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Feedback Friday 3-28-14

Jul 29, 2013
How about a bundle specifically for the main 7 schools:
It would contain the best gear for whatever level or school the wizard is and a mount based off of the school.
The Astral School () could have its own bundle as well, but i would he better for pvp or tournaments.
Please Consider My Idea.

Jun 13, 2012
Ooh, this is a fantastic feedback Friday topic!
I think I would put a Marleybonian dream bundle. It would include:
-Barkingham palace (dungeon or house*)
-Golem pet
-teleport to regent's square tapestry
-weapon: Katzenstein's lever (the one used to make Dr. Von's monster)
-hat: looks like adventurer's cap and called the Hat of Storms
-robe and shoes: something (I can't decide! All the clothes are so good!) with the "of Storms" part
-mount: MB mobile car (about 2-4 people)
*Barkingham palace could be a housing instance that is flooding with the O'Leary gang re-rising from prior disaster. The person seeking help could be a guard that doesn't wish for the queen to know, or the queen seeking help from any.
-four crazed cat scratchers
-three indoor cats (life) and Raini O'Leary (Pop's O'Leary's daughter)
-a hooligan, a cat brute, a crazed cat scratcher, and an indoor cat
-Arthur O'Leary and three angry cat brutes
-Pop's O'Leary and three head hooligans
*It could also be the queen's palace you could get from this exclusive bundle!
Hope you enjoy this idea!

Jul 16, 2009
Hi, Professor!
A bundle that I think would be groovy? Tiny things. Tiny mounts, small wands, little pets, little itty- bitty hidey-holds of houses that need to be snuck into by secret entrances like gnome holds or fairy entrances would be super sweet to me. The "Tiny Troll Home" would be epic! A introduction of more little things like more little mushrooms. More little bitty things. To, me, that'd be a sweet bundle.

Jul 02, 2010
I would love school specific bundles. For example, maybe a bundle in which you can choose what you school you would redeem it as.
If that is too complicated, school specific bundles sold separately would be awesome as well!

Sep 16, 2010
I would love to see a gardening bundle with an exclusive pack of seeds and some special gardening gear

Jan 16, 2012
One dream deal with bundles would be to have them available online from the get-go.
It took me months to find the Winterbane Gauntlet. My local WalMarts stopped carrying most of their game cards (not just W101) and my state doesn't HAVE a Target.

Another thing that would be nice would be to see stats on the gear that made it worth equipping. Any gear I've gotten from a bundle has only been stitching fodder, if it was redeemed at all.

as for a theme... I'm more than a little dragon obsessed...
A dragon warren, secret tunnels and hidden treasure room...
dragon hatchling pet
dragonscale armor
dragon mount. I know it's been done, but I like the design released for KI's big birthday celebration for senior members, but maybe in bright blue, or acidic green...

Jan 03, 2013
My Bundle Idea:
Specter's Keep Bundle
House: Spooky Manor
Mount: MummyGator mount
Pet: Spooker Witch pet, Gives one Ghoul at baby, gives one Vampire at ancient, gives one Lord Of Night at mega. Its talents includes a new talent of May Cast Dark Sprite "Evil Sprite" and up to 5 incoming and outgoing combo called "Spooky Health"
Additional Housing Elixir
Wand: Wand of the Unforgiving Night, level 100 stats: 95 block, 100 critical, 2 pierce, and a power pip advantage.
Specter's Estranged Gear, level 100 stats: Hat: 350 life, New! 50 mana, 8 damage, 9 resist, 40 block and critical, and 9 incoming. Gives one Shadow Seraph card.
Robe: 600 Life, 50 mana, 5 damage, 11 resist, 35 block and critical, and 5 incoming. Gives one Shadow Shrike card.
Boots: 350 life, 25 mana, 11 damage, 5 resist, 50 block and critical, and 8 incoming. Gives one Shadow Sentinel.
Gives you also a random housing item of a Vampire Doodle Stand, Ghoul Doodle Stand, Bubbling Cauldron, Wand Rack, or a rare chance at getting a permanent Witch's Evil Broomstick mount!
6500 crowns or 3 months member

This would be $49

Sep 18, 2011
Professor Falmea on Mar 28, 2014 wrote:
It's Friday, and as such, let's pick a new topic!

