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Do you think the length of battles in Wizard101 is...

Just right!
27% [35]
Too long! Speed it up!
69% [87]
Too short! I need more time!
3% [4]

Feedback Friday 2-6-15

Nov 12, 2009
For me I find the fights take long when you have to make multiple tries for a few items. Example: When you need 5 of some thing.. many times it takes you twice as long to get cause you get the dreaded "failed to get". I find this especially when you are doing one on one. Most times, if you are fighting with some one, then the items are more readily gotten.
I would like to see the battles fought for the items in question with having to repeat more then necessary.

Oct 18, 2012
Sometimes you just can't keep on playing so I wish you could return to a dungeon where you left

Feb 26, 2012
As the worlds increased in level the battles increased in length, due to excessively high health in bosses and cheats which mess up timely strategy. In the earlier worlds, the battles were mostly easy, with a few more difficult bosses that took a bit more time and strategy to beat. But the time needed to complete single battles increased too much as we went into higher worlds, and this is made even worse by stringing these long boss battles into even longer dungeons.

I personally would like the time needed to beat individual opponents return to the time it took us in earlier worlds.

Increasing the difficulty of opponents by requiring some strategy of spell combinations to damage them is fine. Increasing difficulty by making the storyline more challenging, interesting, puzzling is also fine. But increasing difficulty simply by making battles take a long time to complete, due to insane boss health and cheats, gets really tedious and frustrating.

I applaud the way KI broke the new dungeons into smaller segments, so we could tackle one segment as a sub-dungeon at a time. This is a move in the right direction, making the game more variable, so those who don't have long segments of time can still manage the newer content (somewhat). I would like to see this coupled with a decrease in the difficulty of individual fights/bosses, so that we really could tackle the new content in reasonable time-blocks and limit frustration for both working adults with time limitations and younger players with short attention spans.

Jan 10, 2012
This was suggest before but.
Breakup the graveyard fight so Malistaire is an extra fight similar to Morganthe.
So we can fight the first two, and allow us to fight Malistaire separately.
This allows us to at least break up the time into two separate sessions.
The first fight is pretty short(if you are prepared), its the last two that take all the time (with all the cheats). This way people can set aside time for Robot Von Shane, or Malistaire the Undying.
You would still need to complete Robot Von Shane once to do Malistaire the Undying.

Jan 11, 2012
I think people have summed up why it takes too long nicely. At this point, ANYTHING with a cheat, or a cheat triggering a cheat becomes too long. Even going back to Helephant Tower. You attempt to cast the spell, you fizzle, you get cheated, repeat that for your full team.... that's a LONG time of doing absolutely NOTHING but getting hit. yes, I understand extremely well how to get past that, and can, but that doesnt change the fact that this happens regularly. Moving on to darkmoor, imagine if our healing pets could be used on every fight? How much time would the fights take? An hour? 2? 24? I'm all for cheats and whatnot, but you NEED to figure out a faster way to deliver them; like hitting all people at once instead of one at a time (as has been brought up numerous times now)

Feb 28, 2012
Let's do a little "worst case scenario". In a 4v4 battle: an attack-all spell that repeats the entire 30 second animation now lasts 2 minutes. Now if everybody chooses to do it on the same round: multiply that by 8. Yup Upto 16 minutes between rounds. That's enough time for me to get up, leave the house, go fill up my car's gas tank, stop at fast-food place, eat lunch, get back home, sit back in front of my computer, and forget what just happened in battle.

Mar 27, 2011
Mostly it's about right. I get bored with doing the same mobs over and over, and with a few spells that seem to take forever to cast.

Darkmoor doesn't bother me. It's not as draggy as Tartarus. I don't mind one fight taking a while if it's interesting, but when we have to do lots of plain ones in a row for no reason, meh.

Sep 20, 2013
The new dungeon Darkmoor is way too long to many people has left because of time if it was cut by 50% I think more will do these battles even though it is broke into parts.

Aug 08, 2010
Depends on the battle and what's required to defeat the Boss. Darkmoor Castle has some battles that border on tedious. I have had so many drop out in Darkmoor and ruin a run through the dungeon because it is taking so long. When they quit it puts a ton of pressure on the remaining players. And a couple just can't be won easy without four players, or someone who has already done the second level and acquired the big spell. And Bosses who cheat when you are not a full group make it seem futile to continue.

Sep 16, 2008
I joined when the game came out and I'm a casual player. I am still leveling and I am a long way from cap. Things just take too long and side quests are a massive slog to get through and I don't think I'll ever catch up. I am seeing less and less people who are capped because battles while leveling up can take ages. If you need dropped items it's just a nightmare sometimes having to do the same long fight over and over. Either speeding up the process or giving additional pips to wands might iron this out but it's being stressful of late.

Mar 28, 2011
I don't want less time to PICK spells. I can barely keep up. But some of the animations are longer than needed. They are fun, but when you cast the same spell over and over it gets old.

Apr 15, 2012
tdog20346237 on Feb 6, 2015 wrote:
Most battles are kinda slow speed them up please.
This guy is ssssssssssssssssooooooooooooooooooooooo right and some people like to wait for ever to pick their spell One time I was doing pvp and this player waited till the 5 showed up to confirm. This is so annoying at least speed up pvp!!

