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Favorite Worlds in Order?!?!

May 22, 2009
Here are mine:

1) Mooshu by far my favorite. I just love the sunny atmosphere and the bright colors.

2) Krokotopia. I like the Egyptian theme and the furniture from there

3) Grizzleheim. The rustic nature of that place is refreshing.

4)Wizard City. Sort of boring and easy, but better than the other worlds.

5 Dragonspyre. Long and drawn out dungeons. It is also a tad bit depressing.

6) Marleybone. The worst by far. It is dark, dirty, and long. The quests sends you from one area to another. I also believe Abigail Doolittle and all the other women need to invest in cell phones or at least carrier pigeons. Katz lab and Kensington are horrible dungeons.

Hannah Lifebringer Level 50 Life

Jun 20, 2009
Here are mine:
1. MooShu- ok i'm not really up to it yet, but from friend teleports, it looked really cool :)
2. Marleybone- i don't get why everyone hates it so much. it's good to get a good challenge
3. Dragonspyre- same as MooShu, not up to it, but it looks interesting
4. Wizard City- for some weird reason i liked cyclops lane and firecat alley, but everything else was uggh...
5. Grizzleheim- it's not even part of the main storyline. and bears and ravens live there. strange.
6. Krokotopia- boring boring boring... sand goes on and on... krokopatra the only girl...no really she is
Everyone seems to hate marleybone. I like how it has an English theme and how it has dogs. MooShu is cool cuz it has an asian theme and it is so eco-friendly-looking. krokotopia was just long...marleybone was a relief.

May 09, 2009
1) Dragon spire, all the way man! i dont stop on the main quest until i reach dragon spire, then i head back and do a ton of side quests to be on level when i reach it

2) Krokotopia, because it just seems like a awesome place

3)wizard city, because all the holoday stuff is their

4)MooShu its ok i'm just not that into the whole samurie thing

5)marlybone its ok now that they made it so you can walk on the sides of the roads but the theme i think is just weird

6)Grizzlehiem, ugh i hate grizzlehiem dont ask me why cause i dont know it just doesnt seem that great of a place.

-Conor DuneStrider lvl 50 Balance, Connor SkullWalker lvl 46 Death (go wraith)

Nov 07, 2008
1) Mooshu. Love the mythology of Japan and China. The place looks peaceful and I like all the trees.
2)Grizzleheim. Love Norse mythology and I like all the animal guys.
3)Wizard City. Lots of people and plants, Bartleby is HUGE.
4)Krokotopia. Like Egypt and the guys are cool looking andthe theme of the whole place is something I like.
5)Drahgonspyre. Dark . Dramatic, large :D. LONG Dungeons
6)Marleybone. Small, no trees or natural life. Ugh, just don't like it.