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Do you think the length of battles in Wizard101 is...

Just right!
27% [35]
Too long! Speed it up!
69% [87]
Too short! I need more time!
3% [4]

Feedback Friday 2-6-15

Jul 17, 2010
I think in questing the battles are too long, they aren't a challenge at all they just have lots of health. So every time you quest it's the same old blade stacking while fighting a boss and spamming all enemies on minions.

In pvp, the battles are too short.

For high level pvp, critical isn't the problem it is just shadow shrike. It ruins the diversity or balance of gear, to where you got to be all critical or all jade which is why no one does ranked 4v4.

In low level pvp, I would suggest to bring the one infinite reshuffle back. I hate when a match is decided by running out of cards and running out of reshuffles these days. I liked when I used to have the long 7 hour 1v1 because we knew each other so well; they were a blast. I really hate how the new reshuffle poses players to pass almost every round when low on cards.

Sep 27, 2014
I answered "too long". While I sympathize with those who say things about the longer dungeons, I am not there yet. My issue is with the quests that require you to battle, say, 10 enemies. (I just got to Dragonspyre and the first quest in is "fight 10 of these guys".) Six is fine, but those quests are a bit monotonous. I don't think those should be for any more than 6.

I know I can make it go faster by partnering, but I, like a few others, have some trouble gathering partners.

Sep 19, 2013
I we're talking about the time to choose a spell I think it is just about right. Except those times when the network is slow or something and the counter keeps counting down while one simply tries to remove a card from ones deck. If we're talking about the time it takes to defeat a boss generally its about right; though some of the bosses with their cheats draw battles out too long. If we're talking about the time an animation runs for a spell then some are definitely too long. As an example, the new death level 100 spell just drags on as it attacks each opponent and the deals health back to the caster. Similarly the Ice Frost Giant as it goes around an stuns each opponent is too long.

Dec 19, 2009
The amount of time we get to cast a spell seems fine, especially when playing more than one account to get through a dungeon. However, some of the spells take too much time. For example, Forest Lord or the new level 100 death spell.

Many of the dungeons with cheating bosses are ridiculously long. It is not only frustrating but also boring when it takes hours and sometimes days (Darkmoor) to complete a dungeon with no guarantee of getting a decent equipment drop. Even when players are experienced and employ an appropriate strategy, the level 100 dungeons drag on forever. Most of us are limited to how much time we can devote to playing.

Sep 26, 2012
yeah, difficult question... and I'll answer only for PvE

the time to choose a spell is right and the recent Idle addon was a very good idea to handle the only problem : waiting for team mates who don't or can't play

so it's all about actions and animations
some animations take a long time but they're the core of the game and they're worth the wait as they're often pretty awesome ;+)
then, in the end, the time depends on the kind of actions and becomes a problem only at high level

because at high level, we often need a big preparation to hit properly, and do some other actions like to heal when it goes wrong, etc and that means many rounds
also, a lot of high level fights are longer because of added actions like mobs cheats, Shadow spells and pet casts
however, during regular questing it's ok, it's part of the game

so I think the only real issue is when we farm
when we do the same dungeon over and over, seeing the almost exact same fight each time, it becomes tedious when too many actions take place in one round : one round sometimes is like a whole fight in itself (just try Darkmoor, you'll see the worst of it ;+P

but I don't see a way to fix that unless an added option to skip the animations like a checkbox during the card choice at the beginning of a round
but all team mates would have to check it
this way a farming team can enjoy it instead of falling asleep, eh, eh, and regular questing players wouldn't miss the fight they want to see because of impatient team mates

then, another problem arrive : we still need to know what happened in a round
but how to do this?
fast forward animations? probably the easiest thing to add but also maybe a bit comical to see ;+P
so maybe, instead of animations, we could get a summary like the PvP audience view...
although, adding something like that to the game means a huge work so I'm not sure we can get that soon, lolwindow.onbeforeunload = function() {}

Nov 11, 2012
It really depends on the battle. Sometimes you wish the battle would last a long time and others you are bored waiting for it to end!

