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Feedback Friday 11-17-17

Jan 22, 2012
A turkey pet would be wonderful!

Champion Necromancer
Revered Crafter

Aug 03, 2016
Hay bales and corn husks.

The first meal i.e. what would later be known as "Thanksgiving" is supposed to have been a mutual feast including deer not only turkey. So, pumpkins, turkey, deer, elk, etc.

I have a table set up to look like Thanksgiving. It includes the canned cranberries. I don't remember where to get those. But just letting others know that's out there somewhere, canned cranberries.

Dried maze tied in a group.

Corn husk dolls.

Dried apple dolls.

Not sure what would be in a fall celebration apart from food, cider, apples, leaves, corn, you already had "bob for apples" for Halloween.

Maybe some new music? Autumn color furniture. A seasonal pack.

Aug 03, 2016
If Hannah speaks I hope it won't involve eating meat. Not everyone eats meat. Greeting with "don't eat too much turkey" could possibly offend vegetarians. Maybe "don't stuff yourself with too much stuffing" but that could sound insulting.

So I dunno. Maybe there is a reason she doesn't speak

Sep 20, 2017
Consider decorating the commons area. A few can be interactive!

Aug 23, 2016
I would love to see a life spell that not only dealt damage but healed as well.

Steven Ghoststalker

Nov 22, 2015
I'd also like to see a turkey pet/mount. And having thanksgiving quests could be interesting, like a quest where you have to find the source of turkeys going missing. And a reward for the quest could be something like a turkey pet.

A+ Student
Dec 24, 2009
I would love to see more seasonal packs, such as the Halloween and Christmas ones. Having a harvest or autumn-specific pack, plus gardening or spring-specific pack and then a beach holiday or summer-specific pack would be something to look forward to as the seasons roll around.

The packs could contain unique housing decorations appropriate for the season, including trees and flowers, garlands, pictures and knick-knacks, more "season globes," food items to set our tables with, and maybe even a seasonal furniture suite like Gloomthorn had. Each pack should also drop seasonal pets, gear, weapons.

Another option would be having the season packs offer a slim chance of dropping one of two unique spells: Life or Storm for spring, Balance or Myth for summer, Fire or Shadow for autumn, Death or Ice for winter.

Alia Misthaven

Jul 09, 2010
I'd like treasure cards (like the Black Cat spell) but it's a turkey and the attack is just a flock rushing at you and gobbling. Like the chicken charm in Pirate101.

and instead of Easter Eggs and Presents appearing for the special occasions--it'd be Cornucopias.

It'd be nice if there was a quest to go along with it, but Idk what.

There is a fun episode of Hart of Dixie about the Blue Bell, Alabama version of Thanksgiving --Planksgiving. And they celebrate pirates because a story of the history of their town. Maybe you could do a parody of that one.

Jul 18, 2011
I want a tree that changes school every season like //=winter /=summer =spring /=end of year(not a season but still) /= (any other season not cold or hot)

Jul 02, 2017
This doesn't have to do with the fall or harvest thing, but what if we could place down multiple marks?

These are some fantastic ideas! I'll share them with our designer Wizards for future festivities. And... we are definitely considering the "barber shop" for a future update, we hear you. ::grin::

New topic coming up shortly, stay tuned!

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