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Feedback Friday 1-14-11

Community Leader
Hello Professor,
Been thinking about this alot;
We would like to know... what do you think are the best/most useful spells to have on your equipment? This can either be equipment that exists, or equipment you would like to see.

Life healing spells- as pixie or sprite would be the most useful.

I also think that the new auras . Star astral school would be very useful on equipment. Like say amplify on gear.

Jul 22, 2010
i think it would be fun to have all of the class only spells for every class.
to all classes a spell that gives every type of blades to all teammates .
boots that raise critical and dodge and accuracy and defense to all types and armor and hats that do the same better than the other Celestia stuff.

Nov 06, 2010
I would like to see effects on equipment that don't exist yet.

How about a necklace that gives regeneration?

How about a ring that has a chance to put up a shield or heal spell when the wizard is hit?

Maybe certain powerful gear could give effects to a whole group whether pve or pvp?

How about a wand which might proc an additional attack when a spell is cast?

How about a wand that has a chance to transmute an enemy into another creature for a round or two? HP's would be the same, but attacks would change.

If you want to get whacky, how about a necklace that lets you summon a mirror image of yourself?

I do worry a bit about wizards getting access to spells that are more powerful, and from other schools that are signature spells to wizards who actually are part of that school. I know that is currently the case, but cherry picking key spells could potential create imbalances for certain schools.

If there is going to be power creep in the items effects, maybe those items should be restricted to the wizard schools who can use them. For instance, a super stormzilla necklace would be available only to storm wizards.

Oct 17, 2010
forgetno4 wrote:
My three favorite schools are Fire,Death, and Balance. I really enjoy all of these because they all have dragon spell and are very powerful(exspecaly Fire), I'd love to see all of there dragon spells come with some clothing.

So here's my Idea:

Tytle of clothing set: Dragons' Flaming Suit

Dragons' Blazing Helm (Fire Dragon - 7 pips)
Dragons' Scaley Vestment (Hydra - 6 pips)
Claws of Doom (Skeleton Dragon 8 - pips)

From Your #1 Sudent,
Alexander Dragontamer
Level: 28
School: Fire
2nd School: Balance

Not to offend you, but I think the max limit of pips in a fight is 7. Thus, since power pips only work for spells of your school, the boots would work only for Death school :[

But I like the other ideas a lot! Allow me to add my suggestion, I'd also agree with some kind of amulet or hat or anything that could give the fire dragon spell. I'd love that spell a lot! :] Thanks KI for making one of the most epic games ever!

See you in the Spiral! :]

Kestrel MoonShard
Level 48 Thaumaturge
Working on Celestia and attempting to get Frost Giant :]

Jan 15, 2009
The best gear i have is on my noob (Heart Steal Antham). It would be nice to see some more rings and anthams that would have more than just health, mana, pip chance, and healing boosts. I know i would give up quite a bit of that for spell resistance or damage boosts. Or a Celestia ring that is non auction, but tradable, for lower level wizards with a spell atached, such as pixy, or ice bats, even monstous attached would be nice. Just a thought, thanks

Jan 15, 2009
One more Idea for some cool gear would be a X pip wand. Like judgment and tempest, for every pip it does compounding damage, and if wand is in same school as you, power pips are taken in account as well.
Lets say an ice wand has 40 damage per pip then full white pips you are at 280 damage, if you have full power pips then 560 damage. But as with all X like spells once cast pips are gone and you have to start over. It would be close to the attacks some of the Dragonspier bosses use.
As in many of the great magical items, you have a great benefit as well as a great sacrofice.
Just a thought thanks

Aug 10, 2010
I have a list of things I would like to see in the game.

1. More pets with "active" talents like spritely that let your pet actually assist you in a duel.
2. The ability to buy your pet's full pedigree so you can see what talents your pet has that didn't manifest (this would be great for hatchers)
3. Pets with a dead zero pedigree that would just get all stats from the other pet in hatching. If you had a pet with great stats that you don't like the look of, you could buy a zero dragon and copy the stats of the other pet. (only usable when hatching with your own pet)
4. The ability to pay extra in the hatchery to pick talents from the parents, the more rare the talent, the more it costs
5. Crafted gear should be better than the average dropped gear.

