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Feed Pet Snacks without playing a game!

Feb 11, 2011
fx41001 wrote:
Um how about the alt. idea.

Instead I say you should play the mini-games to lvl up your pet but is your pet ages from baby to teen to adult ect. the ammount of exp you recive should increase as wells you play the game. It stays constanst as you recieve at max four per game. Maybe it could raise up as you lvl up your pet. instead like 4 at baby 8 at teen 16 as adult 32 at ancient and 64 at epic? Maybe something close to that. Or simply add more minigames to play. Make it less boring. I kinda feel they did not go that route since it would make the game less challenging and kinda boring, when you could be doing something else. That is why they didnt add here feed pet to lvl it up, they make the pet lvl up through the work and effort you put into it.

Thats just my take on the issue.

Blake NightWraith
what if your pet becomes to epic and becomes a pet mount(for special dragons and unicorn or a wildclaw) ect.