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Feedback Friday 01-20-12

Hello Wizards! Another week has just flown by, and that means that it's time for another Feedback Friday!

Standard disclaimer applies: We do not guarantee to use each and every idea submitted, and questions we pose may or may not be pertaining to things we are currently working on, or will ever undertake. Sometimes, there are just technical limitations that make changing things difficult to impossible, and though we possess all manner of magic wands here, there are technological beasts out there that are beyond our grasp. Sometimes, we may not feel it is within the spirit and vision of the spiral to add or change something. Also, we realize that some of these topics may have been addressed before in other threads - sometimes it's good to pick up a discussion again. Chances are I have read your threads and would like to hear more!

Today, let's talk about worlds of the Spiral. What is your favorite one? Please vote in the poll, and let us know why it's you're favorite below...

Have a wonderful weekend and stay warm out there! ::grin::


What is your favorite world of the Spiral?
Wizard City 9%
Krokotopia 7%
Marleybone 6%
MooShu 10%
DragonSpyre 17%
Grizzleheim 3%
Celestia 17%
Wintertusk 9%
Wysteria 3%
Zafaria 20%

“If the Mind is like a candle, the Heart is like the sun.” Professor Falmea (aka Leah Ruben, your fearless Producer!)
Jul 09, 2011
I've always had a special place in my heart for Celestia, I mean its just breathtaking ( especially the District of the Stars ) and it has quite a plot running through it. Plus the new Astral Schools, which have been quite a help. The architecture is simply stunning even for a world in ruins, although I would kill for a side quest that takes us back in time before Celestia was sunken and its buildings destroyed.

May 02, 2009
I like them all, but if I had to pick one, then it would probably have to be grizzleheim, as I really like the music, the story and just the look of the world all together.

Jul 12, 2009
Celestia, because it has to do with the sky and underwater, and because of the three schools.

Apr 11, 2010
I chose Grizzleheim. I'm sure I mentioned this in the favorite update of 2011 feedback I just love the nordic atmosphere of it.

... Yes I'm currently drooling over Elder Scrolls Skyrim. Sneak archery Khajiits are the best >,>

Jul 20, 2009
I can't decide between which to choose, Wintertusk, MooShu or Celestia. Those 3 worlds are great :D

Jul 25, 2010
i honestly liked celestia the most because it was a challenge unlike zafaria which was a bit of a dissapointment

Jun 30, 2009
My favorite world is Mooshu.
Mostly because of:
1) The story. The people of Mooshu have some pretty bad problems, such as plagues, war, famine, ect. I love the Chinese/Japanese influences in the world and culture.
2) The setting. Mooshu is bright and cheery, with clear skies and green grass. The music is awesome as usual.
3) The inhabitants. Despite being farm animals, friends and foes somehow fit into the world of honor and family. And its pretty funny watching cows walk around in samurai armor.

Apr 24, 2011
Well i choose Zafaria as my favorite world by I also like Marleybone and wintertusk.

May 22, 2009
I loved Mooshu. After running to and fro on the dark and dirty rooftops of Marleybone, Mooshu seemed like a breath of fresh air. I liked the fact it didn't have so many quests that was just running around from person to person. I also enjoyed all the dungeons in Mooshu, especially the Tree of Life.

Hannah Lifebringer level 70 Life

Jun 16, 2009
5: Wizard City (Handy bazaar :P )
4: Wysteria ( I like the art work on it )
3: Celestia ( Secret trainers o: )
2: Dragonspyre( How it has the past DS )
1: Krokotopia!!! It is because it is home to my balance wizard! He likes to talk to his teacher sometimes :D

Falmea this was a great question :P. But I had lots of worlds to favorite. Thanks for the wonderful quesion Falmea!

Jun 08, 2009
I kind of like Celestia, especially the floating land and science center.

Jan 13, 2009
I vote MarleyBone, Cause i really like the music that plays by the spiral door.

Feb 07, 2011
I chose Dragonspyre, because:

5. It's the light at the end of the sickeningly-tedious tunnel that is Marleybone and Mooshu.

4. Crystal Grove. I don't particularly like spiders, but there are lots of shiny things there.

3. I had a "goth" stage, when I was younger, and my adult self still has a soft spot for things like ghosts, crypts, and crumbly, old buildings.

2. Russian names and accents RULE.

1. I am a Malistaire minion/groupie, and wish he'd come back. *sob*

(As much as I enjoy beating him up, there's a part of me that wants to give him cookies and a hug before I start throwing bladed Power Novas at him. :P)

Him: You again?
Me: YOU'RE THE BEST! *hugs and offers cookie*
Him: *sigh* I hate you.

If you use any of this, Professor, you have full permission to quote me directly. :D

Laura Shadowsong, legendary sorceress
(and president of the I Heart Malistaire Fan Club).

Jul 04, 2010
Jun 11, 2010
I love Marleybone for many reasons, the gothic music (I use it as a ringtone), the fashionable but functional clothes ( still use it in MooShu), the wonderful buildings, the accents of the characters, the fact that I love gothic worlds, and the concept of having a Sherlock Holmes based world! It's all wonderful!!! DragonSpyre is my extremely close number 2, but I love Marleybone just the slightest bit more for the book refrence reason. As a bookworm who loves worlds with good clothes, and good music Marleybone is my favorite by a long shot.

Mar 07, 2011
I think I love Celestia the most because of the underwater areas. They are truly beautiful. I always take off my mount underwater because swimming is so much fun. Also I can still jump underwater, which I can't do on land. I used to be able to jump on land. Now i just have a pathetic little hop.

Jun 25, 2011
Dragonspyre because it is amazing in detail,has monsters that are somewhat of a challenge,and its an awesome place to defeat Malistare!
Esmee Iceblood Lvl 23!(Helped others defeat Malistare,have yet to actually defeat him on my own)

Feb 15, 2009
Community Leader
I love Marleybone, I Simply love the feel of the world. Grizzlhiem/Wintertusk and Zafaria are very close 2nd and 3rd

Mar 13, 2011
I like Grizzleheim the best. I like the feel and the music. I also like how it has side adventures for several different levels.

My second favorite as far as theme goes would be Zafaria.

Feb 12, 2011
I picked WC becuase it's the start of it all - back before everything got so confusing and too many quests to do. It was a simpler time :)

Feb 17, 2011
I like most of the worlds. MooShu because it reminds me of China or Japan ^_^ and I love the music there (even though I turn sounds off most of the time . Celestia, Dragonspyre, Zafaria - not there yet. >.< (near DS though =D). Krok because I'm Balance ^_^. I guess if I do have to choose one, it would be MarleyBone.

Jul 04, 2010
Wizard City - It is organized well, you can get around and use the areas without always getting pulled into battles. All of the basics can be found here. People hang out in Wizard City to plan, talk, pvp, shop etc. I wish more stuff would be added. Its classic.

Very insightful! Thank you to everyone for voting! New FF up shortly! ::grin::

“If the Mind is like a candle, the Heart is like the sun.” Professor Falmea (aka Leah Ruben, your fearless Producer!)