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Feedback Friday 3-16-12

Another week has flown by, and that means it's time for yet another Feedback Friday (even a little earlier than normal!).

Standard disclaimer applies: We do not guarantee to use each and every idea submitted, and questions we pose may or may not be pertaining to things we are currently working on, or will ever undertake. Sometimes, there are just technical limitations that make changing things difficult to impossible, and though we possess all manner of magic wands here, there are technological beasts out there that are beyond our grasp. Sometimes, we may not feel it is within the spirit and vision of the spiral to add or change something. Also, we realize that some of these topics may have been addressed before in other threads - sometimes it's good to pick up a discussion again. Chances are I have read your threads and would like to hear more!

This week, let's discuss more housing items - this time, Wysteria! In your travels through Pigwick Academy and surrounding areas, what would you most like to see as an item for home decoration?

I've already sent the suggestions to the team for Zafaria... looking forward to the list this week! Have a fantabulous rest of your Friday and weekend! ::grin::

“If the Mind is like a candle, the Heart is like the sun.” Professor Falmea (aka Leah Ruben, your fearless Game Director!)
Oct 25, 2011
i really like the furniture and the walls that are there . when might we have some houses that might be gotten from there as well .

Mar 19, 2009
some of the neat little piggies that are performing magic aroung the streets :)

Sep 18, 2009
I love the pillar in the Tempest school, the swirling water ones, and my son likes the one in the school of Equilibrium. I would also like to see vine wall decor so I can make my home look like lord Bramble's tower. A free standing trellis would be nice as well, I could make my own leafy maze! And how about Dolly Salvador's easel, maybe with a magical animated paintbrush that would rotate through the paintings that hang on the walls of the arena as if it were painting those portraits. I would like to see more individual flowers too, rather than big, bulky flower beds and maybe be able to arrange them in a vase like the little sidequest has us do. Pehaps that could be a rare harvest thing from some gardening plants. That would be cool. And wall plaques like the ones by the assorted dueling halls. I want a gorgon plaque. :) That is all I can think of right now without going to Wysteria.

Apr 08, 2010
May 19, 2009
Well, almost all of the furniture. But if I had to choose, I would like to have the rugs. There is a lack of decent normal colored rugs, room sized rugs in the game. I would love a SMALL house too. I have almost all the others and do not need a place to store things. I love the setting of the first WC castle and would a peaceful cottagy daytime setting - with room for a garden. Looking forward to this!

Sep 17, 2009
how about a crafted wysteria house. with an arena. so easy to make all you need is a novice crafter badge to make it.

Mar 07, 2009
I would love to have vine house decorations or the elaborate decorations that are shown in wysteria. A fountain housing object would be nice too :)

Jul 27, 2010
The bushes in Pegasus Place where you can trim them and they look like Ninja Pigs and other mobs(I forgot).

There is also a number of banners in the Dorms, and most of the furniture in there would be nice additions to our housing horizon.

Finally, there are pictures of different people(and creatures) in the Dueling Hall, one of Malistaire, Ambrose and half a dozen others. There's also display wands right next to those, in the room with the Tournament Trophy is. Okay, that's all. Hope these are nice ideas.

Mar 12, 2010
Here a few housing items from Wysteria that I like:

1. The flowers - when you come through the Spiral Door, the groups of red, purple, etc. flowers.

2. The crawling vines - like the ones in Tanglewood Way.

3. The chairs - like the ones in the Headmistress, Belladonna's, office.

4. From the Student Dormitory - the desk and chair, the bookcase, the table with the vase (where you make a bouquet for the vase), the bouquet would be cute too, and the chairs and sofa in front of the fireplace, and the chandeliers.

5. From Tanglewood Way - in the room where you go to pick up the "Lesson Plans" - the fireplace, the red drapes on the windows, and the corner seat that has three red cushions on it.

Apr 25, 2010
The flowers around the world gate are great! I love all of the furnishings and plantings in the student dorm & headmistress's office. The fireplaces in the student dorm and library are fabulous and in the various houses! The school banners and wall hangings - even though they aren't necessarily Ravenwood banners they certainly are school (storm, fire etc.) related. Would like to be able to put wall paper on the ceilings (see student dorm.) Time for new pictures for our walls as well, and there are lots of those in Wysteria please make them all available. Rugs rugs rugs, love them all. Stained glass windows! The doors on all the buildings are lovely. The fountains are fab. Light fixtures, YAY! The helephant statues are cool. I could go on and on. I love everything about Wysteria.

When the Wysteria furnishings are made available, I may even decorate my Sultan's Palace. :)

Thanks for asking. Have a great weekend!

