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Favorite Worlds in Order?!?!

Jan 07, 2009
Here are mine:

1) MooShu! I just love how they have big sidewalks and an Asian theme. Asia is my favorite continent did I mention that? :D

2) Dragonspyre! It's pretty in an evil, dungeon-dragon-like, fiery, twisted way.

3) Grizzleheim! I just love the Sweden/Dutch theme, rainbow bridge (WHEEEE! :D) and clothes! Right now I'm dressed as a golden bear. :D

4) Krokotopia! I like the sandstorms, Balance school, and how you can go inside Prospector Zeke's tent. :D

5) Wizard City. It's small and boring, except for Ravenwood and the inside of Bartleby. Plus the bosses are WAY too easy, even for a 2-leveled person.

6) Marleybone. *stabs* I absolutely loathe this world I would burn it if I had a fire big enough! NO SIDEWALKS?

Well, what are yours?

EDIT: LOL, I knew Asia was a continent, I accidentally typed 'country' I guess, so HAHA I didn't learn anything :P

BTW alienforce, sidewalks in Reagent's Square don't count because there's no MONSTERS in Regeant's Square. :(

Jan 07, 2009
Feb 26, 2009
May 22, 2009
Mine are:

1) Mooshu. Its makes me calm and reminds me of home. :D I mean, how doesn't like fighting horses and cows? :-o

2) Krokotopia. I like the egyptian theme. Its pretty awesome and I thought that this world was pretty easy going.

3) Dragonspyre. Challenging. Although I favor the way it once was to how it is now. (The back to the past vault/dungeon)

4)Grizzleheim. I love the outdoors and how pretty this place is.

5)Wizard City. Nothing wrong with this place at all. Its full of life and many new people. I always go here for parties in ravenwood.

6) Marleybone. GOODNESS. I don't like this world. At all. I like all the other ones but this one just gets on my nerves. I like the clothes there (face masks are pretty rad) but ugh. I am still mad that I cant even fight Jaques again for a snowman. :(

This place is horrible. Kensington Park IS SO LONG. Took me 3 to 4 hours to do it. And it wasnt even my quest! I will help make a fire ball to burn the place. Ill get peanut to destroy it.

[peanut is my pet helephant btw.]

Neela Glade level 48 pyromancer

Oct 10, 2008
YES!Marleybone needs to be burnt to the ground, I will be dancing on the ashes, LOL .

Did I mention that I'm a Grandmaster Pyromancer and love burning stuff?

Mar 13, 2009
Here are my favorite. (some are based on looks because im not to some of them)

1) Grizzleheim

2) Dragonspyre

3) Mooshu

4) Marleybone

5) Wizard City

6) Krokotopia

Mar 09, 2009
1) Wizard City- Baby steps

2) Krokotopia- The beginning was fun, eventually I got tired of the world.

3) Marleybone- Cool place, way too laggy and no sidewalks. :(

Oct 18, 2008
resetti123, get the facts that asia is a continent, and what are you saying about burning marleybone, its awesome

1. dragonspyre, you fight malistaire there, i am fire, and its in ruins, cool.
2.marleybone, i like the uk, and it has the games hardest instance
3. grizzleheim, it has a "tribal" theme to it, its just a very cool world
4.krokotopia, all those codes are fun, all though it was soooo long
5. wiz city, well, i cant hate wiz city
6. moo shu, why do you like it so much? yeah, so what if its pretty, the questing is soooooooo boring


Jun 29, 2009
My favorite worlds are

1. MooShu (dont know how to spell if its wrong) i like the battle with my friends (i tele there).

2. Dragonspyre dont know much bout it but been there twice and it was a blast.

3. Wizard city it lasts awhile but colusses is oodles of fun

4. Grizzleheim its way to short and like no exp for it.

5. Krokotopia ugghh dont get me started way to long and no1 helps you.

6. Marley Bone i hate this stupid place takes forever wish the gobbler king would walk up to it and give a huge fart

Dec 14, 2008
Yes thats technicly true there are no sidewalks there in marleybone but try walking up the middle of the street. It is much easier. So now here is my list

1: mooshu
3:Wizard city

James thunderblade level 46 diviner
Chris Goldenbane level 19 theurgist

Feb 15, 2009
Guys calm down. You cant burn down Marleybone.
There is sidewalks in Reagent's Square.
Marleybone is perfect Because the Marleybonians will die so stop complaining about Marleybone. And here's my favorites of all the worlds.

