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Feedback Friday 12-3-10

Mar 22, 2009
Nice to see ya, Professor!

As you should know in my level updates i am LVL 60!
I am very exited about it, and i love what you and the other profesers mixed
up to create new levels!

plus you all discovered CELESTIA! I love the update and my awesome new lvl 58 spell EFREET!

i am doing what you told me and using it i the heart of battle! thanks for the new world and levels!

Jul 16, 2009
:) Oh, Professor Falmea!
The best update by far has been the new world. So many things to explore and discover!
I loved the pet update!
I loved the new schools update!
I loved the Selena Gomez quest, and I am really digging on the idea of gardening!
Prickly Bear Cacti are soooo very, very, cute!
I am even kind of digging on the crafting updates!
You all really are doing a great job! :D

Aug 01, 2010
I like the celestia preview because merle ambrose starts like the same saying "Enter Wizard101" then the new evil lady says " and step into my web of dark magic." That is awesome I like that, because its not the usual Wizard101 commercial. :D

Nov 22, 2009
twilightprizl14 wrote:
All the updates are great! except changing wild bolt. I'm a storm wizard, and not a huge fan of the change :(

Well i like the new wild bolt update, because the storm wizards always use toKILLeveryone in PvPNOT FAIR :(

Dec 22, 2008
I had a feeling that Celestia might be the favorite, but it won by a landslide! ::grin::. New Feedback Friday will be posted shortly.

“If the Mind is like a candle, the Heart is like the sun.” Professor Falmea (aka Leah Ruben, your fearless Producer!)