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Feedback Friday 12-5-14

Aug 18, 2011
1 - I'd love for the Life Mali set to have more outgoing healing.

2 - I'd love for storm, myth, and balance Mali sets to have more shadow pip %, or better still, a starting shadow pip.

3 - Right now I'd pay to get the shadow cards OFF all the Mali gear.

Shadow creatures are still almost useless because most fights are over before we can invoke them, and we can't get enough "likes" to justify the backlash. It's a fun idea, but they don't work well so the robe and wand cards are just deck clutter.

3 - Many of the high level pack wands also have useless cards. The Silver Order of the Spiral has good stats for my healer -- block and outgoing, but Power Play? Why?? It would be perfect without that. maybe two strikes, two item guiding light. or just a four card basic wand with good block, crit, and outgoing. please.

4- My lower level would love it if the Striders of the Verge or Mt Olympus boots had a good chunk of block.-- enough to shut down pack wands and crit pets.

Nov 21, 2010
Hello everyone,

Here is my idea for this subject.

Increase drop rate stats
It would be nice to introduce amulets, rings and athames with increased drop rates stats.
Petnomer Ring of Happines - Gives 15% more chance at getting a pet from a fight. (Only active if the boss has pet drop in his loot table).

Athame of Royal Shrubs - Gives 15% more chance at getting a seed from a fight.

I hope you like this idea, I know I do.

Duncan StormThief

Mar 28, 2011
Sep 07, 2011
The new crafted pip giving decks + 6% stun block

Jack Hallow's wands + 6% universal accuracy

Balance Waterworks hat + 10% universal accuracy

I hate fizzle :D

Fatesealers Exalted Steel athame + 22 block

Sep 07, 2011
oh, and a high-level Heartsteel with added block and pip% :)

Aug 18, 2011
Root of Spring wand + 100 block.

Hood of Desert rains with spirit resist in place of elemental.
Nadezha;s Cowl of Recovery with elemental resist in place of spirit

There is a lot of potential for crafted gear in offering the same overall level, but with different combinations of stats.

Feb 26, 2012
For all of the death-themed outfits that come with the nightmare packs, I would like to see a health (and possibly mana) boost as well. I love the look of them for my necromancer, and the other boosts they give are nice, but since they have no health boost they wind up being very impractical, and only good for stitching other gear onto if I want to keep the look.

Great ideas folks, thanks for the comments. We'll look over these as we plan out next year!

New Feedback Friday coming up shortly.

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