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Feedback 3-11-11

Feb 15, 2009
Feb 07, 2010
saphirathedragon wrote:
Well, I never use Guiding Light. Its a waste of space. I already get a 80% boost from crafted gear, so that's enough for me. Maybe if it gave a little higher percent, maybe 35% or 40%, I might consider using it. I mean 115-120%? That's epicness right there. And you might be surprised, but I keep llow level spells in my deck (gasp!). They're good for taking out shields, though someone else might disagree about this. Otherwise, I have one of every other spell in my school.
Anthony Ghosthunter, Legendary Theurgist

My gear gives good damage and good critical rating, and my wand helps, but the spells I keep in my deck AT ALL TIMES is:
Myth blades and traps
and a few other things, but I have a lot in my deck, so I won't put them
Btw, nice name, those books rocked! And of course, saphira was the best! :D

Feb 07, 2010
CorbinW wrote:
There are a couple of spells of my school I no longer use after trying them only once:

Myths Pierce spell: This spell is not bad, but it is very very situational. It is only a spell that aids me when I'm playing in groups, such as when I am in Briskbreeze tower or PvP. I have never used it for myself because I have so many other ways to bust through shields: minions, wands, minotaur/orthrus. It isn't worth keeping in my deck, especially at the cost of a pip. Yes, I'm cheap with my pips.

Draw 2 pips from minion: I never sacrifice my minion. It would take more than 2 pips to make me do so. I saw in Marleybone storm has a version called sap power that allows them to sacrifice a minion for 4 pips. That would convince me to use it. I think I might train that. At later levels as the strength of enemies increase, myth must rely on bigger pip spells to hit, and all of their good attacks are at the least 5 pips. Maybe then I would use this.

Subdue: This spell does nothing for me. I know what it is intended to do. But not how I play at all. Completely useless

Minotaur minion: A big sponge designed to attract enemy attention away from me. Meh. I wouldn't bother with that. My other minions get the enemies attention just fine when they do enough damage. But if this minion behaved like lifes sprite minion, then I would keep it in my deck.

Mend minion: My minions can sprite themselves, and I carry a lot of minions, if one gets taken out I just summon a fresh one. They don't have enough health for me to be convinced enough to heal them, except the cyclops minion.

Minions tend to be more difficult to take advantage of as the game progresses, that is not to say they are outliving their usefulness...

I personally think minions are useless, then again, that is just what I think. Minions never help me, and they always shield themself, never me, and the only time they help is when they heal (which isn't often). And their attacks, meh, don't get me started

Oct 04, 2010
As a life wizard I would have to say that the minion spell had it's usefulness for a very limited time. I do realize that many spells have a specific level range but those tend to get replaced with more powerful versions Ex.: attack spells. There are other spells which have a universal usefulness no matter what level Ex.: Buffs, prisms, traps, etc. But I think the minion spell needs to have more versatility (much like the death minion spell) in it or have an upgraded version at a higher level.


Wolf Ashwalker

Dec 08, 2009
Freshta wrote:

This week, let's discuss the other side of the proverbial coin - what spells have you earned, tried once, and now stay stored in your spellbook, and why?

For all schools:

Pacify. What does this do, make the enemy pass and just gain more pips? Why does it cost so much in terms of pips? I used it once, saw that it basically did nothing, and have never used it again after eight wizards. The only way I could see this one being of use is if it wiped out the enemy's pips entirely, or it if prevented them from getting power pips for a couple of turns. Now that would be an interesting spell....

Killing my Minion (whether for power pips or for health). Instead of spending 3-4 pips to pull out a minion, then another 2 to kill it ... I'll just skip the minion and either heal with a Pixie or pass for a turn. These cards just don't make sense-- they waste pips when a little patience will get me the same result for less.

