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Feedback Friday 1-28-11

Aug 22, 2009
i say you could add 1st rating to all the gear, so whoever has the most of that goes first, it only makes a difference in pvp though, so if you really want to go first then you put that gear on instead of health gear or attack gear and since you get an advantage in going first then you will not have an advantage with attack or defense or health

Sep 11, 2010
wow. Tons of good ideas in here. Special Hats off to Nico, GREAT posts!!!

I would like to see the following changes ... they are simply my preferences and not intened to offend or anger anyone.

The purpose of PvP, imho, is to provide a means of pitting your wizard skills against the skills of other wizards. It is NOT supposed to be a measurement of the depth of your wallet OR how many friends you have with which you can barter an unfair advantage through judicious Treasure Card swaps, or how lucky you have been harvesting boss drops during your time on The Spiral.

It is supposed to measure how well you know your spells and how effectively you can combine those spells in a contest of wizards. As no "duel" should ever take place where one side has flintlock pistols and the other side has machine guns, SOME means of standardizing the equipment is needed to keep the kevlar and F-22 Raptors out of the "duel" ...

and should be expected.

I think PvP has grown to the point where we need some "Marquis De Queensbury" rules, lol, to standardize the "dueling" process. To preserve the concepts of tactics, strategy, and solo/team play, please consider the following suggestions ...

1. The order in which the members of a team cast their spells is determined by the order in which they enter the combat dias. Once set, it never changes.

2. Which team casts first is random and alternates every combat turn.

3. The spell decks used in PvP are special. The computer constructs this deck for you when you enter the combat dias. You are allowed ONE copy of every spell you have trained, per opponent. There are NO Treasure Cards allowed. Discarding in PvP draws from your spell deck, not a sidebar. You cannot run out of spells in PvP, when you have discarded or cast ALL of your spells, the PvP deck is re-shuffled.

4. You can wear whatever equipment you want, NONE of it counts. The chance of a power pip is 50% - for everybody. Equipment has no bearing on how well you can use the spells you have learned and therefore has no place in a "duel". Neither do pets. KI has already balanced the accuracy, spell strength, and base health and mana attributed to each school. I am not saying they do not need to be changed, but they are a good place to start.

5. The duel lasts until one team is dead or until ALL mana has been used. If all mana has been used, the winner is determined by which team inflicted the most health damage upon the other.

6. Fleeing is not allowed. Period.

7. Matches are determined by average wizard level. Mismatched duels exceeding 4 levels are not allowed. Ever.

I expect to hear a lot of dissent and disagreement over these ideas. Remember they are only MY preferences and are based on the premise that a duel between wizards should be judged on how well they deal with the cards they are dealt. Nothing else should matter.

Dec 25, 2009
Give those who go second an extra power pip and a tower shield, that would even things up a bit.

Jul 29, 2009
If you really think the person going second is at a disadvantage.
Than give the person going first a disadvantage.

Randomly the first person recieves a "black mantle" to
decrease his or her accuracy before the match even starts.
This will in a sense even the chances for the players.
This would also be in effect for the 2 vs2, 3 vs 3, and so on.
It would be at random so you would never know whos goes first
or who gets the mantle....
Meaning IF you go first you might or might not get a black mantle..

Just my thoughts...

Feb 28, 2010
NicoUzumaki had given me a thought based on a comment he had made about ranking down. from General down to Private and back. My thought would be for that would be change the ranking from wins and losses to times played. I know in some ways it does this but if you continualy loose will you ever make sergent? Should you? Maybe or maybe not. I also feel that the disadvantage is mostly felt by the losers. I have played both first and second and can beat most player in either position, except Death mages. Cant beat them in any posistion, "they cheat, well kind of."

I guess the point i'm trying to make is that the disadvantage is smaller when you are playing like ranked apponents based on total number of times combated, as well as level, as well as rank (times won.)

Jul 25, 2009
FoxFyr wrote:
"Fix" the disadvantage? You don't need to fix it.

First of all, it's randomized, so you can't prepare for going first.

Secondly, PvE does prepare you for it (at least once you get to later worlds).

Thirdly, it can make for a bit of a "bragging rights" category ("Yeah? Well, I'VE won 37 matches going SECOND! I remember this time I fought someone with their Level 48 Spell like that...").

Really, character Level, skill level, and even secondary School choice all make for disadvantages. You can't kowtow to those who don't feel like being at a disadvantage, because someone will be. Always.

I totally agree!

Jan 23, 2011
Here are my two suggestions for reducing the advantage of going first.

Option 1: For the first turn - temporarily increase the probability of a spell fizzling (for example, the fizzle risk increases by another 25% - so if the risk of fizzling for a specific spell is, say, 10%, it increases for the first turn player's first turn only to .10 + .25(.10) or 12.50%.

Option 2: For the first turn player's first turn - only defensive spells can be played - no offensive spells.

Some great ideas here from the simple (adding a disadvantage to the first person) to changing combat entirely - we will definitely be discussing these internally! Look for a new Feedback Friday here shortly!

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