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favorite house

Feb 15, 2009
Hi everyone do you want to ask about all worlds? Ok post it here.


1. Wizard city:

2. krokotopia:

3. marleybone:

4. mooshu:

5. dragonspyre:

6. grizzleheim:

talk about all 6 worlds here's mine

1. Wizard City: Kinda great world

2. Krokotopia: Strange I want the Krokotopia Bazaar down so I can sell some stuff without going to Wizard city Bazaar
3. Marleybone: Nice peaceful place

4.Mooshu: (go to 3.)

5. Dragonspyre: O. O

6. Grizzleheim: I always get lost in areas, but thanks to the Teleport Stones they let me go back to camps and go to places like Savarstaad pass, Vigrid Roughland,Mirkolm keep, ravenscar.

Everyone start asking about 6 worlds