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Feedback Friday 1-10-14

Feb 13, 2011
I would like to see what's in that house right across from the Bazaar.

Jan 03, 2013
Obviously Barkingham Palace, its a place mentioned by NPCs and I thought when you approach it it says Barkingham palace but theres no apparent way to get in... Maybe like the one person mention in last weeks feedback Friday about making more dungeons like Waterworks and to make one in marleybone, maybe this location could serve that purpose. It just seems horrible to leave nothing in it.

Also something that's irritating is the sigil left in Avalon's Caliburn and one in Azteca with no way to get in. I feel there is a quest or something to it.

Sep 07, 2011
I want to open the doors in Nidavellir as others have said, and the gate in Wysteria at the end of the street to the right of the School of Frost.

A long time ago I was questing with a friend in Krok and by accident we glitched into a hidden room. There were some statues and stuff. It looked interesting but we never could get back and never found a quest that used it. That would be fun to solve.

It's not a door, but another mystery in Krok is the far floating island we can't get to. Is that Mirage? or some other secret place? I hope we get to go there someday. Maybe we'll see Nalia again. She seemed nice.

In the Garden of Hesperides there's a door with a guard. I hope that leads to something major.

Nov 14, 2010
Antonio SandShade on Jan 12, 2014 wrote:
I think one of the big secrets is the restricted section of the wizard city library. One of the other things I've been curious about is the closed of gate close to the final boss of the haunted cave.

Antonio Sandshade, Level 50 Grandmaster Pyromancer
i posted library too (i forgot to say wizardcity lol) and that gate just became halloween dungeon https://www.wizard101.com/game/community/newsletter/october2013

Aug 26, 2012
Like other people have said Zafaria. So in Zamunda there is a big downed bridge. At first i wasn't really exited because it meant more greyhorns. But the Zebra-Greyhorn war never took us there. And in Stone Town that bridge. When the olyphant says the'll blast us out of the water i said cool we are finaly taking on the bridge but it meant Sobaka. And third where are the Greyhorns from? From that downed bridge on Zamunda? I think that if they open these 2 areas we might know

Feb 28, 2012
There are two low low platforms in Nidavellir in Grizzleheim which never got used. That and the NPC Grumlik never has anything to say.

Jan 31, 2009
The Wizard City Library

Every time I enter the Wizard City Library, and see the long, dark, ominous, corridors, It
makes me want to run through them. It would be great if these long, stretching corridors, could
be integrated into the game, for perhaps, a series of dungeons, or etc. I would personally
love that.


Adam blade

Jun 26, 2012
Barkingham Palace and the other doors in Nidaviller!!!!

Sean Firesword Level 95 Fire
Sean Stormsword Level 90 Storm
Sean Icesword Level 51 Ice

Jun 06, 2009
I'd really want to see what's behind that door in Ambrose's office. If it's in Ambrose's office, and it's concealed, it's got to be hiding something important (a portal to someplace very, very dangerous?).
-Samantha Stormsword lvl 78
-Morgan Moongem lvl 22
-Nora Deathriver lvl 15
-Sabrina Battlespear lvl 9
-Amy Frostcloud lvl 7
-Erin Nightshade lvl 3

These are great! We'll send some scouts out to explore and see what we come back with. ::grin::

New Feedback Friday coming up soon!

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