Let's discuss bundles, such as the ones pictured here. What would be your dream bundle? A gardening bundle? A tournament bundle? A world-specific bundle that we haven't done?

As a second part to that question, what would your dream bundle include? We normally include a house, big housing item, or a dungeon, as well as a mount, a pet, gear, a weapon, and occasionally some other goodies. What would you put in your dream bundle? Would you stick to the norm, or deviate (for example, gardening seeds instead of a weapon)?

I've seen some other threads on the subject and read through them, but I wanted to get the discussion focused and going again!

Have a wonderful weekend, Wizards!

Standard disclaimer applies: We do not guarantee to use each and every idea submitted, and questions we pose may or may not be pertaining to things we are currently working on, or will ever undertake. Sometimes, there are just technical limitations that make changing things difficult to impossible, and though we possess all manner of magic wands here, there are technological beasts out there that are beyond our grasp. Sometimes, we may not feel it is within the spirit and vision of the spiral to add or change something. Also, we realize that some of these topics may have been addressed before in other threads - sometimes it's good to pick up a discussion again. Chances are I have read your threads and would like to hear more!
A Bundle that will give you modern-day clothes that have nice stats. It would give you a new housing item called Shop. It would allow you to sell your items to your friends. Thanks!
-Boris FireFlamelvl 86

Sep 20, 2009
What if the knew bundle house outside is like the death house dark in a way representing how morganthe like way of being it should be like morganthe her childhood house . The house should have a lot of room for housing items. maybe have like a cave be where the arena will be at. The wand should look like the umbra sword but instead of a sword it could either be a bow and arrow or still be a sword but have like more dark purple. The gear should be also this purple dark color gear that kind of angelic. mount should be like a cloud but it actually a spider wed and on the bottom its spiders carrying the web mount your own. The pet should be like morganthe but like ghostly like how the ghost dog looks like or the ghost dragon. and instead of looking blue should be purple but a darken purple color.

If there is a tournament bundle it should have the gear that warlords have or what tournament gear the pet should be the shield and blade. If there is a house for that bundle it should be like arena based house like there should be scores and have like all the worlds arena themed. like it could be like have one of the pvp statue and you click on it and it would take you to the arena of our choosing so that you could fight in.

If there a gardening house they should have unique carding items have a flower be the pet and the house should be like the farm house but greener.

I hope you find my ideas interesting

Madison deathheart

Nov 07, 2010
Love it! Cant wait, but if I had to choose, a pet bundle! All kinds of pets related to the new world, Kryhsalis!

Jun 02, 2010
i would like to see class bundles in the game. like having weapons and gear based off of the schools. im a fire wizard in game and i would love to have gear and weapon the resemble efreet. i know that some other spell based gear could be storm lord, ice giant but notto sure bout other classes

Feb 01, 2014
How about a new death bundle with sweet skeleton armor and a bon blade for wand!
It can come with a really hard dungeon (like Bane ) that is almost impossible to beat but drops really good loot.
As for the pet, how about a bone dinosaur or something like that!
And for the mount how about a dark cloud, not like the arcus cloud, but like it surronds you and you like lie back and you just hover, that would be sweet!

I am a death student and really hope you will choose this idea!

