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Feedback Friday 1-9-15

Aug 30, 2010
Hard to pick just one since there is so much that still needs to be fixed, so I'll do a short list:

1) This game is to be a good wizard and help in a help call, but I have said this a lot! when your gardening and you get a help call then change clothes you lose your energy, PLEASE make a way for the energy to be separate from changing into fight clothes so we don't lose our energy.

2) Make a way for us that PAY and PAY oh did I say PAYPAYPAY for stuff in this game to be able to craft more mannequins or have like a giant walk in closet so we can put our clothes in that we buy. I'm tired of having to get rid of stuff since been playing for near to 5yrs now, used up my mannequins and no where to put clothes, and can't use the wand racks either.

3) Also for those of us who have worked so HARD to get to level 100, could you PLEASE give us clothing that is equal to our level, like even crown clothing to have all features in it like stun,shadow etc..

Thanks Look forward to new worlds hopefully soon
Have a Magical Day!

Jun 24, 2011
ADD WEATHER DAY TIME AND NIGHT TIME!! We've been asking it for years. Please take it into consideration because it does kinda get boring seeing mainly day time in wizard101 city all the time after years of playing..

Jun 19, 2011
I'd like to have a side world where there is lots of crafting stuff, make it into different leveled sections. Maybe first section 25+, then 40+, then 60+, then 75+, then 90+?

3 crafted houses, one at 25, 60, and 90
Possibly spells to craft at all the levels? Maybe just some?
Gear to craft that can combine with, say, Aquila/Kembaluung gear, Barkingham Palace/Grizzleheim, Waterworks/House of Scales, and Hades. So a recipe would be, like, add the waterworks robe with these reagents, and maybe some other gear that helps represent the piece.

Jan 05, 2013
Highly upgrading housing

1. Better castle blocks - thick stone walls for exterior, heavy plaster or wood for interior. That block texture is kind of bleh so can't wait for wallpaper and rugs but hoping the exterior isn't so cookie cutter in the future.

2. Floors made of stone and boards, not particle board.

3. Thick-paned glass that looks like glass and lets in light.

4. Room specific blocks (like Pirate 101's room dividers) with bathtubs, desks, beds, etc.

5. The ability to add and craft a dungeon underground.

6. The ability to craft statues into gargoyles or capture stone versions of creatures if you kill with last hit basilisk/medusa/ice spells. The ability to capture creature period so you can stock your dungeons. I'm sure Sir Reginald Bigby would help you capture some big game.

7. More home/pet/mount interaction like a working pet cannon, haystacks that can be eaten or doghouses animals actually sleep in. Would love to see my pets chasing chickens around or mounts driving around with NPCs on them...

8. NPCs for homes (cooks, maids, butlers, groundskeepers, PVP practice partners)

9. A walk in attic would be nice so you can both store and see your stored items).

10. More stuff that you can go into, but not necessarily just dungeons like Winterbane Or Midnight Pagoda. A guard's barracks in some of the towers, or games inside of those nice carnival tents (loaded like music scrolls). Would like to go into a gorilla hut and maybe have a gorilla NPC inside.

11. Blocks that make dungeons like Winterbane part of your castle, not just something you place. Like a dungeon wall that serves as a false front.

12. Interactive lakes that store fish and can have boats placed on them.

13. The ability to display other wizards on your account in the same houses, so you can see your other wizards walking around. Maybe even let you practice PVP vs them.

14. Reagent crafting in a cauldron of your choice rather than a crafting table.

Let us build real castles, not pre-fab playhouses.

Aug 07, 2010
Dec 13, 2008
I would love to see more variety in the spell animation, like most of the first couple ranked spells.

Jun 08, 2012
One thing I could add? I'd add something where you couldn't put a house onto castle tours if it had one of the home gauntlet dungeons in it. It's REALLY messing up the rating system, and people who've put so much time and effort to make their houses perfect don't even get noticed compared to people who have all of the dungeons.

Aug 31, 2013
I would like the option to change my wizards hair color and facial expression.

Aug 09, 2009
Man. I have so many ideas but asking each of us only one is so difficult. o:
Just roll out arc third out and make it the best one ever.

Jan 11, 2011
The addition of pet training ranks similar to gardening or crafting. Raising pets could gain you xp and at higher ranks of pet trainer perks could be unlocked. Some ideas for those could be extra hatching slots, time for pets to hatch reduced, cooldown until next hatch is ready reduced, ability to see what the next talent to be unlocked is, or even gain an ability to stitch pets looks and stats like we do with clothing.

Jan 14, 2011
i would love to see the fish in the fishing be trade-able between your wizards in the shared bank and for the fish that you are looking for be identified as to which school it is when you are given the quest,also it would be very nice for the life wizards to have a "hit all" spell in place sometime before forest lord not having one makes life a very hard school to advance in, also and this is the most far fetched idea ever it would be GREAT to be able to exchange gold for crowns at a limited rate say 100,000 gold for 10 crowns or something like that...thank you very much!!!

Dec 30, 2011
New furniture.

