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Feedback Friday 10-9-15

Jul 17, 2012
I wish that there was some way to be sure of getting something desired from the bosses. I have spent hours farming Lore Master for the Lore Master tc and gotten no special tc. I have had better luck getting the deer knight tc from the dragon boss in Avalon then I have getting anything special from the lore master.I wish there would be some kind of system in which if you defeat a boss say ten times you automatically get the best of what ever that boss drops. so for Lore master that would mean getting several tc that are only dropped by that boss and a spell or something like that. or maybe lore master should be programmed to only drop the tc that can't be bought in bazaar. I hope that the new world has less dependence on luck and more dependence on skill.

Feb 26, 2012
I would love to see new spells and gear that is available to all players, without having to run long dungeons like Darkmoor to get them. I would like these player upgrades to be achievable for solo players, and not just for players that have the time, friends, and inclination to do long dungeons with cheating bosses.

Aug 04, 2014
At 108 we would be getting a new spell but considering Darkmoor spells are really good we don't really need a new damage spell. I would like to see something like pre dragonspyre where our spell quests from teachers give us a utility spell instead of damage. I would say to give myth a heal spell as it is the only school without any sort of heal. I think seven years has been more than enough time to struggle and pay money for life mastery. I do see myth finally getting easier and more soloable with new darkmoor spell though.

-Samantha Willowdreamer
Lvl 100
Lvl 91
Lvl 38

Aug 30, 2009
Looking forward to new story elements as well as new spells. Hoping for some amazing music! It'll be hard to top Khrysalis though .

Christo Mythspear 100
Zachary Nightvault 100
Liam Wintercaller 83
Noah 42
Adrian Thunderstaff 35

Jun 26, 2009
Level 100+ Hats, robes and boots with sockets.

Jul 09, 2010
Hoping the quote is very "on the nose" and it's a world where fishing will be highlighted. Unique species, exceptional and varied treasure chests & regular tournaments. Unique gear and a themed Fishing Bundle Card.

I also hope for a penguin pet :D

Maybe, a Polaris Chateau. Winter themed but warm and cozy - not so much like the Ice School House.

And I hope it's a giant quest world like Celestia rather than a small side like Winter Tusk.

As always, thank you all for your hard work and fun ideas :D

Apr 20, 2011
Even though I'm really looking forward to Polaris, I hope it doesn't look too much like Wintertusk which, for me, would lower the enjoyment of exploring. I do hope we get new gear that is equal to Darkmoor. I'm one of those wizards that have never gotten any Darkmoor gear for any of my wizards. I think Shadow magic is going to play a huge part in this new word, partly because we now have gear with shadow shield and wand attack. Hope test realm comes out very soon:)

Dec 26, 2013
The pending release of Polaris is motivation for me to get my wizards through Khrysalis. I've been purposely holding back so as not to waste potential XP. That is, of course, if there's a corresponding increase in level cap.

Hoping that you all got a chance to see the Polaris sneak peak from KI live yesterday! We're really enjoying playing through and putting the shine on Polaris and can't wait to let you all in on the fun. Soon. ::grin::

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