Something I don't like:

All of balance's best spells are available to everyone from charms and crown gear. Balance has no unique "identity" anymore because anyone can have a power nova, hydra, spectral blast or judgement spell in their deck if they're willing to buy them.

We need a balance-specific blade and trap, the generic ones are great but nothing is more frustrating than setting up a hit to have someone else use your traps and people always telling you to give them your blade because they need it. If any spell can trigger balance's "trap" a balance spell should be able to trigger any trap.

Dec 01, 2010
I think the idea of having school only spells on school only clothes is really great! this will make people want the school only clothes even more. This also will free up slots in our deck and give us room to be that much more powerful.

To Balance this I think the crown clothing should have some of the good 0 pip spells along with cheap healing spells such as sprite.

Side Note,
I think people of the fire school should have a natural resistance to fire, something like 1%.
Balance could have a natural resistance to all schools by 1%

Just a thought. Thanks for reading!

Mar 13, 2009
I would like to see sets of clothing from the new astral schools. One set could have 3 spells from that particular school. In my opionion I think the level 58 spells should stay school specific.

Another idea is to expand on the beastmaster set so that energy can be obtained faster.

Mar 18, 2009
Personaly I'd like to see more utility/healing spells and less attack spells.

For wizards that are casting at or near max Power Pip Percentage, most gear attack spells are useless unless you just happen to get one for your school. Even if you do find one for your own school: its use is limited since you can't customize item attack spell-cards with sun school enchantment cards.

Both of those issues are mostly higher leveled problems, but it can be anoying even at lower levels. Working on new characters it was sometimes anoying using the crown gear because the spells it gave would through off my smaller deck strategies. Often times I'd find myself wishing the gear had no spell on it.

In other words - for general crown gear add spells that pretty much benefit everyone...

---This is useful for everyone.

-Balance Blade
---Stacking Blades is always nice. Make it something other than standard % so it would stack with reg Balance Blade.

---Same as Balance Blade.

---Normaly I would say change it to a # that stacks, but having two 70+ percent traps seems overpowering.

---A heal useable with any amount of pips is useful for emergencies. Make Stronger than reg Dryad so useful for Life also.

---Same as Dryad.

Of course each school has specifc wants though. If you are working on/for class specific gear, of course each class has specific needs.

===My Myth Wizard desires blades of course. Since the need to double trap (before medusa) is such a pain, anything that adds a blade that stacks with his current ones would be awsome.

===For almost everything but PvP, my Death Wizard uses only Wraith/Scarecrow. Since drain spells are not boostable with Sun damage increase cards, anything that boosts damage would be nice. Gear with a stronger wraith/scarecrow, or stackable blades/traps. One thing that would be super-awsome, would be an item-only death version of the spell that puts a trap on all enemies (storm spell, forget the name).

===Realy couldn't say what other schools would want.

Feb 24, 2009
I'd like to have something like giga pips or epic pips that give 3 school pips and 2 normal pips and the chance is one third or one fourth your power pips chance and light blue pip, come after power pips on the battle stage like pow. pips come after normal pips, and about double the size of a power pip.
Also, i may not be a diviner but when i get storm drops from bosses, they have terrible health boosts, i mean, they already have the lowest health amount, lets go ahead and give them low health boosts too! no offense to KI of course and i know they have good damage boosts and accuracy boosts (i think). this also goes for fire too of course. And plz give better power pip boosts for lower levels that come with more health. I also have prenames for future level caps; Hero of ___ (school) for levels 70-79, Superhero of ___ (school) 80-89, and ___( school) God for levels 90-100 and that would do it for wizzy101 level cap (legendary stays for 60-69 of course). Sry, i dont have but a few new spells (I'll put that in a different thread).

Kenneth Frostwalker, Level 49 Master Thaumaturge
The District of the Stars, Celestia
Grandmaster, high level master, and legendary help not minded

P.S. plz heed my call KI and sry if I'm asking to much, i would like at least

May 27, 2009
I think another equipment set would be nice. one that has like rebirth and phoenix and wraith. and the robe/shoes/hat gives you altogether like 400 health and 30+ resist on all schools and also 15+ accuracy to all and 20+ attack to all and +20% power pip chance and
+80 critical to all and +120 block rating to all. that would be da bomb. it should be called "legendary armor" lvl 50+

Aug 10, 2010
One other thing I'd like to see changed in pets is the amount of training needed to level up your pet be determined by the pet's pedigree.

