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Feedback Friday 12-7-12

Jan 18, 2010
I personally like to use the largest deck i can lay hands on. Currantly that the 64 main deck and 34 side deck but still I find it lacking in the card holding numbers. With every new spell made availible it gets harder and harder to get all the spells into a deck you want to have availible to fight with. I keep wishing for a larger main deck but I guess at least with a deck with a bigger side deck is a bit of a help when you premake gargantuan treasure cards. Still a deck with a 74 main area and a 34 side would be so completely awsome

Sep 17, 2008
I'm so glad that this question was raised, as I was just talking with my brother about this the other day and I have a few ideas. I only hope that it's not too late to offer feedback.

Craftable dual-school decks - decks in the game allow, as an example, "7 myth school cards" and "6 other cards". I'd really like to see combination decks that would be more along the lines of "7 myth school cards, 7 life school cards, 6 others". Kind of like the gear that helps two (or more) different school's stats.

I'm an avid spell hunter, the more the better I say! So larger decks to fit ninja pigs, goat monk (I'm going to get that spell, just you wait lol), luminous weaver and keeper of the flame... along with the classics! 64 cards just isn't enough if you ask me. 72, 80, 88, et cetera. As it is now, my main character carries around 5 different decks for different purposes. One for bosses, one for minions (I'm a conjurer), one to mix my myth spells with my life spells, one for pure life and one for fast killing (when farming usually).

Adding stat boosts to the decks is a great idea (can't wait to start collecting them) and I'm hoping for spell-related stats like pip chance and accuracy. To me, it makes perfect sense since the decks in the game are literally items: treasure boxes, cords to bind the cards with, metal bands, vines... why wouldn't they have a bit of magic in them themselves? They hold our magic in such a literal sense.

Anyway... if you got this far in the post, thanks for reading! And thanks for all the cool updates this year!

Aug 12, 2009
I personally prefer a smaller deck since it allows the cards needed to kill the mobs fast. I use a more offensive strategy which allows for the mobs to die faster than with a defensive strategy. However, when I do go defensive, I prefer a bigger deck since it allows for the more defensive cards.

Oct 29, 2011
Hi I have just two suggestions for Christmas. How about christmas music that can be bought for your home or dorm. After buying the fa la lama ride on, freezing the lake in the commons so all can skate would be fun.

Hannah Lifebringer on Dec 7, 2012 wrote:
I always jokingly tell my friends I don't play with a full deck. Although my deck isn't always full, I do have at least half of it filled.

Hannah Lifebringer Level 80 Life
Tee hee, that one made me laugh! Thanks to everyone for the feedback! Since we create new decks with every world, it's helpful to know what you want to see in the future.

A new Feedback Friday coming up shortly!

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