Sabrina Wintercloud

Dec 04, 2009
For the most part, I find most of the battles just fine in time length, difficulty and what have you. I do have a bit of an issue with being outnumbered / outpowered by the opposition since I usually quest alone. In some battles facing four on one, I'm forced to buy a minion or two and usually have to replace them during the battle when they get wiped out. This forces the expenditure of Crowns ... I get that ... and I don't really mind buying a minion or two, but it really gets on my nerves to keep at it continously only to come up empty on these dungeons / major battles as a solo quester.
I tried Zigazag three times and failed three times ... haven't been back because it's a waste of time and crowns to keep getting knocked out of it. Same for those other "off story line" dungeons where a lone wizard gets ganged up on and knocked up on in the first two minutes of play.
I have seen battles where the number of opponents adjusts to the number of players. Can't these other dungeons do the same and adjust to a solo wizard questing?

Dec 15, 2013
it's too long. especially when ppl are idk amd afk. gets super annoying!!!

Jul 09, 2013
The length of the battles are ok, it is the length of the spell animations. They take forever to play out. I keep wishing I could right click on them or something and have it cut to the final hit on the wiz.

Jan 19, 2013
Some of the dungeons are so long that I don't really have the time to do them. It would be much better if they were either shorter or you could leave and then come back to them later. If I am going into a dungeon solo and it says 4 hours I know that it will probably take at least 6. That's a big chunk of time.

Jan 19, 2013
High Five Ghost on Feb 6, 2015 wrote:
I agree that it depends on other factors, there isn't really a one answer fits all.

Things were just perfect in Wizard City. Battles were relatively quick, win or lose. Even if you were defeated, it's not like you had 10 minutes invested and had to start all over again.

But the last 3 or 4 worlds, mob duels tend to take a long time. Enemies start with so many pips and are casting higher level spells with longer animations in the first round. Their HP's are so high that even if players were starting with a similar pip count, we still have to go through the process of blading up in order to hit with any power.

The boss battles I do expect to be longer, so that's not something that bothers me a whole lot.

But yeah, the mobs... in the most recent worlds, a lot of days it feels like running in a dream where my legs are moving, but I'm not.
...and don't forget the fizzles!

Aug 28, 2012
The spells that attack all players could do so at the same time, there for making the spells shorter and the battles faster. Forest lord, Ra, the new death spell, and some others take forever. Don't get me wrong, I love the spells! They just take too long.

Jul 17, 2009
The time to pick your spells is fine because it give you time to look at your choices, and the spell animations are awesome as is. The problem I find is the actual battle time- my nephews have stopped playing because they take to long. Battle duration needs to be shortened please.

Nov 18, 2011
Lucas Rain on Feb 6, 2015 wrote:
TucsonWizard is right, it's depends.
  • Is my opponent casting Call of Khrulhu at all? If so, the duel is too long.
  • Is my opponent casting Eirikur Axebreaker? If so, the duel is too long.
  • Does my opponent get 3-6 turns of additional cheat spells on top of their normal turns? If so, it's too long.
  • Did I just take 15 seconds to choose my next spell even though I am stunned? That means the round was so long that I can't remember whether I'm stunned. Usually I reach that breaking point around 90 seconds, which is too long for my opponents to be doing things. Imo, a good round lasts 40-70 seconds.
I agree some spells take a really LONG time

Jun 19, 2010
KI should establish what a short, long, or just right battle or dungeon should be; then adjust them up or down to what the majority of players are requesting. Doing this allows a flow and ebb approach to battles and dungeons.

Many battles are appropriately timed. But when a battle or dungeon lasts two or more hours to complete, the number of players able or willing to finish them dramatically decrease.

Often, its when a team is deep into a battle or dungeon, when everyone discovers who's willing to stay, and who's gone.

And because everyone flees for different reasons; there's no need to punish anyone when they flee. However, unintentionally punishing the remaining members on the team unable to finish a battle or dungeon because they lost their fourth teammate is worse.

One viable, workable solution is to allow new players to enter the dungeon after so many seconds or minutes have passed. Give warnings and countdown timer pop-ups to provide every opportunity for players to return to a dungeon; or their spot will be given to a player able and willing to enter and complete the dungeon.

Oct 01, 2014
Trying to allot the time for some of the dungeons can be a problem.