It takes 1875 experience points to get any pet up to epic, it makes no difference if the pedigree is 1 or 80 and the question is "why"? Why would a new player with a stray piggle or blue cyclops invest the time and/or crowns needed to get 1875 points?
Wouldn't it encourage new players to get involved in pet training if the low pedigree pets were easier to train?

It makes me want to scream when I see wizards with L48 pets that are "baby" or "teen" and the wizards are L50+. Some people aren't seeing the value of training pets, maybe because they were frustrated / disappointed when they were lower levels, investing time in a myth sprite and getting little or nothing in return.

Jul 04, 2010
The only attachments I'd like something with cleanse x2 or 3 for my balance wizard.

Otherwise I'd like a boosted scarecrow similiar wraith with with 575 from the gm robe and wraith pet but with 475 or 500 damage for the crow.

Nov 29, 2009
i would like to see that death school be able to use enchanted cards such as strong, on wraith and crow. thx

mycin owlfist

Mar 18, 2010
There are certain pets that we all can get or have that benefit us in one form or another. Whether through a talent that's earned from the pet gaining a level or one it is hatched with. I would like to see those pets gain experience in our fights. As well as the pets that are school specific or in one form or another cast spells. Such as, Satyr which gives a better Satyr spell card, or the Hound that casts spritely. I would like to see these pets get five experience per fight. Especially when they are used in the fight. Whether from the wizard casting the one spell card that comes from the pet or if the pet cast it by themselves (spritely). This does include the pets that do not have access to their spell yet. Meaning my Life Banshee gets a card at adult, if I have it equipped during a fight it gets, lets say 1 experience point up until its spell is unlocked, and after that it gains 5 experience if the card is used in fight.


May 15, 2009
Sun, Moon, and Star Gear

I would like to see gear that uses spells from the Moon, Sun, and Star schools. For example:

Morphed Gear:
Hat: 'Gobbler'
Robe: 'Ninja Pig'
Boots: 'Colossus'

Aura Gear:
Hat: 'Fortify'
Robe: 'Amplify'
Boots: 'Vengeance'

Mutated Elemental Gear:
Hat:'Mutate Kraken'
Robe: 'Mutate Thunderbird'
Boots: 'Mutate Wyvern'

Mutated Spirit Gear:
Hat:'Mutate Mintour'
Robe: 'Mutate Banshee'
Boots: 'Mutate Sprite'

The gear sets could feature the new critical and block ratings. It would help define a role for the new schools as far as strategy is concerned. I think gear specializing in these schools would help carve a new niche in Wizard 101. I'd also like to see a death amulet:

Bone Talisman:
'Skeletal Dragon [Boosted Skeletal Dragon]'
'Feint' [+75% on enemy, +25% on self]

I'm a death wizard. *wink*

Sep 11, 2010
I would like to see some spells added that enable non-school spells to be cast using power pips. It would look like a prism, except you cast it on yourself. Basically it says the next non-school spell I cast is going to use pips as if it were a primary school spell. I think this change would enable us to see a LOT of creativity in the use of secondary and tertiary school magic. The School Prism, or Exchange Student, lol, spell is an X spell where X is the number of rounds the effect will last.

Dec 15, 2008
I think that it would be interesting to receive level 60 gear from the bosses in the Trial of Spheres, since that is the last dungeon, like Malistaire's Lair, only for Celestia. I think that the level 60 gear should give either the level 48 spells or level 58 spells, and to school mounts received with the next school spell if the level cap ever increases again as it did with Celestia, so that people could receive:
Fire: Fire Dragon
Ice: Wyvern or the horse the snow angel rides
Death: Skeletal Dragon
Myth: Orthrus
Life: Centuar or unicorn
Balance: Scorpion
Storm: Leviathan or Shark

All of these would give the level 58 spell for their individual schools

Oran FrostFlame - Level 60 Pyromancer

Thanks everyone! This is definitely some food for thought as we create new equipment this year. Look for a new Feedback Friday shortly! ::grin::

“If the Mind is like a candle, the Heart is like the sun.” Professor Falmea (aka Leah Ruben, your fearless Producer!)