Mar 12, 2013
Battles are what they are.

I like having 30 seconds planning phase because sometimes I have to enchant multiple things, discard and draw from tc, consult with a teammate, etc.

Others may dual-box to help out a friend in a particularly difficult dungeon and need the extra time to pick spells on 2 different wizards.

The battles in some of the new optional side dungeons, are way too long, mostly due to time-waster enemy moves such as shield spam, stuns, plague and virulent plague spam, various stacking weaknesses, blade removal, incessant heal cheats, and mantle.

These are moves KI avoided using for a long time in the mob AI because they are frustrating, time-wasting, and overall a negative experience. In these dungeons, they decided everything was fair game; school shields, prism, dispel, stuns, shatter, enfeeble, mantle, steal charm. This was my experience going through Lower Zigazag on my life wiz. After 3 1/2 hours, made it as far as the balance vipers and ran ahead only to see a bunch more of them. At that point I stopped and had to go to sleep.

I sincerely hope this isn't a glimpse into the future after Khrysalis. I hope that battle length is calibrated properly to EV (expected value) and that some of the annoying, time-waster moves will be shelved.

Frustrating =/= challenging. This is one of the reasons why people stopped doing pvp against jade ice after jade ice, and why eventually it made sense to give players hades gear and then Shrike.

The last thing relates to Tartarus. One major difference between Tartarus and Darkmoor is Travel Time. In both instances you are on foot, walking to your destination. In Darkmoor, the dungeon is linear: a hallway, or a mausoleum building. Fight, walk a few steps, fight.

Tartarus is different, you must run a lot to catch up, avoid mobs, etc. Lot of time is wasted walking between points of interest. Reduce this, even if it means increasing the chance we will get pulled into mob fights.

Nov 28, 2010
I timed a few battles in Khrysalis the other day. Fighting some death enemies in Tyrian Gorge with a fire wizard and an ice wizard, I was averaging about 4½ minutes per duel. Fighting some myth enemies I was averaging about 8 minutes per duel because they either casted Earthquake and destroyed my blades, or I waited until they didn't have enough pips to cast Earthquake before I bladed up.

That's 2 wizards taking on 3 enemies per battle... I always play 2 wizards at a time. The pairings blade up and cast their AOE spells in the same round to kill all enemies at once, in regular mob battles. Most battles typically last anywhere from 3 - 7 rounds.

I don't have any wizards lower than level 84 so I can't do a test to see how long it takes for say a pair of level 10 wizards to complete a mob battle on Colossus Boulevard. But I'm certain mob battles didn't take me that long when I was there, even when I didn't have AOE spells.

Mar 12, 2013
I don't have any wizards lower than level 84 so I can't do a test to see how long it takes for say a pair of level 10 wizards to complete a mob battle on Colossus Boulevard. But I'm certain mob battles didn't take me that long when I was there, even when I didn't have AOE spells.

I'm testing that right now, and with the exception of weakness which becomes problematic only at level 35+ to about level 50, most battles in the first arc are fairly straightforward.

My level 24 life ran past Seravin's Tower on her way to pick up Reshuffle. She stopped in to say hi to The Great Troll. It took 4 rounds to kill Mr Troll, and 3 additional rounds to collect the minion. She is wearing junk gear and has a junk pet. She healed once, after the boss died but before starting work on the minion.

I deliberately attempted the boss first to gauge how long the battle could potentially be for her if she'd been level 10 and doing this quest for the first time. It is entirely reasonable at this point, even adding 2 rounds to make up for the smaller hit (she would not have had seraph at that point).

The only problematic battles for the first arc main storyline are Jotun and co. as a solo player bypassing the side halls, and the ending of Ravenscar with Kol & the Gang.

Kensington Park, Tomb of the Beguiler, and Briskbreeze Tower do not count but have exceptionally bloated mobs and they outnumber you. These battles could take a very long time if you don't have an AOE.

May 02, 2009
Depends on the battle at hand here now. If there's a fight where a ton of [long animation spell] cheats are being casted then yeah, it can often feel like the battle goes on for longer than it should there really. Enemy health can also be a deciding factor in this as well also, especially if what I mentioned earlier is included along with them there as well also, so there's that at least there.

Dec 09, 2008
Why can't the attack all spells do just that, hit everyone all at the same time. The same way the dragon attacks us all at once in the last dungeon in darkmoore. I think attack all spells should follow this same principle. That should speed things up quite a bit i think.

Sep 07, 2011
Overall it's good. I'd like a little longer to get in to some fights, especially ones that pull, like the first fight in Upper Halls.

The time to select spells is perfect. Please don't change that.

Some spell animations take too long. Not a big deal though, but maybe keep that in mind for new spells.

Cheat casts and cut scenes get old in farming dungeons, but there might not be a reasonable way to fix that unless the game somehow "knows" we have done this X times already and are bored seeing it.

I love that there are some difficult dungeons like Darkmoor and Galleries. Please don't stop making those, but please don't make too much of the game like that. Occasional challenges are great.. Needing help with everything is not. Most mainline fights should be possible solo, and not more than 4-7 rounds under normal conditions. Crazy side bosses are ok, but don't make us waste too much time to get to them.


Thanks for the comments, everyone! We'll keep this in mind with our future plans. A new topic shall be posted shortly!

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