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Feedback Friday 1-8-16

Jul 09, 2010
Helenie Nightseer on Jan 14, 2016 wrote:
YES!! Professor Greyrose's Candy World!

I want to learn all about how the sisters became evil but Greyrose was good - or did she have a wild youth and a harrowing turn-around? I want to play in a world that looks and feels like the Gingerbread House housing object. And to have a gingerbread house for my wizards!

I have heard that the Gobblers are from there as well - not my favorite characters, so I hope they don't dominate the world.

I did see somewhere an idea of a giant Muffin Man boss - that would be awesome.

We could have gummy bear pets, and icing wars, and Cookie Comrades - tc battle minions - walking oreos with faces, and the Ginger Bread House could have a Gummey Gazebo in the yard (made of gummy Dots - the light shines through like stained glass and inside the gazebo is a
kaleidoscopic rainbow of color & light)

My nephew's mount idea is to swim in a giant glass of milk - but I think we could adapt that to be like the coconut mount - hold a glass of milk and you glide down the cookie road. (just the movement couldn't be clunky - like the ponies already in the game - or I couldn't buy one, as it's too irritating for my eyes. Oh btw thank you for bringing out so many new smoother moving mounts - I liked my broom but I love the seraph wings & skates.)
OH or a cloud of cookie sprinkles or whip cream could be new all-school mounts like the new school mounts ... only NOT CRAFTED PLEASE.

This would probably be a bright world of pastels & jewel tones - a perfect time to introduce a larger color pallet for dying clothes, mounts, pets & housing objects. A great place for a brand new dye shop and whole new line of clothing items (since it's too hard to re-code the old gear to accept new colors.) If you do this - please at the very least open both boys & girls to one whole current pallet - just give us access to all the currently available colors. Though adding new ones as well would be preferable.
ok sorry :( It's just the edit button is gone - it's really still just about the Candy World

The mount that's just a glass of milk you hold as you glide down the cookie roads - could instead make us dance and twirl and skip happily down the road

OH or have a option button somewhere that let us quickly glide on OR skip OR dance like Fred Astaire on our merry way :D

And - thanks for letting this squeak in :D

I've spent this afternoon reading and organizing these thoughts to share with the team. Luckily, we have a lot of these on the list for 2016 already, and we'll look at the possibility of the ones that are not already!

New Feedback Friday coming up shortly!

“If the Mind is like a candle, the Heart is like the sun.” Professor Falmea (aka Leah Ruben, your fearless Producer!)