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Feedback Friday 3-30-12

Jan 18, 2010
A while ago I made a thread that had a spell called graveyard the spells goes like this a graveyard appears and dark vines comes out of the ground and start draining your health and does so for 3 rounds to all

School death, if you didn't notice this is a overtime draining spell I would like for this spell to be unaffected by traige cause you know drain spells went pass absorb so could it do the same with traige? I would really like a death over drain spell I don't care what rank I just really would like a future spell of it and if this will be next for the next expand of the game here is the damage

level 78 spell death
drains 300+800 for 3 rounds and attacks all enemy, this
would be one awesome death spell. ( that was the name of the thread :p

Mar 07, 2011
Since I play PvP a lot, my favorite spells would probably be Cloak and Gargantuan/Colossal. I don't think many people even understand that these spells actually create an extra spell in your deck when you reshuffle.

As far as humorous spells to watch, I would choose the Woolly Mammoth. Poor little snow man getting run over. :D However, the Gnome Life spell is fun to watch too (not so fun to have it cast upon you though).

If I could make a new spell I would make a convert shields spell. Sometimes in PvP you end up with 5-10 shields that aren't helping you at all. Having a spell that converts "x" amount of shields into a shield of your own choosing would be great. For example, if you are fighting fire and have 10 storm shields circling you, a Convert Shield spell might eat up 5 storm shields to give you one fire shield.

I'm also waiting for the zero pip spell, "Destroy All Enemies Instantly."

Jun 21, 2009
My favorite spell would be Rebirth because it can heal all of your friends and including yourself. Also, it is a Life Spell and I like Life. If there were a new spell I would call it Ring Of Fire. Ring of Fire would attack 35+300 over 3 Rounds. Also, it would be nice to have a Mega Shield that blocks all damage for that round ,but you can only limit 2 of that card.

Mar 04, 2012
My favorite spell in wizard 101 so far is the Meter spell. It has killed my enimes so many times in sticky situations. And if I could add a spell I would call it Explosive House. Pip cost 6. School Fire. 1,200-7,600 health to all enimes. Chance 65%. There would be a house caught on fire and then the resident of the house would leave a trail of gunpowder to each of the enimes and then it would catch fire and kill the enimes. I love this game and I hope you keep doing what you are doing!

Mar 16, 2010
My favorite spells are (even though i'm not level 68 yet) Sirens and the Volcano spell (not sure what it's called...)

Two cool new spells would be penguins and flaming penguins

May 10, 2010
Wow, you are asking for a lot of information. Considering, I have wizards in every school professor, but I will give it my best shot.

AoE Spells
Fire: Meteor - Fast but great animation.
Storm: Tempest - Also has fast but great animation.
Ice: Snow Angel - Great animation, only thing I don't like is Taunt. lol
Death: Scarecrow - Awesome animation and not too slow
Life: Rebirth - Great animation, a bit slow. Also love Forest Lord.
Myth: Earthquake - Better looking and faster than Humongofrog.
Balance: Power Nova - OK animation, but not as long as Ra Animation

Single Spells
Fire: Efreet - Just awesome, love everything about this spell.
Ice: Wolly Mammoth - Love the scene of the snowman getting stomped on.
Storm: Leviathan - Totally wicked and great animation
Death: Katzenstein's Monster - Love the animation, also love wraith.
Life: Seraph - Looks like a life attack, not too long, good animation.
Myth: Love both Medusa and Basilisk, both are perfect.
Balance: Judgment - what's not to like? This spell is perfect from the word go.

Okay, this covers the spells currently in the game.

Now, spells I would like to see incorperated into the game, that is going to take a bit more time, or I could just create links to the spells.

So, for Rank 10 spells:

For Utility spells:

For Update spells:

Hope these ideas and posts are looked at professor.

Mar 01, 2012
My favorite spell would be ice wyvern because it has gotten me alot of defeats against bosses and looks good

the spell i would add is:

Ninja Pig as a REAL myth spell

Mar 19, 2011
my favorite spell would have to be sirens but a spell that i would make would be like this. Its called boil it would be level 69 fire it would make a pot come up in the middle of the field and a fire would come under the pot and it would start boiling and it would over boil and spill out on all enemies doing 800-1000 damage 8)

Aug 12, 2011
The spell I like the most on my death is scarecrow the spell i wish he has dryad

On my storm the spell i like best is siren i wish he has heckhound

On my myth i like golem minion i wish he has fire dragon

On my fire i like heckhound i wish he has talos

On my life i like satyr i wish he has steal ward

On my ice i like tower shield i wish he has death ninja pigs

Jul 12, 2009
1. My favorite spell is still my lucky tower shield, it's saved my life many times and never gets replaced by other newer spells :)
2. I have been thinking of a lot of non attack spells lately, as you can see on my thread: https://www.wizard101.com/posts/list/45604.ftl#254736
but my favorite it this: Ice-Hypothermia- freezes off opponents shields and blades and your own traps and weaknesses.- 5 or 6 pips- ice starts in middle of ring and creeps outward until they reach your opponent's sigil and cover their shields and blades in a layer of ice, at which point they shiver and then shatter. it then turns to you and the same happens to your traps and weaknesses.

Thanks for all the feedback and suggestions! We'll keep these in mind for future spells! A new Feedback Friday will appear in just a bit. ::grin::

“If the Mind is like a candle, the Heart is like the sun.” Professor Falmea (aka Leah Ruben, your fearless Producer!)