1. Wizard City: It's great! Also the shops are boring and the Bazaar is driving me nuts because too many people crowd the place full.

2. Krokotopia:I hate those sandstorms and the library. I like the rest.

3. Marleybone:Everyone wants to burn Marleybone but not me.The shops and the music are great and sidewalks in Reagent's Square.

4.Mooshu:Great landscapes and areas.

5. Dragonspyre:A little boring becaause enemies are like rank 6,7,8,9, and 10 and elite.

6.A great world for everyone.
Savarstaad Pass Levels: 20-50
Mirkolm Keep:Maybe 30-50
Virgil Roughland: Elite 20-50

Jan 07, 2009
Curlygoss1 wrote:
resetti123, get the facts that asia is a continent, and what are you saying about burning marleybone, its awesome

1. dragonspyre, you fight malistaire there, i am fire, and its in ruins, cool.
2.marleybone, i like the uk, and it has the games hardest instance
3. grizzleheim, it has a "tribal" theme to it, its just a very cool world
4.krokotopia, all those codes are fun, all though it was soooo long
5. wiz city, well, i cant hate wiz city
6. moo shu, why do you like it so much? yeah, so what if its pretty, the questing is soooooooo boring


People hate MB mainly because there's no sidewalks, and the monsters are HARD man, but those are the only reasons I hate it. Also it makes me lag. Marleybone makes me bleh. Plus MS is easy, too, I am lvl 32 and could take on like 3 ninja pigs by myself and my health wasn't that low when I finished. (Did I mention I didn't have powerful gold cards on me?) Likewise, I also like MS because the storyline just flows along so smoothly, as if one part were meant for another. MB flows along easy too but not as smoothly.

We should make a club for people who hate Marleybone!

Oct 18, 2008
I'm replying to resseti123's answer to my answer
Well, first of all, i hoped you learned asia is a continent, not a country.
And second, i heart hard stuff, it can be ennoying, but who cares, thats why i love mb and ds, ms is too easy, easy=boring, hard= exciting, although ms does have a rank 10 boss (jade oni), thats the only thing hard about it really, jade oni is fun, the rest of ms


well, we all have different tastes, but the only one who actually learned something, was resetti123, learning asia is a continent.

Jun 23, 2009
1) Wizard city
2) Mooshu
6) Marleybone *sharpens a knife*

Oct 12, 2008
:P i like this thread.

1: Marleybone: I like it because the theme is like london and most of the characters from there are real. for example: Officerness elliot ness famous detective. sherlock bones famous dective watson as i heard not sure if its correct sherlock bones assistant. Also the clothes there are spectaculer just wish there was a pet shop though :P. Also there is a lot of battles in mb. Like with meowiarty absoutely loved that battle except for the annoying interrupts but they fixed that problem now :D

2:Mooshu: its like a take a break world compared to mb and ds. Its cool cause its like nature and the theme is very calm. The onis are really really really really fun. I hope they never change them. .

3: Wizard city. Its boring after you beat all the quest in it. Shops are boring etc etc and the pvp drives me nuts. Getting paired up with Masters isnt what i wanted :P

4: Krokotpia. I love the theme but some of the bosses are a bit marleybone classed as in as hard as marleybone. Some of those bosses you need like two healers and like two storms. For an average guy working in kroktopia vs one of those bosses is like yelping for all your friends to port.

5:Dragonspyre: I like it as much as Wizard city truly. I hate it where i cant access the athenuem cause i dont have access there. But the bosses like the gurtoks and malistaire those guys ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!

6: Grizzlehiem a bit to much like mooshu with the hole earth like theme. I think they shouldve have waited and do this after celestia comes out because i heard celestia is the new story line world. Then after all the story line worlds come out side quest worlds come.

Oct 03, 2008
hmm, lets see...

