing fighting skills and people/ talking skills, which help raise an army. They are just extremely powerful in general. I would let him in to hear his stories, his past, and about his old wife that passed away. I would want to hear about his battles and his army, how he got them to join him. I just want to hear how he got to the point he is at now.
I wouldn't let in basically anyone else because I just don't want them in my home. SorryNotSorry.

May 12, 2012
Our amazing Headmaster Ambrose of course!!! Why do you even ask????!!!!

~ Allison Dragongem