For some schools:

Minions at level 28. Too weak, using two-pip spells, health too low, and not earned until level 28. By the time I got the Fire, Ice, second Balance minion, I was too far advanced for such a weak, worthless minion to really be of help. Why spend 3 pips on a minion that will spam a two pip spell, and die the moment the boss looks its way? Health is only 300-350?! Damage spells that aren't much stronger than a wand blast? If that is the minion you're going to give us, PLEASE give it to us at level 10-20 or so, when it will actually be of USE. By level 30, it is worthless and far too late to get such a weak minion.
The only level 28 minion that is worth the wait, in my opinion, is the Death minion.


Power Play. I never use it. It helps the enemy, and it costs 4 pips. For that, I could just wipe out the enemy with a Spectral Blast. This spell is terrible for what it costs.

Donate Pips: Worthless to give up three of my pips just to give someone two regular pips, when after level 30 he or she will probably get a power pip just by passing. If I could donate all of my pips, as they are, power pips included ... that could be interesting.....


Gloom & Doom: Despite what PvPers say, I never, EVER use this spell. It hurts me, it hurts my team-mates, because it reduces our ability to heal. I hate it, and I hate that so many of Death's minions carry this spell. If it only worked on the enemy, that would be cool.

Beguile: I wish it worked for at least three turns instead of one. For three pips, one turn is no better than using a 0-1 pip stun spell. As others have said, the enemy usually ends up passing. So I don't bother with Beguile.

Take 500 Damage for three power pips. Um, totally NOT worth it. I can just pass a turn or two. This is one of the worst spells ever. I've never used it at all. Taking some damage to dole out damage (such as Fire's Immolate) or for my Sacrifice healing spell, that I'm willing to do. Taking a hit when I could just wait ... not worth it.


Minotaur minion: If he would at least do as the Storm minion does and use the Elemental and/or Spirit shields, that would be worth it. Again, by the time this minion is earned, the enemies are hitting so hard that he is killed with one blow. His health is too low and his shielding too inadequate to be of use as a tank.

Pierce shield: Costs too much in terms of pips. It's better to just use a "free" wand blast. Maybe, for another pip or so, you could make this spell apply to all enemies. That would be cool....


Accuracy boost of 10% to all. I like the idea, but I never use it. This seems like it ought to be a balance spell, at any rate.


Ice Armour: I have used it a couple of times, but usually it's too costly in terms of pips. I have wished more than once that I could cast it on someone else besides myself---especially the Ice Guardian minion.

Steal Shield: For two pips, it's too costly. I never use this spell.


Wild Bolt. Wastes pips and buffs, does far too little damage most of the time. Since the "improvement" I haven't used it once. You may as well retire this spell because it's worthless now.


Link: For two pips and such little health, it's not worth the cost. Either this or Fire Elf ... but getting both at such early stages made my Fire wizard really struggle in the beginning. I wish it would be made a three-pip spell and give back 300 health plus 300 damage over time. That would be so much more useful.

In most cases you nailed it here. Although I can't agree with this at 100%. I find that donate pip has had it's usefulness in PvP for me. Although I agree that it's not the best spell, it can help fellow fire or storm wizard let off a big early attack, giving you the edge. Although I agree that Power Play is 100% useless. The only other thing i can disagree on is link. Although not the best spell, I usually prefer it over fire elf since it heals me. My fire wizard is still in krokotopia and I am finding some use for this spell. I agree it could use a bit of a boost.. maybe 180dmg and 180 heal but it doesn't rank to the uselessness of some of these other spells.

Doom and Gloom, Power Play and Wild bolt can all be retired if not changed in my opinion. I have never seen anyone use Doom and Gloom or Power play, and the one guy I saw using Wild Bolt in Mooshu since the update of the card died. I guess repeatedly hitting 10 wasn't good enough for his power pips!

A+ Student
Jan 05, 2009
It would be interesting to see a Sun spell that 'Enhances Minion'....after all, this is the trend of Sun spells...boost spell cards. Maybe it could change a minion card to an 'X' cost, like the death minion?

Jan 09, 2009
two spells that never will see the light of day again are link and immolate, because link... sure it does damage while healing, but there are so many healing spells that are much better (although I do appreciate the fact that fire is the one of the only two schools that can heal and are not life or death). Immolate... yes, it does 600 damage but it also takes 250 away from yourself, meaning that if it did not kill your opponent, then you just helped them.