1. Marleybone - I really liked the atmosphere of Marleybone (reminds you of a great detective novel), plus I found the quests and mobs outside of big ben to be easy (I did need help with big ben itself the first time) and the plot is really thrilling; I like good mysteries and mafia stories. Kenningston Park really can be soloed, unlike Grizzleheim's Ravenscar final boss fight.
2. Mooshu - I like the calm and serenity of Mooshu, and i found it to be a nice break from heavy questing, as the quests here give more exp than any other world.
3. Dragonsypre - This place is ok, I don't like the gloomy atmosphere that much (wish I could see all of dragonsypre from before the dragon titan came; the great chasm at least looked quite beautiful back then). What I really like here is the plot; it's really thrilling to finally confront Malistaire once and for all.
4. Grizzleheim - I really like the scenery but they don't have houses for this place, which is a bummer. I can't comment on the plot since I haven't really started the storyline yet (I'm wanting to take my fire wizard through here of my death wizard). I especially like Nidavellir; these are the best instances in the game, IMO, they have a nice blend of tough baddies and majestic scenery. You can really see what fine craftsmen the frost giants were from looking at Nidavellir's architecture.
5. Wizard City - Wizard City isn't half bad appearance wise, but I never really got into the plot as much as I did in Marleybone and Dragonsypre. Not to mention I completely hated Colossus Blvd. ; I do not like those gobblers one bit, they're too rude for my taste.
6. Krokotopia - I don't like arid atmospheres one bit, and I found the plot to be boring, but it's mainly the scenery I don't like (frankly, I can hardly stand it)

Valkoor Crow
Grandmaster Necromancer

Jun 16, 2009
Here are my favorites:

(I haven't searched every footstep of each world but I've seen each world, not the whole thing though)

1. Marleybone

2. Dragonspyre

3. Mooshu

4. Grizzleheim

5. krokotopia

6. Wizard City

We all have our own opinions.

Apr 28, 2009
1. Marleybone. Great theme and the houses are awesome. It's London all put together.

2. Dragonspyre. Fire and dragons are simply awesome

3. Mooshu. Everyone gets stuck on here at some point. Cave of solitude is annoying to get through.

4. Grizzleheim. New and exciting horibble exp though.

5. Krokotopia. It seemed exciting but it got very boring

6. Wizard City. This place makes it look like a kiddy game and drives people away

Lucas Duskbreaker ~ pyromancer/diviner

Jun 16, 2009
Don't burn poor Marleybone! I like the detective theme and how it looks like London.

Jun 29, 2009
A responce for dark storm: dude (that is asuming ur a guy) no wonder you like mb if youve only seen part i abselutly despice it but only counterweight west and big ben for me to go

Oct 03, 2008
[this is fav to least fav]
1. grizzlehiem

2. mooshu

3.wizard city




i hate ds its SO annoying

the others are alrights i like gh most cause i like the whole midevil thing

Jul 19, 2009
I really don't like marleybone, and i agree, why are there no side walks! Oh and then big ben it took me all night to complete it. But i think that there should be a new world to balance out the horrible marleybone.
My favorite world are from love to hate is,

1. mooshu

2. krokotopia

3.dragonspyre, (p.s. i like how you get to go back in time.)

4. wizard city


p.s.s. i am a balance student

Dec 23, 2008
1: Marleybone :P :D :P :D
2:MooShu :-)
3:Grizzleheim :-)
4:Krokotopia :?
5:Wizard city

I missed Marleybone when I got to MooShu.

Mar 01, 2009
1. MooShu-It's a world that kinda let's you take a break from DS, which is challenging. Also, the quests give out A TRUCKLOAD of experience. If you talk to someone you get like 1600 exp :D

2. Dragonspyre-It was challenging and awesome at the same time. Who doesn't like a volcano with a giant dragon on top?

3. Wizard City- Eh, a little short. I beat the entire world in 2 hours. It has a nice atmosphere though, there are parties in Ravenwood all the time 8)

4. Grizzleheim- It's cool. The experience you get is low.

5. Krokotopia-It was dull and boring from the start.

6. MarleyBone-Oho. I would steal the Krokonomicon to send a giant meteor to blow it up. I would then dance on the ashes like there was no tomorrow. Oh, and fireworks saying I Hate Marleybone would be nice. Sorry, it's just i hated questing in this place.

Oct 26, 2009
Ok, heres mine

1)Dragonspyre (hey, it is fun and challenging :) :-) :D 8) :P)
2) Mooshu (the whole world calms me down)
3)Krokotopia (i like the balance theme because i'm balance )
4)Grizzleheim (fun and i love how it looks)
5)Marleybone (hard, laggy, and long but it is better than Wizard City)

Patrick Hawktamer lvl 48 of balance