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extra slot in what you wear

Jul 22, 2009
I just replied to another post about this. lol An extra slot for the amulets would be amazing.

Mar 10, 2011
Johnist wrote:
goldendragon18 wrote:
Johnist wrote:
Potential New Gear pieces -

Belt / Satchel
Eyepatch / Glasses / Sunglasses
Secondary Pet
Secondary Ring
Pet Collar (good Idea Sierra)

You could also make Mounts Combat Capable with 1 card of Natural Attack X value

I like your ideas Johnist. When you look at your list, and think about it. All of these items could easily be added.

The pet collar is a good idea. What kind of stats would you give it?

What would you apply to the belt, eyepatch/glasses, and satchel or do you actually mean a belt pouch?

What would be your idea of the talents on a second pet?
Mine would be that one pet would have spritely, and be able to cast shields of whatever school you are fighting along with a couple more good talents.

The second would be able to cast blades, and traps as well as give you more resist and boost to damage.

the Gauntlets and Bracers could be used to strengthen many areas.

Not asking about the ring since I aready know how you would have the ring unless it is school specific. lol

Just Curious. But you do have a good idea. I like it.

The Pet collar, as Sierra had placed it would be like giving a specific Talent to a pet, and once placed on the pet unable to be removed without losing all energy. Each pet would be only able to wear 1 Collar at a time. Pets with the ability already unlocked cannot have the ability duplicated on a Pet Collar.

Glasses / Shades / Eye Patches could be added that boost Accuracy, or they could have other effects like +5% Gold, or things to increase XP or Rare (Crowns Item / Pet) drops. Glasses could even have an Out of Battle effect that allows you to click on an enemy for the enemy stats, including Power Pip%, Block/Crit Rating, HP, Boosts / Resists, etc.

A Belt, Bandoleer, or Satchel could be gotten to either increase backpack space, or carry unused elixirs won from duels or gifted/purchased so as to not automatically use them. Satchels and Belts could have a maximum storage.

The thing with the Bracers, many of the current Rings in the spiral in DS, GH, and CL actually look more like BRACERS than Rings. They look like they should be worn on the Forearm instead of the finger.

Come to think of it, we don't actually have PANTS in the Spiral... Our pants are considered parts of our Shoes. Isn't that odd? So why not give us Pants?

As for walking around with 2 pets, I'd say both pets would give their standard bonuses including cards, etc. instead of a Mount and a Pet.

I agree but i think with the gaunlets idea you should be able to punch with an element e.g. if you were fire you could use a fire punch and if you had a satchel then maybe you could store gold for when you are low on it along with elixirs but I don't exactly like the idea of walking around with two pets though but don't you think that the collar could change your pet to a different element too?

Apr 20, 2010
Johnist wrote:
wow... this thing lost its sticky. Oh well. :) I still think that this is a great idea. I personally would want the Glasses idea I mentioned. Make glasses start dropping from bosses. Low level glasses give accuracy only, high level glasses could let us click on enemies to inspect their stats, etc.

Either that, or a satchel for home-crafted potions. Each satchel would take up 1 spot in your backpack, and the different satchels could hold different amounts of potions...

Thank you for mentioning this about no sticky 'cause I was looking for it one day to see the responses and I couldn't find it

Apr 20, 2010
blastyswa wrote:
You should have so that you have athames do attacks. a lot of times, you vs a boss, for example maybe a myth one. you choose bolt blade for this reason and the minion storm. what you should have is maybe it would be you have wand in one hand and you have athame in other and athame does like give 5 cards of stab for 100 myth damage or something. also you need bracers that do things such as one called regeneration gauntlet and what it does is gives + 10 health per round of battle + 1 mana per round of battle and + 1 regenerate card :). that way for example if you were out of mana and the boss had thousand health left you could just wait few turns and leviathan.

Mason Shadowwraith, lvl 29 conjurer

That's a good idea (2nd idea) but it should be at least 10000 gold and 1000 crowns