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Feedback Friday - 1-7-11

Aug 15, 2010
Epic battles.

This would probably be too much of a change, but the idea centers around the limitations of having only 4 people in the big boss battles. My thoughts are on the rare epic level battle circles having a ring outside of the current circle where the people that join can cast supportive magic only to the inner or main battle circle. Similar rules could apply to both sides of the conflict, and the details for how this all could be handled truly are up to the devs, but the end result is a group of friends sharing in the experience, instead of the odd numbers sitting on the sideline while 4 duke it out.

Aug 08, 2010
I think this is a very good thread and it is very nice that the producers of W101 to listen to our ideas directly instead of looking all around in the forum index.

First of all I think if adding more mini-games. That would be great because the current ones are getting old.

Second would be enchanting the graphics more.

Third is adding the card that subtracts pips. Maybe a secret trainer in Mooshoo or Dragonspyre and maybe the next upcoming new world.

Fourth would be a new world. But adding something very interactive for example: short movies between main quest or after in boss battles to show some flashbacks too or more similar rides like the dragon ride to Malistair's Lair in Dragonspyre.

Adding Skydiving in Celestia on the final boss somewhat location or Scuba diving in the waters of Celestia.

So there you go, some ideas from me. Hope you like them KI!

Logan Sandblood
Legendary Sorcerer

Logan Earthblood
Initiate Theurgist

Dec 15, 2009
Sep 11, 2010
First, I am fairly new. Please consider my inexperience when evaluating my ideas. Thanks ahead of time for a great game and a great time my family and I have had since signing up in September.

I need more performance tuning on the client side of the game.

Some of the PC's being used are over 5 years old and having fiber optic cable access to the internet is not enough to smooth out high-load, prime-time lag.

If I could limit how far ahead these PC's can see, 1 block for Marleybone for example, then these old PC's would not have to animate the DOZENS of entities we are not going to fight anyway allowing our wizards to move smoothly instead of blinking 20 paces ahead of where we think they are.

If I could remove the snow effect from Colossus Blvd, and non-battle related animations occuring outside of, but in sight of the battle dias (NPC's walking around the dias for example), then I could reduce the number of times some of my family "pass" in combat with 7-9 seconds still left on the turn clock. They have input the spell they wish to cast, but the lag prevents it from getting to the server in time.

In summary, your FAQS offer little to no input on client side "tuning" and there are many people willing to learn more, and do more, if it will improve the performance of the game on their PC's.

Let's help them.

Thanks again for a great experience.

Nov 27, 2009
ok, I know, you guys may be sick of hearing this, but then, if you do it, then you won't keep hearing it, right? we want a 7th wizard, all my friends and I hate not being able to play all the schools without making a second account. There is stuff about myth wizards that may as well be a myth to me, since I can't play it.


Nov 06, 2010
I have posted about before but here it is: implement "win" conditions in new worlds.

Normally, we have to defeat the enemy by reducing their hit points to zero.

I would like to see some variety to that. Here are some suggestions:

Last a certain number of rounds: defend the gate, tower, stay alive, etc.

Beat the clock: say in a jungle setting, there are quicksand locations, you have to win in 6 rounds or you lose. You sink a little each round of course!

Don't let the enemy multiply: say you are fighting wizard eating plants...every 3 rounds they put off a new plant to join them in the fight.

Ordered enemies: You must defeat enemies in a particular order or it triggers effects that make them stronger.

Kill certain enemies in the circle which "block" you from attacking the boss before you can attack the boss. (this doesn't necessarily make sense in the shape of a circle, but changing the fighting circle to other patterns for variety is an idea for another time.)

I admit, I really enjoy this game, but I think the longevity of it will be increase with sections that expand on the game play style to keep it fresh

May 17, 2010
Finding a partner for pet hatching currently means jumping from realm to realm asking who's got what. It's chaotic and frustrating. I'd like to suggest the addition of a tool similar to those used to join PvP or Pet Derby matches where we could sign up for a hatching match and have the system match us to a partner.

We would click on a hatch registry book in the hatchery, select one of the pets in our backpack, and specify what kind of pet(s) whith which we want to hatch. For example, I could click my adult wraith and specify that I'd like to hatch it with either a helephant or an orthrus. The tool would then look people who have requested similar matches and notify us when a match is found, and taking us to the hatchery if we accept.

I think this would be an excellent addition to the pet functionality that could probably be built relatively easily by reusing some of the existing code from PvP and Pet Derby matching.

Blaze Deathcaster

Jun 23, 2009
Not sure where my post went so here it is again:

I think a "magical copier" in the library would be excellent. You could copy a spell from a different school that you like (for coins or training points preferrably) and you can keep it in your DECK like a learned spell!

