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Feedback Friday 1-30-15

Aug 18, 2011
I usually want new enemies, not the same ones. "This guy again? But I beat him already! Ugh."

Exceptions are:
- the main boss of a story arc who we need to pursue through multiple worlds.
- funny ones like Belloq.
- quests where we time travel to learn more back story. Morganthe's memories & the BOXES were great.

I think a little goes a long way with recurring characters. Unless there is a good reason it can seem forced.

It would be more fun to see some old friends again. Maybe we can have friendly training matches with our professors to get a new spell, or have Ravenwood students help us at some point. An older, leveled up Penny Dreadful or Malorn Ashthorn, or one of the nicer competitors from Wysteria would make a good companion, or could join us as a henchman/minion in a solo quest.

This thread on Central had some good replies about what bosses (and drops) players most enjoy:


Nov 28, 2010
Aug 15, 2012
I have to say my boss that I would love to fight again except at a higher level would have to be and increased with cheats and things would have to be Belloq, Jabberwock, Kraken, and the finalist would be Morganthe- she fell, but imagine if someone utilized her body to say something like Malistaire the undying lol. Morganthe the Undying. Malistaire and Morganthe vs whomever lol

Jun 17, 2012
Dr Von on Jan 30, 2015 wrote:
well, you guys have already made my fan-girl dreams a reality by bringing malistaire back.

(he has been my favourite character from the beginning, but i absolutely loved his spiffy new makeover in xibalba, and even more in the boxes event. everyone on these boards knows how i feel about cheating bosses, but darkmoor is gorgeous and i really wanted to hug him during that cut-scene... like, omg mally, i totally forgive you for trying to kill me, please don't kill me, i love you!)

if i had to pick one (and risk ki actually following through on it), i would love to see mithraya make a comeback. she's gorgeous, and i can only imagine her being even more awesome with shadow magic... except the part when i have to fight her, lol.

Mithraya is pretty cool character that I would like to see developed further. One appearance just isn't enough for me.

Jun 17, 2012
High Five Ghost on Feb 1, 2015 wrote:
Didn't Grubb promise to return?
Yeah, he did. Would be nice of him to follow through with his promises.

David ThunderMancer 56

May 28, 2011
For me if i had to rematch a boss i would pick nordri and his crew. I think these guys would be sooo fun to battle with shadow magic advanced cheats increased health and all of that stuff

Blaine thunderhammer level 67 fire wizard

Dec 30, 2012
I agree with the old and nostalgic bosses, Lady Blackhope or Rattlebones.
It would be hilarious to see lady Blackhope come back with vengeance and twenty thousand health.

Jun 13, 2011
I would say King Thermidor's rival, King Amadeo of the Riverclaws. He was such a worthy opponent to fight. If I were to face him again, he would be a more fierce and formidable recurring opponent to fight at a higher level with some cheats & more stronger spells.

I would sure like to know more on how Thermidor and Amadeo became rivals, though. Nevertheless, I would think that he may have more plans up his sleeve than just trying to take over Crab Alley in mind... he may return after his defeat, you know. Can't forget that.

Mar 12, 2010
I'd really like to bring back 1 million health malistaire tried it way back it was challenging now I bet it's actually do able with a 100 storm person.

Mar 30, 2009
I would like to see Penny Dreadful, haven't seen her in a while.
98 wizard
Zachary Ashthisle

Jun 11, 2009
I would love to fight a stronger version of Sergeant Skullsplitter because of what he said about Malistaire after he was caught in the act of possessing Mrs. Drake's scrapbook. He said "I will deny Malistaire any kindness after what he denied me in life!" That is suspicious...

Sep 02, 2013
David EarthShield on Jan 30, 2015 wrote:
First and foremost I personally would love to rematch Cyrus. I'm still angry for that laundry incident.
I can already tell you at least one person (not including me) will say Rattlebones.
All for dueling with Cyrus being an activity!

I feel that the connection made with him in Dragonspyre is one of mentor and student. Truly a great relationship, would be great to see this remastered in him training us to face the darkness.

Jan 08, 2010
I would like to face a boss that drops the best gear for levels 30 and above, in a set, not just one robe, but the full set of gear for that level, it would certainly be rewarding to get gear ready for a new wizard that your planning to make.

Jun 25, 2014
MythSince08 on Jan 31, 2015 wrote:
You do fight belloq again in azetca with something like 20102 health

These are some great thoughts, Wizards. I can certainly think of a few times I'd like a little bit of revenge. ::grin::.

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