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Feedback Friday 3-20-15

Jan 21, 2014
Kestral555 on Mar 20, 2015 wrote:
Oh, I love this topic! There could be a paint ball or laser tag type game where wizards could use their wands to fling wisps at each other. This could be done in teams or every wizard for themselves to see who gets the most hits within a certain period of time.

Also, how about a housing item that is a flag pole that teleports you to a game field to play capture the flag (sort of how the fishing retreat takes you somewhere else)? At the start of the game, the flags would be randomly placed throughout the area. As you enter, you would be sorted into teams and each team would have different color of flags. The first team to capture all of the other teams flags wins. There could be power ups that would help wizards defend their teams flags like there is in the tag. Freeze wizards, teleport your teams flag, decoy flags, etc.
i like the first one :D, it could be like the hunger games!

Jan 21, 2014
Blaze Kane on Mar 20, 2015 wrote:
Game name: Assassin

Each player gets randomly teleported to a spot in or outside the house. The goal is to tag everyone else from behind, before they tag you. To prevent the afk glitch from allowing a person to spin constantly and not let you attack from behind, they'll be required to press X if attempting to stop themselves from being tagged, and both players get teleported randomly again. To prevent X spammers, if you press X without a person trying to tag you, you're automatically out. May the stealthiest wizard win.
sounds great! although, what do you mean by "outside the house"

Jan 21, 2014
kane fireblood on Mar 20, 2015 wrote:
OH man I've been wanting to do this idea for a while. Hide and Seek.

RULES: just like normal hide and seek. seeker counts to ten. hiders have ten seconds to hide. first one found will be seeker for next round. Last one to be found is winner. If you get spotted you help the seekers no power ups though.

To make it more challenging for the seekers, the hiders will become smaller and faster. So that means it will be harder for the seekers to. The hiders won't be very small but at least 5-7% smaller. Hiders will get 10% faster. (Maybe 8)
Perfect! i would hide under my couch, now imagine that in the massive fantasy palace!

Dec 30, 2012

The basis of the game is that at the beginning, everyone hides as a ten second countdown starts. From there, a random player is chosen as the first infected. The infected person must go around and find the other players and infect them. However, non-infected players are slightly faster than normal. Once an infected infects another person, then that person joins the infected team. The game continues until the last wizard standing is infected, in which the initial infected person wins, or until time runs out, in which all non-infected players win.

You could use a transformation for infected people too, like maybe a zombie or something.

Jul 09, 2010
I would make a game called "Snowball Fight". Once the game started, it piles of snow would appear around the house, like the food in the food fight game, and it would start to snow. You could pick up the snow and either throw it at the other team or make it into a snow brick. You use the snow bricks to make a snow fort to hide behind. There are two teams: the red team and the blue team. If a red player gets hit by a blue player, then the red player joins the blue team. If a blue player gets hit by a red player, then the blue player joins the red team. The game ends when one team has no more players. "Snowball Fight" would have the same power-ups as the other housing games.

Rachel Pixieleaf level 83

Wow, these sound like a lot of fun! We'll definitely discuss these and see what's feasible for the future. New topic coming up shortly, stay tuned!

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