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Facebook Promotion -- is it legit?

Mar 03, 2009
I became a fan of what I thought was an official W101 Facebook group/page. Today I received an update saying that there was a promotion code being given for logging into YouTube and subscribing to a channel for some kid named J.A.S.O.N. It claims he is the nephew of one of the game developers and that they are trying to help him by getting him more exposure.

They are offering 1000 CROWNS -- not gold -- so that is the first red flag. Additionally, the videos are HORRENDOUS and when I left a comment on what I thought about them (the comment was not rude or vulgar, just my opinion) it was deleted (along with other negative ones) and only the good comments were left.

I think it is a scam and if so, W101 needs to do something about it because I actually thought it was real myself at first because the W101 page looks official on Facebook. I'm not usually fooled by scams -- but this one almost had me. I think they are just trying to boost this guy's YouTube rating -- but if they get away with this one, next time they may try to steal info or something else.

If this is legit, I have to say I'd be surprised that W101 would promote this kind of stuff -- it really is just moronic.

We posted on the Headmaster's Tower about this fraudulent promotion. This is certainly NOT hosted by KingsIsle Entertainment.

Be sure you are visiting the Official Wizard101 Facebook page linked here: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Wizard101/15105063450

Beware of imitations that promise Crowns for promotions.