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Feedback Friday 10-23-15

Hiya Wizards! Another week is done and dusted, so let's talk feedback, shall we?

This week, let's talk pets and housing. Pets react when you scold, clap, or dance near them. What else would you like pets to do in your house?

Looking forward to seeing your ideas, everyone. Have a great weekend!

“If the Mind is like a candle, the Heart is like the sun.” Professor Falmea (aka Leah Ruben, your fearless Producer!)
Dec 31, 2014
I would like to see pets run faster than they currently do occasionally, I also would like to see them jump and duck like they do in derbies and minigames.

Aug 25, 2013
I would like to see a house specifically designed for pet storage and sorting.

It would be nice to be able to hover over a given pet (like in the backpack) and see their stats and abilities and such.

It would be cool to have a house designed to hold 350 pets (after elixers) in their own "stalls", if you will.

Maybe the housing item attached would give a once a day random pet snacks.

It would be nice to be able to put a pet game or two in the house as well.

Maybe even a que (like join a team) for hatching?

Dec 11, 2012
I would love to see my pets rub/or lean
on my leg when when I thank them for doing a good job or be able to be seen riding on my mounts with me.

Nov 29, 2011
stand still when placing them on a bench would be nice
look like they are cleaning or playing a game
able to place on bed and they take a nap
acting like humans
tend a garden

Feb 19, 2010
Community Leader
I'd like to see pets dance with each other without the user dancing near them. They'd face each other and do their respective dance animation.

DuelCircle Organizer. The Slowpoke Sloth is the best.
Sep 05, 2010
I think a "pet bed" housing item that you could place in your house and have your pet sleep or sit in it. Sometime's it's annoying having my pets running around everywhere; however, I still want them to be in my house. I think this is a logical and practical idea.

Feb 22, 2013
Have thoughts when roaming your house...
Example: "It sure is awesome being _______'s pet!"
"Im sort of hungry right now..."
"I feel great today!"

Mounts also would do this as well in your house.
Example: "Fast as Lightning... Thats me!"
"Traveling long distances make my feet hurt..."

Special mounts and pets would have their own dialogue.
Keep in mind its only for houses and dorms.
Kane, 98 Life

Sep 19, 2012
I think if we had a special interactive obstacle course for them.. like pirate has those grizzly maze tunnel pieces..could watch them crawl on their bellies through the tunnels we build and be neat if we could have them jump through floating hoops, make a mini racetrack watch them run around on it :)

maybe if we clicked on them they could do the happy noises they make when we feed after a pet pavilion game? get all extra wiggly and excited like they want us to pick them up?

also not sure if this is correct spot for this, but how difficult would it be for kingsisle to please let our pets manifest another of their talents at ultra? like they used to everytime they gained a level? so many people refuse to waste the snacks and time just for a socket :/ and I've even heard of people rage quitting cuz they expected it.. sigh would be a lovely early Christmas present to your customers if you could possibly arrange it..ty for listening

ooo you know another cool(excuse the bad pun XD) thing you could consider for pets with Polaris update en route and winter coming? if we could build somehow snowhills at our houses they could slide on or if they could spin and glide over placeable(in-ground) frozen ponds.. or if we ever get snowball fighting or interactive snow cannons if they got hit or fall into a pile of snow they could stand up and shake snow off XD

still hoping someday somebody might make a pet-only bric-a-brac elixir we could buy from crown shop.. by increasing our pet space(within item allowances) of +50 and is usable inside or outside... when I first started I wanted to make an outside mini zoo..something like that elixir being available would help us out immensely :)

if we had lullaby music scrolls playing they could stop and go to sleep? imagine seeing all our pets with tiny zzz floating above their heads, sleeping baby animals are adorable! :D

out of space now lol will post another thought soon :3
ty for listening,
stormy jen silver

Aug 25, 2013
Professor Falmea on Oct 23, 2015 wrote:
Hiya Wizards! Another week is done and dusted, so let's talk feedback, shall we?

This week, let's talk pets and housing. Pets react when you scold, clap, or dance near them. What else would you like pets to do in your house?

Looking forward to seeing your ideas, everyone. Have a great weekend!
maybe they could get items depending on there type and level every 24 hours only 5 pets can be harvested to make it balanced
baby pets would get weak tcs and reagents from that type
teens would give better tcs and reagents
adults can give even better tcs reagents, and maybe seeds
ancient pets would give AMAZING tcs, rare reagents (sun stones, ambers), seeds, and jewels
epics pets would gives even better tcs, rare reagents, better seeds, level 55 and below jewels
mega pets would give rare tc, like shadow tcs the darkmoor tcs, and double dispels, reagents, like steel, oclitem, amber, and more, EPIC seeds like couch potatoes, magma peas and more. and level 85 and below jewels
ultra pets would give rare tcs reagents seeds level 100-110 jewels (Polaris) a mega pet snack, and may be stretching it here but a rare chance at a pack? idk it seems op but you can balance it if you ever add it (make Polaris)

Sep 19, 2012
yep! me again.. this idea was my daughter and I.. hope you like it!

we think it'd be awesome to have another housing game in which you become your pet(in a select area) and there is a stack of pillows in the center..last pet not bonked wins! ty :3

stormy jen silver and destiny dragonheart

Jul 17, 2012
I did not know the pets reacted to the wizard dancing or other actions. After reading the feedback question I experimented to see if the pets do react. I could not tell for sure that the pets were reacting to my wizard clapping or dancing. After my wizard had been dancing for a while then the pet that was being the wizard's companion seemed to start dancing. The other pets came to the wizard when the wizard went to the area where the pets were with out the wizard doing any thing special. After they appeared to greet the wizard then they wondered away.

