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Feedback Friday 3-16-12

Oct 24, 2010
As I posted on Facebook, I would like all the furniture to be available... in the bazaar or furniture shop, not for crowns. I'm really tired of red and 'worn' blue furniture. From the beds, to chairs and sofas down to the carpets. All of it so we actually have choices.

Jul 21, 2010
Hmm... perhaps the bookselves in the pigswick student dorms the ones that already have books in them and some of the potted plants they have in there and maybe the school banners they have in the dorms. :-) :) :) :)

Jun 07, 2009
Library: The plants in the upper and lower stories
Schools: The pillars in the equilibrium school and the ghost that floats up and down. I'd also like seeing the school banners
Tournament Hall: Either as decorations or equipment, the wands.
Student Dormitory: The fire place, plants in the corners of the entryway, floral arrangement and chairs.
Pigswick Academy: The small plants that appear around the spiral door.
Also, I'd sort of like the strange plant in Pegasus Place to be a gardening plant.

Thank you so much KI for finally deciding to make Wysterian housing. I've felt for the longest time that wysteria is one of the most beautiful worlds we've seen so far, and housing from it would be amazing!

Jul 04, 2010
The library is awesome, i want one exactly like it, but if I have to pick out specific things...:
1) The blue carpet with gold designs
2) The blue chairs and tables
3) The fireplace!!!!!
4) The stacks of books
5) The bookcases!!!!!!!!!
6) The big coffee table by the fireplace
7) The flower beds outside the front door near the siegels

The spiral door area:
1) The drawbridge - especially if it actually went up and down
2) The fountains over the drawbridge
3) The flowers

The dueling arena:
1) The red carpet!!!!
2) The vines
3) The paintings

1) The carpet
2) The columns
3) The doors
4) The windows
5) The cool tunel to the leafy room
6) The grave with the ghost
7) The basin of water
8) The floating match

Student Dorms:
1) The Carpets
2) The beds
3) The flower arrangement
4) The paintings (I think there are 3)
5) The fireplace!!!!
6) The desks and chairs (especially the chairs)

The house in Tangled Wood Way with the lesson plans:
1) The paintings
2) The house itself is awesome

Pegasus Place:
1) The pegasus archway!!!!!
2) The whole pegasus stable area
3) The pegasus statues in the Crystal Tower

1) The vines with the blue flowers
2) The maze like streets
3) The little pigs walking around doing stuff

Feb 19, 2011
I went back to Wysteria and looked around, then read all the suggestions posted so far. Love it all! The suggestions were terrific!

Wouldn't mind having to craft some of it too (have 4 Legendary Artisans so far). Wish there were more useable, nice looking crafting projects. Would probably craft a home from there too. Have already crafted the Grizz house but the Celestia one is just not my taste.

Thanks again for asking. :-)

Mar 01, 2009
I really like the furniture in Wysteria, especially in Belladonna Crisps office.

Oct 10, 2010
I LOVE the furniture, the fireplace in their dorm rocks. I love the carpeting by headmistress! The beds in their dorms are cool. I'm excited!

Oct 10, 2010
I love the fireplace in their dorm room! I love the chairs and carpeting by the headmistress. I love the beds in their dorm rooms. I love the layout of the house interiors. Cottage with shutters.

Jul 28, 2010
Some cool Wysterian school banners and other things. Also like some other people said, little piggies doing flips like they do in the middle of the street. I also would suggest some of the really cool vines and maybe for completing the Helephant Tower you get Helephant's head mounted on a plaque (thought that is a bit dark......) amd also the portraits of previous victors (The MooShu emperor, young Ambrose and young Malistaire, Diego, and the others, as well as their staff replicas in display cases.

Jan 20, 2010
i got a small list:
self painting portrait
the chair, sofa and shelf in meadmistress office
grave with a ghost (found in spirit school)
the thing in chaos school (metal thing from cl perhaps)
the chair, sofa and fireplace in the dormitory
also the dresser from dormitory, desk and plants
hat/robe/amulet/ wand shelves (costumize able, but your own wands on the shelves)
a portal to Tower of the Helephant, looks like the teleporter in pegasus way
pegasus chrows...
stable, or part of a stable (gates) pavillion like thing in pegasus waay..
piggle fountain in tanglewood way
there are also some statues like things in some of the houses in tanglewood way, one standing straight and one with it hand reached out. i liked these ones :)

thanks :D

Wysteria House - definitely something that has crossed a Art Wizard's desk recently. ::grin::. Look for it sometime later this year.

The topiaries are indeed awesome, I'd like to have those in my garden as well!

As for dying furniture, I wouldn't say that it would never happen, but it would be a monumental undertaking for those art Wizards to do the work to make each and every item able to be dyed.

Thanks for the feedback, seems that you very much liked Wysteria visually (hooray!), and we'll start looking into this list! Another FF on the way!

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