Feb 18, 2009
Here are tons of ideas:

I would like for wall hangings, all 7 school banners!
For Plants section(not gardening) I would love those bush statues like the ninja pigs!
For Outside objects I would love new amazing fountains that spray water! Maybe even the fountain of the source of Pigswick magic!
Also the thing Dolly Salvador is painting with the magic brush!
Also where Belladona Crisp is, that random chair in the middle of the room, the big sofa, the portrait above the sofa, the book case, the plant next to the sofa, the amazing plant by the stairs.
The stools in the schools.
How about the windows too? not see through of course!
The green nasty fountain in Tanglewood way!
Here are a few ideas in the house in tanglewood way!
The chair by the fire
The fire thing(forgot what its called) but its really fancy
For crafting those things below the "pillows" and the pillows
The map.
The rug.

Now here are from the Library:
that fire thing i can not remember
those chairs
8 stacks of books
that giant book in the dungeon
that fire wallhangings in dungeon
20 stacks of books
the plants in the pots

Outside the tempest school:
the triton fountain

that table right there when you walk in
the chairs
the sofas
the fire thing again
the beds by beatrice
that study table by beatrice

Other:Amazing Statues
House:please make a wysterian house! A lot of people been wanting these!

Nov 26, 2009
I love the decor in the dorms: the richly colored rugs, the intricate details of the beds, the furniture, the curtains. Also, it would be really cool to have an interactive fireplace, where you could hit X and it would light up. Also, the carpeting in the headmistresses's office is really nice too. And the bookcases and chairs too. I think that about covers it!

Caroline Trollwalker
lvl 70 Theurgist

Dec 24, 2011
Mar 11, 2009
Oh my gosh, I would love to have anything and everything in the dorm. The beds, the chairs, fireplace, couch, tables, desks, absolutely EVERYTHING!!! Also the chair in the headmistresses' office. Oh and the rugs, so beautiful.

Jul 16, 2009
I would love to see some of the plants found in the dorms, and the Headmistresses house. Plants make the indoor and outdoors look so much nicer!

Mar 24, 2009
In wysteria In the death classroom the grave where the ghost keeps coming
up and down, that would be awesome to have in our homes I would pay with
crowns to have it

Nov 13, 2011
I would like either the gazebo/ pegasus stable or the small water font at the bottom of the hill from the library.

Mar 20, 2010
I will need to go back and look but I remember some amazing sofa's and rugs also chairs like in headmistresses office that I wished so much were available for our houses.

Community Leader
Are you ready for my list?

The painting Dolly Salvador is painting.
The ivy on the walls.
Blue velvet chairs and sofas
Any of the furniture inside the dormitory , there are some really great planted ferns in that room too.
There is a kraken fountain Where the kraken head is on the wall and the fountain comes out further in the area of the schools.
The pillars from inside the schools.
Bookcases full of books

There is this house upstairs and downstairs ( 2 rooms down) in tanglewood
I would love that house. or even an apts where 2 are connected?
The fire place inside this house and the nook stand.

All I can think of

Oct 23, 2010
I had two ideas that I would like to see. 1) When you're in the Bazaar and you click on an item, you see what it looks like if you're wearing it, regardless of your actual ability to equip the item. I would like to see that in my Backpack. I usually feed items to my pet because I really don't need the money but, if it's something that I really like the look of, I would like to know so I can Stitch the item. As it is, I have no idea what the items look like and the only way I know of to see is the Bazaar. I would like to be able to see what the items look like on me from my Backpack so I can decide if I want to Stitch the item or feed it to my pet. 2) When you get an item, it shows up on the left-hand side of the screen. If I click on it, I have an option to Equip or just let it stay in my backpack. I would like it if there were an option to feed it to my pet so I don't have to go into my backpack, blocking my view of the game, to feed my pet. I wouldn't mind the same screen popping up like any other time I feed my pet, but sometimes, when in a dungeon, I would rather not lose sight of everything to find the item and feed it to my pet.

That's my ideas. I hope y'all like them and put them into the game!

Feb 06, 2009
Oh I've been dying for a feedback Friday question like this forever!!! I'd love to see some new couches (big squashy ones) some new beds, chairs, etc! I also think it would be really neat if you could change the color of your furniture...say craft a big squashy couch and dye it brown (or red, or blue...) to match the theme in your house. All of my houses are tending to look the same with the limited amount of furniture that we have at our disposal. I adore the furniture in Wysteria, all of it. The fireplace in the student dorms is amazing, and I love the desks, chairs and bookcases! Thank you again and again for this Feedback Friday post!!

Jul 16, 2009
I would also LOVE to see this, not really a Wysteria thing, but all around decor. PLEASE add a tool to let us dye furniture. Almost everything in seating is red, and that gets really boring when you have many wizards, with many houses.

Jan 15, 2010
um, i would like some mini houses! like in zafaria, those huts! there could be different sizes, colors, and you can go in and out! :D

Mar 05, 2009
Let's start with the school-themed pillars from each of the Pigswick classrooms (especially the Equilibrium one!) and the carpeting / floor coverings swirled in the various school colors. And the school banners, of course. Then there's the stained glass windows in Ms. Crisp's office, and the paintings of the previous Spiral Cup champions. And the topiary trees, especially the one that looks like Ninja Pigs! And a whole new house, in the Tanglewood Way architecture style, with massive vines growing up the sides.