In a battle some times players will say good boy or good girl when the pet has cast a may cast something. it is not clear that the pets react to that. it would be nice if the pets would respond to that. I have one pet that casts unicorn about once during a long battle if at all. I wish there was some way my wizard could encourage it to cast unicorn more often. I also wish there was a way to discourage a pet if its casting too much. such as when my wizard's health is down by a small amount and the pet cast sprite six or more times in a row. on such an occasion I would like the pet to spread out its healing.

Jun 26, 2009
Overall I'd say have whatever animation they are engaged in have an increased distance away from the wizard they are equipped too. Like they are off doing their own thing.

Arcane Helpers could start doing some cleaning animation. Maybe sweeping or have a retractable vacuum.

Canine pets could start digging a hole in the dirt to bury a bone. Then maybe dig it back out again sit down and enjoy the fruits of their labor.

Pets that have wings could do more then hover next to you. Fly around you, above you.

When two or more wizards are in close proximity their pets could interact with each other. Look like they are having their own conversation. Looking at each other, laughing. Like the arcane helpers do.

Bumble bee could react when near your garden. Start smelling the roses so to speak.

Any aquatic pets could jump in the water in your house. Or maybe climb in your fish tanks.

Feline pets could start scratching things. Sharpening their claws on your stuff. Maybe a temporary claw mark wherever they just were.

Ice based pets could start melting when inside, then they go collect their missing bits and use some magic to put it back where it belongs.

Fire based pets could leave scorch marks on things by touching then or breathing fire on it.

Beetles could dig holes and go in. Maybe come out somewhere near by.

Two armaments could engage in battle.

Any pet that's next to a grimoire pet could start reading it.

Two or more flamenco bailador pets could have a dance off, or do the same dance in unison.

Maybe pets could do special things during holidays. Easter, hide eggs. Christmas wrap presents.

Looking forward to see other ideas and if any actually get implemented.

Dec 01, 2012
Actions menu containing the actions of: Sit, Run around, Play (for example dogs: roll, chase tail, chew bone, etc..)
play fight with pet (wrestle or pretend wand usage...) and other stuff from the community!

May 02, 2010
I would like buttons to make all of your pets run to you and a button to make all pets dance.

Sep 26, 2009
Maybe (i know this is not about pets) there was a house that you could buy from the crowns shop, which had a pond, a dock with something you can interact with to go underwater, and a small house. The house has a bank with some space for storage, but the interaction thing outside lets you go underwater (in the pond) and place your fish. The fish could interact with each other like if you put more than one fire cuda you might see them form a pack and swim around together, or find a cave in which some sun rays have made their home. Also if you interact with something to come out of the pond, you can see some of your fish jumping out of the water maybe? I just thought this would be a good idea. But sorry i gave an idea that was about fish and not pets

Also maybe a hatchery housing item where you and your friend can hatch in your house (If there isn't already one).

One more idea is in Pirate101 there should be a way your pets can use those pipes you get from the beastmaster's pack.

Well there are some of my ideas.
Sorry the first was not pet related.
Thanks For Your Time.
KevinFrog Blood

Mar 09, 2009
I know this isn't what your asking for, but I would love to have pet battles in our houses.

If you could allow us to change the PvP circle into a Pet Battle Circle it would let those of us that don't PvP have something fun there. Maybe make pet battles a fun little house game a New PvP (Pet vs. Pet) of sorts.

Feb 07, 2010
When a wizard enters the room, they can choose to either run up and greet it, or stay in place but always turn to face the wizard.

Sep 17, 2012
Whistle to call them over. Train them to beg or roll over or play dead in exchange for a snack. Play fetch.

Jan 06, 2012
Professor Falmea on Oct 23, 2015 wrote:
Hiya Wizards! Another week is done and dusted, so let's talk feedback, shall we?

This week, let's talk pets and housing. Pets react when you scold, clap, or dance near them. What else would you like pets to do in your house?

Looking forward to seeing your ideas, everyone. Have a great weekend!
Maybe have the pets have the option to sleep, interact with you're other pets that you have and for fun an eating animation, so where you have like dog bowls, so if the pets are hungry at your home, they can eat but won't count to as pet snacks at all unless if wanted.

Fiona DuskWard

Aug 06, 2015
Perhaps when you bee dance, the pets also do a different type of dance. When you salute or wave the pet salutes or waves too. It would also be nice to have a play with pet/groom option that makes it look like you're petting the pet (or even your mount).

May 12, 2012

If they are a flying pet, I want them to fly in the air some of the time! At my house, I glitched a few winged catastrophes in the air, but they don't fly around. They stay off the ground for about 20 seconds, then they hop back down to the ground. It would be real cool if they actually started on the ground, then go up into the air and fly.

Aug 28, 2014
Professor Falmea on Oct 23, 2015 wrote:
Hiya Wizards! Another week is done and dusted, so let's talk feedback, shall we?

This week, let's talk pets and housing. Pets react when you scold, clap, or dance near them. What else would you like pets to do in your house?

Looking forward to seeing your ideas, everyone. Have a great weekend!
I like my pets to be funny and do stuff. My favourite pet is princess holly because when she dances she does the watch me whip watch me nae nae lol

your ice wizard
Alexander Thunderblade

Thank you for being so kind

Dec 15, 2009
Hmm. Interesting question. I think it would be cute if they could get up on the furniture and sit and nap on your chairs beds etc. Maybe have some pet toys they can play with or something.