Saffron DragonRider (DragonTamer, DragonWraith)
GM Myth/Ice/Storm & Death

Apr 12, 2010
AkihiroHattori5 wrote:
If I had a magic wand...I'd add a Balance Prism. It would convert Balance magic into Life, Myth, or Death magic. I'd be perfectly alright with the spell needing a quest; I just think it's not fair to add a Balance dispell, but no Prism. If I couldn't do that, I'd add a new world. It would be a futuristic metropolis called Digitalia (I'm still working on the name) inhabited by robots that forced the humans who inhabited the world to go into hiding. There would be skyscraper dungeons, wargrounds in the sewers, and the equipment would be regular clothes.

I really like this idea. You should post it on the idea board as a seperate idea. I would be interested in seeing how many wizards like this idea.

Jun 30, 2009
a glove for a wand
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------left handed caster position
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------new swords for school only you get from a teacher quest
fire----sword made of fire
storm--lightning bolt
ice------looks like the one a colossus would have
death ----a skull with some of the spine still on it
life------a root from a tree
myth-----like a club like a troll would have
balance---a sword made of sand
if you do not like my ideas to bad it is up to KI to ecide weither they are good

Jack Dragonbreath

Dec 13, 2009
If I had a magic wand and could change one thing in Wizard101. . .
I have actually think about this very often. :)

A few of the things are:

1.) Be able to sleep in our beds and interact with other household items.
2.)Have a food shop, be able to eat food, and be able craft food.
3.)New mounts and houses.
4.)Be able to place our mounts inside/outside our house, much like pets.
5.)Have the ability to customize our characters outfits.(Other than choose the colors.)
6.)Bigger friend list.
7.)Be able to battle the different school instructors.

I also noticed as I passed level 25, I don't receive training points as often, and now I noticed I only get one training point every three levels. Maybe this could change as well?? :?

Thanks for an awesome game, keep up the hard work. :D

Level 37
Ice Wizard

Oct 05, 2010
Ive been thinking about how lots of people are complaining about shortages of reagents, so how about reagent spawn spots in houses. you could buy them like any other furniture item. i think that this will not only save players time reagent hunting, but it will also add a nice little useful decoration for homes and dorms. mabye even mana and health wisps at home

Oct 06, 2010
It seems if you look on the forums for what people may want if i had the wand for a day it would be more spots for scrap iron and reagents and/or a vendor that you can buy any and or all items you may need to help with crafting, its hard to spend hours looking for just one items for crafting to watch someone run up and steal it

Jul 22, 2009
I think it would be fantastic if we were able to get grades that effect our spells power. You would complete mini-games of various sorts and your score would be graded. Then, for example, say you get a "C" for Fire Elf. The spell would do something among the lines of 30 damage upon the first hit and 180 over time. Wizard should be able to retake tests to improve grades, but an "A" grade should be rather hard to get so that the game-play would last a more signifigant amount of time. The more advance the spell, the more challenging it would be to earn a good grade. You would take the tests from your teachers and if you fail to get a passing grade may not learn the spell. Out of school spells would be a "B" version of the card, astral spells always being out of school wouldn't apply to any of this. The first few spells (the lvl1 and "Enrollment" quest spells) would aslo be excluded to provide a less complex enviorment to rookie players.

Sep 27, 2009
thrashers wrote:
i think that school mounts should be added i would love to people riding on like a thunder snake or a centaur and when you hit 58-60 you get one for your school i would think tht would be the coolest thing ever

-Steven Blueweaver life 60

ya, good idea, how abot this
Death- Skeletal Dragon
Storm-Leviathan or Storm snake
Ice- Ice Wyvern
Fire- Fire Drake

Sep 07, 2010
Ah another year has come to the spiral and we're all still here!

First, Thank you Professor, for the opportunity to give input into the genius realm of the powers that be :D

I would like to discuss menu chat. The idea in and of itself is genius. It allows children and adults who don't have the tools needed for appropriate interaction, either because of age, or mannerisms, to still communicate with others. However, it IS rather crippling when one gets into the upper levels.

Here is an example. A friend of mine who has menu chat, wished to do the grandmaster warehouse in marleybone. That was the one originally required for the key to Celestia. We had to quit because we could not make him understand that A) every time you heal, so do they unless you put a life dispel on the cat. And B) DO NOT attack the boss until all others are dead unless you like being hit time and again by power nova.

I tried "do not attack my target", and wasted a trap on the boss. I sad "NO" every time he healed or attacked the boss. Although he is a fabulous player, he couldn't understand that the rules change in that warehouse. Maybe you could place a manditory information page at the beginning of the warehouse for those with menu chat?

We need more communication options.

If I may suggest some that would help immensely:

In battle:
"May I use your trap?"
"Can you blade me please?"
"Please don't attack the boss."
"Please don't use a multi-attack spell."
"Please don't heal anyone."
"Please don't use that spell."