Also it would be nice if some of the new aoe spells would have been done like the last boss in Kembaalung village cheat. Where coh hit all at the same time for the damage. Then the second animation on the coh where it would just add it up and deliver the heal in one shot. The glowbugs damage part would the same one damage animation then, removing the blades would happen to all at the same time.

Dec 08, 2011
The battles are timed right except for Azteca, whose mob battles were way too long when I went through it over a year ago. Khrysalis fixed the time issue pretty good.

I like having the longer battle for bosses. Gives you time to settle in and play around with treasure cards.

But some dungeons should be way shorter. I don't have the time to do a 2 or 3 hour dungeon! Life is busy here. It is possible to make a dungeon more difficult to play (requiring skill) without having to make it extra long, too. If you have to create 2-3 hour dungeons, please make them optional, and without a major story line in it. I would love to see the epic end of the Malistaire story line, but I don't have the time to do Darkmoor so I will miss it. Sad!

But really, the whole game is quite fantastic really. No real complaints.

May 24, 2010
SierraDarkshade on Feb 6, 2015 wrote:
The whole graveyard (Malistaire) dungeon takes too long. Especially now with the death shadow spell taking forever! If I do that battle, I know I have to allocate up to 4 hours of my day which is way too long for any single dungeon. I actually had that battle take my whole day (8 hours) once when I went in with first timers. Other battles are just fine.
I totally agree with SierraDarkshade on both the Malistaire dungeon and the length of the death spell. The death spell is a wonderful new graphic but I respectfully suggest that it could do a simultaneous attack on all rather than repeat the attacks on each individual.

Jan 28, 2012
It takes way to long! I have to invest long hours to do a single dungeon in high level. Please please please make an option to speed up animations!

P.s I actually do other things while in battle because its too long (play another game or watch tv and stuff)

Feb 03, 2014
I really like the idea of being able to turn off animations (even if just when playing solo) for 2 reasons - the first is it would make battle time shorter, and the other reason is because some of them make the room spin around so much it kinda makes me dizzy, so I close my eyes until the spell is completed. I do feel that there are some battles that are too lengthy, and there are many dungeons that are much too long since there is no way to save them. I rarely have time to do a dungeon that lasts for several hours, so I have to wait for a while until I do and that makes my quest come to a standstill. I think an idea is to split dungeons into more parts. That way you can stop after say an hour (that seems like an ideal length of time) but you can continue to part 2 (another hour) if you wish.

Apr 09, 2011
offhand Waterworks was the perfect battle times. the opposite of that is Darkmoor. the new death spell has great animation but is too long as what other people said.

Von Shane in the third Castle Darkmoor takes longer to fight than Mallistaire. and becomes annoying. this could be quickened easily by removing the healing cheat. or allow certain attacks to trigger it.

ability to turn off animations would be greatly aided. also the same would apply to the ending sequences of the last fight in KH2 and the last fight in the third Darkmoor dungeon. I know KI has developed it before with other fights. especially the last fight in DS as well as the story line leading up to the last fight.

Dec 30, 2012
Malistare takes WAY too long, just his battle alone.

Aug 01, 2009
need to add press the pass button guy. well that's the nice way of saying it but everything else is fine I've been playing for a while I may have gotten use to the game thank you tabitha

Jun 08, 2013
One of the things that makes it seem longer is if you use team up. According to what dungeon or time of day the wait can add a fair amount to time.

Feb 07, 2011
Lucas Rain on Feb 6, 2015 wrote:
TucsonWizard is right, it's depends.
  • Is my opponent casting Call of Khrulhu at all? If so, the duel is too long.
  • Is my opponent casting Eirikur Axebreaker? If so, the duel is too long.
  • Does my opponent get 3-6 turns of additional cheat spells on top of their normal turns? If so, it's too long.
  • Did I just take 15 seconds to choose my next spell even though I am stunned? That means the round was so long that I can't remember whether I'm stunned. Usually I reach that breaking point around 90 seconds, which is too long for my opponents to be doing things. Imo, a good round lasts 40-70 seconds.
i second this; there is no need for anything to be that drawn-out.

when i run castle darkmoor, and everything casts khrulhu/gets, like, 8 rounds worth of cheat casts, i have enough time to refill my coffee, grab a snack, take a potty break, refill my coffee again, and maybe take a nap before the round even starts... that is way too long, imho.