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Feedback Friday 2-5-16

Nov 22, 2010
Professor Falmea on Feb 5, 2016 wrote:
We've come full circle to the end of another week, and since it's here, let's chat about something new!

In honor of Pack-a-palooza, this week, we'd like to ask this - if you could pick the THEME of the next CCG pack, what would it be? It could be anything familiar, such as a world of the Spiral, or something completely new and unique... so the sky's the limit. Let us know what you'd pick!

Happy Friday folks, and have a super wonderful weekend!

I'm tired of all the holiday packs being based on Earth holidays. Can we have some packs (and events) that are spiral holidays?

Jan 16, 2010
I would like a pack that has a decent chance to drop promo wands and stitch gear like commander robbe for around 699 crowns, I love the valor sword, I would trade in all of the other veterans day items for it *wink* lol. I think it would get more people who want the old promo wands like me to buy crowns and open the pack to get a chance.
Justin ThunderFist 110 storm
Stay Insane(bolt) my friends!
-Justin 2k16

Jan 16, 2010
Cowan DeathPyee on Feb 6, 2016 wrote:
I would say the Pirate101 Hoard pack or Rise & destroy pack. Those are my opinions. They could give you pirate101 or Rise & Destroy stuff. Just an opinion. :).

-Cowan DeathPyre Ice, Level 40
I have always loved the pirate gear, please add this to the game, I spent weeks farming for the mooshu guy (lives in a dojo, have to kill him for something to finish mooshu) for the amazing looking staff he dropped, please do also add the promo wands, I think I was an idiot and forgot to claim the valor sword back then in the day, and ive wanted it since I saw it.
Stay Insane my friends!

Dec 19, 2010
Why awesome gear. Since you never make awesome gear. all universal gear all has low punch. There is NO gear that has awesome resist damage block pips life shadow pips . So awesome gear pack.

May 30, 2010
Jun 27, 2012
I think it would be cool to see a Candy Land or Gobblerton pack with Gobbler pets, and candy mounts and decorations. Maybe also with the candy pets from Pirate101.

Aug 21, 2011
fusionfall692 on Feb 6, 2016 wrote:
I think you should have a promotion gear pack for 1k crown each that has select gear/promotion wands and stuff like that
I completely agree fusion, this would greatly enhance gameplay. I think you should contain in a pack wands for all schools, rather than just one school. (such as the dragon's hoard pack containing only fire gear and weapons) If you did this, more people would buy the pack, which means more money to KI and more gear for wizards all around win!

Jul 20, 2012
a 4-passenger mount. its an enhanced-mechanical type mount that has 4 seats, the name of it could be called:
Gyro Quadra Cycle. a hovering Omni-directional sphere-like mechanism that can carry 4 people inside.
Gyro Cycle by regular, but just add 4 seats in it and it would bring the "Quadra" into place. quad/quadruple=4.
due to its enhanced-mechanical form (appearance ) and performance, rather than being considered a "MB" world mechanism, it would seem like its creation would be made from "CL" world because of its form (appearance ), and energetic-usage to run.

CL themed pack.

wand- appearance () of a small magical stone in hand, hovering around you linked to the stone. name: wielder of celestial brilliance.

pet- appearance [] of , , and combined. name: celestial cosmagic. ( cosmos + magic )

gear- - hat- appearance () has a shining embedded onto the forehead area, -like magical sparkles spinning inside it. name: mask of celestial shine.

robe- appearance () has a glowing embedded into the chestplate area, the does a constant dim-to-glow-to-dim-and-glow action (pulsating). name: armor of celestial gleam.

boots- appearance () of a on both boots just above the knee area, both s are lit up and they have a stream-line coming from the bottom of them and running down to the feet in a vertical line, the back of your legs also have that look, but instead, the line comes up to the same part of the back of your legs from your feet where it starts from the front, from there it goes in a horizontal position coming from the back and leading to the front and connecting into both sides of the both s, both legs are separate, so the moon on the left leg has its horizontal line leading from the sides to the back ( -- ), and the same goes for the right leg ( -- ).
from the streaming lines they have a light-glowball running from the down the legs and into the back and into the again. name: leggings of celestial flow.

hope this is liked .

Nov 19, 2014
mine idea is: make treasure token thing do for pirate101 drop in hoard pack (sell them to free trader vendor for gold) make that idea for wizard101 as a idea (Make more different then pirate101) also use it buy something else with it then selling for high amount of gold!

Jun 28, 2009
I think it would be really nice if there was a way to change the gender of clothing items, as in I like some versions of outfits better in the male version than the female version. Say the guardians attire from the crown shop, bought in gold. I like both the female and male version of the robe, but sometimes I wish my lady character could wear the male version as it looks very tough.

Mar 12, 2013
I would like to see a slowdown on packs in general, and a return to specific items being offered in the crowns shop. These can be themed to match an event in the spiral, a holiday, or a Pirate crossover theme.

For example, next time BOXES kicks off, you can buy a full set of the Posh Professor's natty clothes in the crown shop: broad-brimmed hat, Royal Stewart woollen scarf, smoking jacket, twill trousers, and red sneakers; OR pillbox type bonnet, Ancient Stewart woollen shawl, petticoat, full chambray skirt with peplum and crinolines, and moroccan red high boots.

But wait, there's more. You could also get individual pieces of these as drops in the BOXES, or get them from fishing in MB. But just for that week. Then they go away, maybe to come back another day, maybe not.

For a Pirate-Wiz crossover, offer a well-detailed and classy outfit based on P101 in the wizard crown shop on Talk Like A Pirate Day, and vice versa for April Fools.

Nov 25, 2015
How about "Back to the future pack" or futuristic pack.

May 26, 2013
Arcanum housing pack: Like the decorations and paintings in the school rooms
Please do it, I think it would be really cool.
PS- Librarian Fitzhume pet! (No offense to the admin )

Dec 09, 2012
I cool Pack idea would be a pack that gives a Shadow Gear, that help with gaining shadow pips.

Brandon SkullBlood Level 86 fire

Sep 26, 2013
I would like to see a classic magician theme with everything in the pack has maycast something. Also, all furniture in the pack be interactive.

Great ideas folks! We'll keep these in mind for the future. A new topic shall be posted shortly!

“If the Mind is like a candle, the Heart is like the sun.” Professor Falmea (aka Leah Ruben, your fearless Producer!)