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Feedback Friday 3-4-11

Jan 09, 2009
Although I got it at level 18, I rely on my heckhound to beat up my enemies because it is the most powerful spell in the game, being able to go up to 1820 damage all by itself with no blades or traps. Thank you Wizard 101 for giving us Pyromancers the most powerful spell in the game, it is really helpful, but why did you take away the ability to use treasure cards on it to make it totally destroy all creatures in a single blast.

Jun 14, 2009
Life - 57
Attack Spells:
These are the strongest attack spells that I have.
Fortify (protect myself)
Allows me to heal multiplayers or give a single player maximum amount health possible without using all my pips.
Blades/Traps/OtherSpirit blade
Guardian Light
Life trap
Life blade
Spirit blade
Spirit trap
Reshuffle: Never know when you will get a boss that will make you use all your cards.

Myth-lvl 60
Attack Spells:
Myth trap
Myth blade
Spirit blade
Spirit trap
Time of Legend
Reshuffle: Never know when you will get a boss that will make you use all your cards.
Death-lvl 60
Attack Spells:
Scarecrow/Wraith: For the attack and heal powers
Skeletal Dragon: I just like watching the attack spell
Satyr: In case I need to heal someone else
Death trap
Death blade
Spirit blade
Spirit trap
Reshuffle: Never know when you will get a boss that will make you use all your cards.

Storm: Lv. 60
Attack Spells:
Levithan: Great attack spell. Does lots of damage
Storm Lord: Due to it's multiple attacks
Triton: to finish any single mobs left
Pixie/Sprite: Heals
Storm trap
Storm blade
Elemental blade
Elemental trap
Reshuffle: Never know when you will get a boss that will make you use all your cards.

ICE: LV 51
b]Attack Spells:
Clossus: Great attack spell. Does lots of damage
Frost Giant: Due to it's multiple attacks
Triton: to finish any single mobs left
Pixie: Heals
Ice trap
Ice blade
Elemental blade
Elemental trap
Ice Armor
Tower Shield
Reshuffle: Never know when you will get a boss that will make you use all your cards.

Balance: LV 60
b]Attack Spells:
Balance: Great attack spell. Does lots of damage
RA: Due to it's multiple attacks; I like watching it hold up its staff and firing at everyone.
Helping Hands
Blades/Traps/OtherSpirit blade
Balance Blade
Blade Storm
Reshuffle: Never know when you will get a boss that will make you use all your cards.

Apr 30, 2010
I am life and storm so I always have santucary, stormzilla, pixies, satyr,my minion, and centaur in my deck.

Aug 13, 2009
Forest Lord, Gargantuan, Rebirth ... Feint, all of those life buffs and spirit buffs, slew of other heal spells, get the point? Lol.

A+ Student
Dec 24, 2009

This will be another two-parter. Think about the spells available to you at your level, for your school. Let's start with the positive this week... which spells are ALWAYS in your deck (or always in your deck for certain circumstances), that you rely on heavily to defeat the big baddies in your way, and why?

For all schools, I always have shields and Sprites/Pixies. The ability to defend or heal myself and to defend or heal others is vitally important. Also, for all schools I use my blades & traps, plus either elemental or spirit blades to boost my spell's damage.

For Balance at Legendary: I always have Spectral Blast + Gargantuan + elemental blades & traps. That spell got me all the way through Celestia because it can zap up to 2000 damage with just four pips. When it was a Balance or Ice boss, I pulled out my Hydra to remove shields and followed it quickly with Spectral Blast. Everyone focuses on Judgement, but I only use her as a low-pip, finish-them-off spell. For real damage, my first choice is Spectral Blast---it's fast and it can be just as furious as a Wild Bolt. Only after I hit level 58, have I also come to love Ra + Gargantuan + Balance Blade. Most battles last just three rounds when Alia unleashes Ra.

For Storm at Legendary: I always use Tempest, Storm Lord, Cleanse Charm, and the occasional Tritan or Leviathon; + Gargantuan. Tempest works wonders because it is so versatile---I can use it to finish off nearly dead enemies right after a not-quite-powerful-enough Storm Lord, or I can use it as the main attack. I also have my Storm Hound (thankfully purchased before pets were enhanced and the price sky-rocketed). I use her DoT spell to remove shields spammed by bosses. When the pips are high enough, my dear Sadie the Storm Hound has been known to utterly destroy a shield-spamming Myth Boss.

For Life at level 52: I have my dear Brown Spider, who gives me my Life Damage bubble. With that spell plus my blades & traps applied, I have found my Centaur and Seraph spells are nearly as powerful as similarly ranked Storm or Fire spells. I also have Satrys, Dryads, Pixies & Sprites. I never use Rebirth---for the number of pips it uses, I can heal more effectively with two Satyrs (because I usually only have one other person who I'm fighting with.)