Dec 21, 2009
gtarhannon wrote:
Well, I have several.


I really want to like ice armor, but it rarely if ever makes any sense. It cannot be cast on others, it can easily be brushed aside by pierce or earthquake, and gear doesn't apply to it. Realistically, you are better off to cast a fairy, sprite, or other healing spell because your gear resistance will make the already better healing per pip that much better of an investment.


Without a doubt, power play is the worst spell in the balance arsenal. At a staggering cost of 4 pips, the highest cost for a global spell in the game, you get the pleasure of boosting your enemies in a way you have no defense for. With other global spells, your gear typically resists the kind of damage that the global amplifies making it a worthwhile cast even in the event that your enemy should cast an attack in that category. Power Play, on the other hand, boosts everyone's pip chance by 35%. Why would you want to spend 4 pips to increase your enemy's chance of killing you faster when you have nothing to mitigate it other than the hope that you will somehow gain power pips even faster than they do? As an added bonus, it gets less useful as you rise in level.


It seems to me that the troll minion is redundant. Since you can only have one minion at a time, I never ever use troll minion after I get cyclops minion, because they serve the same function. This, of course, could be fixed by allowing one of each type of minion to be cast at the same time.

While in my opinion, there are plenty of other spells across all magic classes that have very limited use (for instance, only useful in certain PvE scenarios, or only useful in PvP), these are the only ones I can think of at the moment that I see as useful in such a limited way that they approach completely useless.

Could not have described Power Play better.
Taryn Dragonsong

Apr 03, 2010
Tommknocker wrote:
Life - Spirit armor comes to mind. It doesn't scale so after marleybone the cost in pips is not worth the protection offered.

Death - Beguile. Although in theory this would be an awesome spell it is unclear as to the effects. If for example it allowed the next attack or heal to be reversed then fine, but as it is now more times then not your opponent just passes.

Balance - Power Play. Not useful as it is global.
Balance - Black Mantel. Only works rarely, although i did try to like this spell it could use a boost of 10% or so.

I don't have any other schools for my wizards so i'll leave it at those.
Beguile is the best spell ever. Just dont pvp with it. You know those bosses that say "help me" beguile the storm, and see what happens.

Jul 04, 2010
Quake - because destroying team mates prisms, specially in celestia when most enemies don't use shields, is not the best way to win friends and positively influence people.

I'd rather use pierce at this point. Plus, Minotaur breaks shields before hitting hard as well.

Feb 28, 2011
shimmer123127 wrote:

I personally think minions are useless, then again, that is just what I think. Minions never help me, and they always shield themself, never me, and the only time they help is when they heal (which isn't often). And their attacks, meh, don't get me started

I started as a myth student, and loved having a minion, but didnt like not being able to heal fellow players, so I created a life student for the healing factor. I have noticed that I miss my troll minion very much as a life student, though yes he passes to gain pips or adds shields to his target and sometimes didnt help, but for the most part my troll minion helped me a lot and others liked him :) I tried once to summon 2 minions, not knowing bringing the second took away the first lol. So ok, you can use one at a time, but they help at times. Not having any in krok as a life student is not easy.

Jun 23, 2010
Good topic, thanks for being willing to negative feedback.

Doom and Gloom-never have used it. Animate too, because of Doom and Gloom. It is pain having to remember how many pips to use where minion doesn't cast D & G.

Subdue, Pacify and Taunt, just do not get their point.

Wld Bolt- I got it after the change. When I did try it I never hit 1000 and nearly died or died because it hit 10 more often than not.

The Life Minion-before the minion updates I would die and she kept herself healed. LOL I need to dust her off and try her again.


Folks, thanks for chiming in on this. It's interesting that the usefulness of some spells are contested - which attributes to a lot of different ways to battle (I'm sure I don't duel the same way as all the other fire students either).

Since we have a bit of a teachers conference tomorrow, Feedback "Friday" will be a little early this week!

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