We have Wysteria, and we have the new dungeons, especially the MB dungeons, that have really cool furniture in it. What I would give to have blue chairs in my castles, not red ones, that didn't look like I dragged them home from the dump.

Please, KI, can we please, please, please have new furniture?

Jun 19, 2010
If I could wave my magic wand in 2015, to make anything a reality, I'd...

...make it so my house graphics only have to load once; instead of every time I visit.

...allow new players to enter dungeons after so many minutes have passed after another players flees and doesn't return.

...buy any fish from a fishing vendor.

...be able to port to help my friends or family; wherever they are (in this "family friendly" game).

...be able to see all of my pet talents before I train them.

...have the words "disconnected" or "AFK" appear over another player's head or my own; whichever applies.

...be able to create ready to use menu text chat items I can instantly use whenever I want like "I can't heal you" "You'll have to heal yourself, "I only have attack cards in this deck" "I was just going to ask you that" (for anyone who asks or begs for crowns, crown items, and anything else).

...Create a way to see all my pets and organize them by their stats, pedigree, and other talents; simultaneously.

...hire boss henchmen that follows you for however long you're logged on; instead of only during a battle.

...make craftable, permanent henchman.

...make snowballs players can throw at one another.

...make it snow throughout my entire house.

...have rare regent vendors that sell the rarest of the regents.

...have rare treasure card vendors that sell the rarest of the treasure cards.

...be able to tour all of the professor and bosses homes.

...be able to transform into any professor or boss.

...be able to craft 100% resistance gear against one or more wizard schools.

Dec 12, 2011
I'd like to see Australia Day (26th January) celebrated in the spiral for us Aussie wizards from the Land Down Under !
Themed items could be...
Boxing Kangaroo pet
Koala (not a bear) wearing a swag pet
Emu mount
Jar of Vegemite housing item
Gum tree housing item or seed
Bbq housing item
Would be fun!

Community Leader
Faster & easier way of earning gold. Halfang is just a bore at this point lol. Wait, did I just make a pun? :O

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Mar 08, 2009
Oct 09, 2011
dayerider on Jan 9, 2015 wrote:
  1. 2 pip wands returned to the game, PvE only
  2. Crafted energy gear that only gave energy stats allowing for bigger boosts of energy
  3. new spells up and down the pip range (the shadow enhanced spells are a great start, but that doesnt mean you cant revisit 4 pip spells either)
  4. Gear more specialized for single school players. When I talk about gear, I mean hats, robes, and boots. most of it seems to be geared towards multi-school players, unless you're ice
  5. More sun spell enchants for healing spells. At least one more for 200 additional health.
  6. More Crafted spells based off of treasure cards already in the game, one example being Potboiler. Just not with crazy requirements. They should not be easy to get, but they should be craftable when they're still useful
  7. A way for us adults to be able to prove our age so we can get it changed and be able to use open chat. now, I KNOW this is a hot button issue, and I KNOW KI's response is, they can't do it, but I would LOVE to see that change happen somehow. After all, this is MY magic wand right? :)
  8. Tabbed Quest Book - a Master tab for each world, and then sub tabs for Story Quest, Side Quest, and Tasks (Zeke quests for example)
  9. A balanced approach to spell after effects, so that when new spells have them, there is a GOOD balance between PvE and PvP usage. I've already shown ways it could be done. I will also say that the new shadow enhanced spells are a start, as was the changing of some of the crafted spells.
  10. Treating seeds like reagents and pet snacks!!
  11. letting us select how many iterations of transmutations we want. So, if we want to transmute all stone blocks to fossils, we get a slidebar showing how many we can do. As long as we have enough to transmute them, we can do 50 at a time instead of one at a time for 50 times
I don't understand number 4. Most gear is already only actually useful for a single school.
Wait, were you talking about early crafted gear? If you were, that would be a great idea. I second your post.

Jun 21, 2009
I would lie to be able to abandon a quest I have or will never finish.


Dec 04, 2009
I would really like it if my Fishing Elixir would quit counting down if I stop fishing and take off doing something else. Sometimes I'm just not into fishing for a whole hour because my energy might be low due to pet training or plant tending ... or I may have caught the fish I was after. May get caught up sorting out my back pack or bank and would really like it if my elixir was still there later on if I go to fish again.

Jul 09, 2010
I think that there should be light magic in contrast to shadow magic from krysalis. you should get the light pips by casting a moon spell on yourself. the moon spell will cost 1 shadow pip and will give you 1 light pip.

Nov 05, 2010
the ability to have more than 50 pets inside & 50 pets outside in each of my houses.

Sep 10, 2011
Jun 29, 2011
Probably Polaris because it is probably the second most-mentioned world that hasn't come out yet (Behind Darkmoor) and it seems like an excellent idea and it could be where the pirates and wizards meet, but it would be impossible to battle one another because of their origins.

Nov 12, 2011
I think that when you sharpen a blade, there should be a symbol or something on the front and back so you ca distinguish sharpened from unsharpened. It's a simple and it makes remembering what blades you put on yourself much much easier.

Community Leader
"What is the ONE thing that you would add to Wizard101 in 2015?"

More castle block shapes ,styles and colors. You knew it was going to be about housing right