For Death at level 40: I use Vampire + Blades, Traps & Feint. Or, I use Poison + Blades + traps/ Feints applied after it is cast. Once I earn Wraith, I will probably retire Vampire. I hardly ever use Skeletal Pirate.

For Fire at level 34: I use Heck Hound + Blades + traps applied after it is cast. I also use Meteor Strike a lot. My fire wizard depends heavily on casting multiple shields and/or Sprites to defend herself while the DoT spell does its work.

For Ice at level 32: I use Balefrost, then Frost Bite + Blades + traps, or I use Blizzard to take down multiple enemies. My Ice wizard depends heavily on shields as well as healing spells while she waits out Frost Bite's damage.

Sep 11, 2010
Welcome home, Prof.

Been thinking about this question very hard.

The spells in EVERY deck, of EVERY wizard, ??? I have 6.

1. Pixie followed by Sprite and then Satyr. - or a health restore substitute; (some non-life schools (ex.Death, Balance, and Myth) have options here, but I have found them inadequate in some circumstances EVERYBODY has to face when you solo portions of the game).

2. Reshuffle - until I hit Celestia, MOST, of my time is played in the Starter Deck ... Reshuffle enables me to win fights 14 spells cannot win, and I do not need to spend HOURS discarding cards and losing combat rounds to lag to get what I want when I want it. Fleeing combat is a MORTAL sin btw ... lol ... and now you know why ... ;) Had to bag the Starter Deck in Celestia ... lmho ... thank you very much game designers!

3. Tower Shield - "McDefense" ... I don't care who you are. And it is NOT because of its Balance defense. With critical hits, and 1st round single spell damage exceeding 1000 hit points, adding this shield to another has become ... "desireable". Want it EVERY chance I get.

4. SpiritBlade/Element Blade - depending on your primary school. I don't use them much, never in the Starter Deck, but for some fights, the long ones, they need to be available. Don't use the Spirit/Element traps anymore. Too many training points and too long to cast. But Bone Drake, and the way it is gobbling up and applying all the traps it finds, may force me to reconsider these spells ... for Death anyway.

5. Shield Minion - the unpredictabilty of most minions concerns me enough to avoid them, but my Myth and Death wizards are teaching me how to use them more effectively, especially the "x" minion spells. I am now placing 2 shields in decks using a minion.

6. Feint - "McAttack" ... I don't care who you are. Buffing damage 70% in a single combat round makes solo'ing the majority of this game possible. It makes the lowliest minon something the mobs cannot afford to ignore. And no one following me in the combat dias EVER complained about me casting it ... unless they "followed" me all the way around to the other side in pvp .. those guys don't like it much ... ;)

Playing 6 wizards AFTER carrying 20+ "test run" primary/secondary school combinations to Marleybone (far enough to get that "school specific" spell that "turns the corner" for your character at level 26-33 depending on the school chosen ... has shown me one thing for sure ...

I have no favorite spells.

But the above listed "utility" spells make the game play better for me. I enjoy it more when they are in my deck and will do/spend most anything to see to it they are present, ... no amulet, no treasure card, no gear ... is "too expensive" ... if it provides these spells within the training points I am allowed to "squander" ... ;).

The quicker I get them, the better I feel ... and play.

Skimming through I did not see a whole lot of the new Celestia spells mentioned that I expected to see. I have not used them enough to comment, but I hope some more level 60 folks weigh in and tell us what is indispensible and what is ... not.

May 03, 2010
For my death feint is almost the foundation of my combat. in celestia feint once per enemy deathblade add curses and death traps use a critical or damage aura add whatever else you need and then crow. the enemies will be dead or close to dead. save pips before you crow and make sure you have a healing card in hand before you use scarecrow and use the healing card after you crow

O. O i just realised i was typing the wrong thing. but feint scarecrow buffs and healing + steal health spells are essentials. If skeletal drake was steal health and an AOE attack death wizards could put lots of them in. I only use them for things that arent dead yet by my crow ( I call him Sammy XD )

Lucas ghostflame lvl 60 death wizard

Aug 03, 2009
As a Legendary Sorcerer, I always keep Balanceblades, Bladestorms, Feints, and Hexes in my deck. I always use Judgement, except versus Balance, when I bring out the Spectral Blasts. I also never go anywhere without my Satyrs and Helping Hands.

Feb 05, 2010
what spell do i always have in my deck? fire minion.

me and my fire minion grew close. very rareley does he cast shields on himself.
he HAS to heal himself with link.

Great replies, all. We're always evaluating spells and how they fit together, and while there's a lot of discussion on the forums about it already, it's nice to hear it all in one thread.

Next Feedback Friday will be somewhat related and coming up shortly!

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