Thanks, Talon ShadowWalker

May 17, 2010
I would love to to see a Pet bundle with clothes that come with GOOD pet manna and a house that has all the pet games in already! Also a gardening Bundle that comes with lot of the best seed and and a Cool new type on wand that when equipped lows the manna use for your GARDEN Just my ideas BUT i really in joy seeing what comes out next HAPPY GAME PLANNING

Jan 06, 2009
I'm a huge fan of bundles, having bought every single one you've released. Thank you for asking what we'd like to see in future bundles. I'll echo previous posters asking for a Marleybonian bundle. I'm not particular about anything else in the bundle except this: Please include a Marleybone car. We've asked for one since mounts were released. It would make a nice addition to a Marleybone-themed bundle.

Oct 26, 2013
I'm with a lot of wizards on the pet or garden themed houses.
I'd like to add a few suggestions though.
With a garden themed house, I'd like to see the fields that look plowed be ready for seeds. If necessary 6 large plots for each plot. OR let us choose upon buying which plots we want. Like a CP gardner may chooses all large plots or 4 large plots and 2 of the others for blading plants or smaller snack plants(like red bell peppers, love them!). Allow more seeds to be planted because the plots are no longer necessary with preplotted fields.
I like the idea of gear for gardeners. With extra energy. It should be more than what gear we can already get or at least comparable, not like the crown energy gear now. The energy would of course with whichever level you choose of gear. An item card that generates a plot specific spell with each piece of gear. The card would regenerate after a time, 6-24 hours after use.
This makes the spell unique from any other gardening spell. It helps the gardener and doesn't make the crown gardening pack obsolete. The gear should look like a farmer and have a hoe or rake for a wand, spade or utility knife for an athame.
The pet could be a Farmer or a Cow. The mount could be a Cow or a Mule driven plow. I don't give a toot about two person mounts. I find them way too bulky to be useful and never use the ones I have.

Jul 17, 2009
I would like to see a bigger variety of pets, and some more mounts. A dragonspyre bundle would be cool if you could get the flame wyrm little dragon as a pet.
Pets I would love to see: a sheep, a ghost pegaus like the cloudstrider, a schnauzer (ears not cropped so they can flop and dyable so not only do you have the salt and pepper look, but black or white as well), more fairies, an elephant.

A Wysteria house that has the cool stain glass windows the school of spirit has. More castles. More styles of dragons.

Outfits, not so much the stats we we can stitch them, but it would be cool if you could customize the top and bottom a little more so not all wizards are the same that get it.

For the holidays only, one that gives you a north pole house with Santa's workshop and a little rudolph as a pet would be really cool! The outfit... have fun. You could borrow idea's from Disney's frozen and make lots of the younger kid players really happy.

Oct 26, 2013
I like the Zoo theme and kind of the Circus theme for pets. I also like the Safari theme idea A Balloon mount would be flipping awesome. It'd work a little like the wings, You'd hold them and float around. It could work for the zoo or the circus. Cotton candy or popcorn wands would too.

An item snack card with gear. Vary the pet xp with which level you choose the gear. Have the card generate every 24 after use of non wear or 6 hours of continuous wear(not both, either or or).

In all areas small housing with huge yards. Allow more pets to be in the areas. Break them down if you must. Instead of allowing any pets IN the house allow so many in each area outside.

The only idea I've seen for a two person mount that makes sense is the bicycle built for two. That is kind of cool. Maybe a safari vehicle that fits two. Idk about that though. A tall unicycle makes more sense than a clown car that fits 4. And the balloons would be awesome(I think I said that once, lol).
I'd love to see a housing item in the house. It would be a pet trainer or pet sitter and the pets would love him/her. The sitter would play with the pets while I'm gone. You could check in with him once a day for pet snacks and treasure cards. He'd tell you that your pets are doing fine and being well cared for. Just so I don't feel that they are all neglected while I'm fighting bad guys and training other pets, lol.

Jan 31, 2010
Fangs McWolf on Mar 28, 2014 wrote:
An Avalon bundle would be great.