And for those who are asking you to help them while you are in battle (some of these can be said in normal menu chat but NOT in battle):

"I'm sorry, I can't right now, I'm in a fight." (rather than "One minute I'm busy fighting." That implies that you'll be there in a minute, which is not always true.)
"I'm sorry, I'm in a dungeon and can't leave."
"I'm sorry, I'm helping another friend for awhile."
"Can you help me with my quest first?" (that one would be nice in both battle and normal menu chat)

One that would also be nice for the new members of Wizard101:

"I'm sorry but my spells are really too advanced to use in that area."


"Please wait while I adjust my spell deck for this fight."

I do like this game, just wish we could communicate more effectively



May 31, 2010
I love the idea that a previous poster made about being able to set a lock on items in our backpack. More than once I have sold something by mistake. Being able to set a lock feature before you hit the bazaar would be such a great improvement.

One thing I would like as a crafter, is a store that sold clothing recipes that had 0 stats but had the emblems of the school on the clothing. It can be hard to find clothing in the bazaar that has school related emblems. Not to mention the extra cost you have to pay for them, when most of time, they are going to get stitched over.

Jun 15, 2009
LadyJo wrote:
OMGosh. But I don't have JUST ONE:
The ability to have 7 wizards to experience all schools.
The ability to erase completed quests and do them over just for fun, or take them off our quest list if we don't want to do them.
Have the wisps that pass around us in battle actually give us more life while in battle.
Thank you for a great game and for requesting our input!
i agree i think we should be able to 7 wizards cause there is 7 schools

Jun 08, 2009
I have made a new spell for storm. however it is for like idk lvl 100 or something... it is called Typhon. it cost 14 pips does 2000 damage to all and stun. but it has a 50 or 60 percent hit rate. I hope you will like this idea. i also have made another balance spell. i bet like 90% of the people that read this will not like the balance idea. it is called hall of judgement. that name probably already makes people ticked but it is learned at lvl 100. it does 150-200 damge ( you decide ) per pip and maybe or maybe not a weakness depends on how you edit the spell. so i hope you like this spell and Typhon as well.

Community Leader
Hello Professor Falmea,

I know many want a place to be able to change their looks ect.. I would too.
But what I am really wanting more than anything is more for housing wall papers, floorings, houses, free items ect... Oh Don't get me wrong all the newest stuff is amazing, its just when you have to add it to the older walls and floors loses all its splender to the new Celestia items.

Jun 27, 2009
i want you to have sword wands that do 95 damage or more for level 20 and up that the gobbler gorgers drop 98% of the time

May 12, 2009

If I could wave my wand and make changes with a single wave of it, this is what I'd do.

1. The crown shop houses as well as others could be mutually shared by all wizards on a single accounts. The community would support up to six houses. The allow friends ONLY option would work 100% of the time.

2. There'd be an option to stop the porting of certain friends on your list while still allowing others to port to you. Sometimes you want privacy and to hang out with certain friends but not others. That can't happen when you're constantly being disturbed by someone you don't want to hang out with at the moment.

3. Get more of your money back when you sell an item.

4. Report is being abused by immature players. Glad you read chat logs on that one. I'm not the only one who feels that way. Hear on the game all the time.

5. The epic bundle as is, doesn't appeal to a lot of people. There should be more options for the massive dwelling. Not everyone wants to live in the castle or have a griffin as a mount. How about something a bit more modern, futuristic, or rustic.

6. Use gold to change our wizard names to ones that we create ourselves. Original names would be terrific.

Apr 25, 2009
Nov 08, 2008
CorbinW wrote:
Well, as far as adding something goes:

From the very beginning our wizards have hats on. I know we can stitch gear from places all over the spiral from Zekes trusty partner. So why not allow us to stitch gear with a no hat option?
We get all these hairstyles but they do not show because we always have hats on.

how about we get to stitch stats to a head with a no hat option?
What good is hair if it isn't shown? :p

I would LOVE SO VERY MUCH if we could take our hats off. Thats the ONLY thing i would want I don't need another world cause i am not done with celestia. W101 consider this idea

Jul 04, 2010
I love this game so much. However, as silly as it may be, the one thing that consistenly bothers me is the lack of attention to girl stuff. I am a girl and love girl stuff!!
The biggest suggestion regarding this is: Let us do something with our hair!I would really love to be able to change my character's hair. I hate her hair! I've since made other characters and understand how to initially create them better, but my first one is my absolute favorite and it bugs me that her hair is so awful.
A beauty shop would be fantastic with different hair styles, even more than there are now. Being able to take off the hat would be so nice and updos would be great.
Different accessories for the hair that are different than hats like tiaras maybe? would be fun.
A broader selection of girl colors for clothes would be wonderful. The pink is pretty strong don't you think? A variation on pink would be nice.
I love the princess outfit and at least one other outfit that I can switch between but some other girl outfits would be nice.