Castle/house that is based on the Caliburn/High Road/Abbey Road areas (not like The Wyrd house).
Pets that look like King Artorius. Choose one based on the school you want and it offers an item card of 'King Artorius' for that school. (One at baby, two at ancient, three at mega.) Talents should include a heal (perhaps fairy), ward/charm removers and resists to attack spells.
Mount be a horse drawn open carriage, able to carry two people.
Gear and the choice of 5,000 crowns -or- one month membership (as usual).

For a gardening bundle...

Red Barn Farm house
One each of a few popular seeds (one king parsley, one couch potato, and one for a small sized plot).
One energy elixir.
One Moolinda Wu's Green Thump Pack.
One other (random?) gardening/seeds related pack.
A random pet from a known list of possible pets, or perhaps the choice from the list of pets.
No gear, no crowns. Reduced cost (maybe $29 instead of $39?) since it would be a specialty bundle.
Uh, they've already done an AV bundle... Ever seen someone riding on a big huge dragon? Well, that mount is from the Majestic Bundle... This bundle came out right around the time AV was released... So sry bout that... Also, your mount idea has been taken already... The Olympian Bundle contains the Aquilan Duel Chariot Mount... But I guess the idea is different in some aspects...

Aug 21, 2013
An update to my Avalon based house idea...

- Castle/house that is based on the Caliburn/High Road/Abbey Road areas (not like The Wyrd house). By this, I mean that the outside would have that look/feel to it. But have the castle look just like the Keep of Ganelon castle (inside and out), but where you go through the hole in the wall to get to the Crystal Caves, have that be a secret area (wall looks fine and such, but you can walk through it still). Other end of the secret area would connect to the outside somewhere. Would like for there to be a fair amount of open/flat area on the outside so that there's more flexibility for decorating. Inside, where there are steps going down, have that go to an open cave on the outside.

- Two (yes TWO) pets. (One being somewhat offensive, other being defensive)
--- First being a King Artorius pet. Offers 'King Artorius' item cards for your school (changes based on what school your wizard is). Item cards are given as one at baby, two at ancient, three at mega. Talents should include a heal (Fairy but isn't limited to the pet owner, may cast on anyone who needs it), along with may cast things like blades (for the pet owner only) and hex/curse traps. Also boost to critical and attacks.
--- Second being a Gamma pet. Offers rare multi-pierce item card that will pierce one shield on each enemy (3 pips but is non school specific, ie, will use power pips). Same as above for getting one at baby, two at ancient and three at mega. Talents include heal (Sprite Swarm), ward/charm removers and critical block/attack resist enhancements.

- Transformation Kiosk - Four hours for the chosen transformation (Gamma, King Artorius and Eagle Warrior).

- Mount be a horse drawn open carriage, able to carry two people.

- Merle Ambrose outfit as the gear. Strictly for stitching (ie no stats) in exchange for having a second pet.

- Choice of 5,000 crowns -or- one month membership (as usual).

Hope you will consider this one, would love to have it!

Feb 11, 2011
We are 10 steps ahead of you on this one Kings isle XD please take a look at this link

We have looked over some possible ideas for the perfect death/ shadow bundle.
Please take into consideration some of the ideas we have come up with and incorporate them into a future bundle.

Feb 07, 2010
There's no Marleybone themed bundle yet. It could include gear resembling what the king or queen of Marleybone would wear, a two person marleybone jalopy mount, a house complete with a series of rooftops and a vault hidden behind a painting containing treasures that you can withdraw from daily, and a clock tower furniture item containing a personal dungeon.

For the story of the dungeon, I'm thinking a criminal gang has kidnapped Marleybone's prince and is holding him for ransom in the clock tower, threatening to throw him into the gears if their demands aren't met. I know it's not terribly original but we fight a lot of bosses for no reason other than that they stole something we need.

Mar 09, 2010
Love the pet and garden theme bundle, which would allow more pets inside and out.
Include gear that would give the extra planting and training pets a boost according to level of wizards like always.
Have the home or estate look different from the farmhouse, just for variety, but include it as a like for a new plant which only comes in the bundle. Of course the plant would have to have super drops to encourage the people to buy the bundle. Perhaps 6 seeds that regenerate each time to get the garden started. Since this would be only way to get seeds then have a long list of super drops the plants could possibly give at final harvest. Include a way for new pets never seen before to sometime to be dropped, kind of like the way people want the special amulet in hades, have drops that are few and far between, but make them awesome ones! Example would be a pet that looked like the dogs in hades! and to make this an exclusive bundle only thing, these random fantasy pets could only be hatched with other random pets from this bundle. Another awesome drop would be along with the seed for the plant at final harvest, on rare occasions it would drop two seeds, so I could slowly increase my garden. Instead of a mount or a weapon, include a game like Wizard Blox, perhaps with a pet theme or garden blox, that if you reach a certain level score you could get a tc like the ones like Bees, Flood, etc that cover all plants. I would certainly buy this, my fantasy bundle, just because of the exclusive way to get things the could not be purchased anywhere else in the game. Thanks for this opportunity to share my fantasy bundle.

Jan 16, 2010
First world bundle? has all the worlds of the spiral together like a huge copy of them with places like a fake spiral door and have some magic to spawn monsters where you want we don't level in our houses if your willing to do that, or you knows those treasure card spells like life bat, jade oni minion,etc. you could make a spell house with floating candles. or a lore's master house where there is all spells in statue form except for blades and what not's. by the way could you update the hat stand or the maniquen to wear hats,and so we can put faces on them . Thanks level 95 Matthew ravenstone. see you in w101 everyone.

Jan 16, 2010
Fred Goldriver on Mar 28, 2014 wrote:
In future bundles, the first thing I'd love to see is improved gear. Right now, it's all mediocre at best and doesn't come close to comparing to even Waterworks gear, let alone some of the high-end stuff that's available now. And the look - in all honesty, we don't want to look like dinosaurs, or cave people, or whatever else. I think that if you get some really great-looking gear in there, that'd be a huge selling point.

As for my dream bundle, I'm envisioning houses that aren't so flat. I want one with a little bit less open space but that's big - maybe in the mountains. Imagine a center courtyard surrounding by high, high cliffs. Periodically at different heights are areas around the mountains, you'd see balconies and such, and the interior would be a sort of tunnel system that goes up and down. Below ground is one house area with a dungeon guarded by a dragon. You can ride the dragon up through a hole in the courtyard (so it'd have to be in the same zone), and up through the mountains. More depth. More diversity. More than just a high ledge around a tower to look from.

I'm definitely for deviating from the norm, but always include a house on the $39 cards. Those are your best parts. And I'd never swap a weapon for gardening seeds. The weapons are usually very unique. Don't trade anything like we can get in-game for current bundle items.
you came up with a bundle and you didn't know. "the future bundle". would that be cool or not it could come with food bar that you wizard can eat! we don't eat much except drinking potions.

Jun 08, 2009
A PvP Centered Bundle

-A house for PvP parties with multiple arenas to be used simultaneously. The arenas would include optional settings to specify the arena's use, such as 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, and 4v4 matches or other limits such as no TC, gear stat limitations and level limitations. A Housing Elixir and an extra allowance for maximum attendees would be appreciated.

-Specialty PvP only gear including weapon, amulet, ring and athame to be based on level for battle. Each level should be appropriately measured. For example, no Critical before Level 50.

-A mega trained pet where we are able to choose our favorite 5 talents. The pet would have at least one card useful to all PvPer's, such as a universal dispel, universal blade, or 1 pip version of Doom and Gloom. (PvPer's will pay for this!)

The housing item could be a display unit for rank trophies the owner has currently earned in PvP. An 'x' to port to the arena would be fantastic on it! (A built in tapestry or kiosks to PvP would be acceptable too.)

(No mount needed. Who uses a mount in pvp?!)

Thank you Professor Falmea!