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Expanding the game

Nov 30, 2012
Yeah, so within the next year, we're gonna have level 500 extreme mega-god (or whatever) storm wizards running around, disintegrating everything they touch. Basically, it kinda gets overwhelming, leveling up and up and up.... So, I think I have an idea that allows to restart in a way but still stay just as strong. Think of it almost like either an elite/prestige ranking, or like a specialization. Say we get to level 200. Once you get to level 200, every wizard restarts to level 1... but not a regular level one. It's an elite level. You keep your armor, stats, spells, etc. but your are refreshed as an "Elite" Initiate, "Elite" Grandmaster, etc. restarting the leveling system. Then, every 100 or 200 levels, this could be done again, making you Elite II, III...


Upon being restarted to level one, every school is given a specialization choice. Three unique paths could be offered to each school, and from then on, which path you take determines the new spells and armor you can receive. For example...

Death's 3 paths:
-Grave-Walker: utilizes a multitude of traps/blades to enhance weaker spells
-Soul-Bender: focuses on health-stealing spells
-Warlock: NEW curse spells. These would be utility spells that benefit the user, and do something negative to enemies.

-Cleric: healing, healing, healing
-Shaman: NEW totem spells. Kind of like minions, only they repeat a specific spell continuously every round (for example, +10% damage blade)
-Spirit-Caller: utility-spell focused, based on aiding allies with accuracy, heal boosts, extra mana, and summons lots of foresty creatures

Summoner: powerful minions (smarter hopefully too..)
Soothsayer: lots of AoEs, shield-breaker, double hit
Magician: lots of new utilities that cause chaos (charms, disabling charms and traps, reversing positive charms/traps to negative, Invisibility spell to hide from enemy for X rounds, etc.)

Clairvoyant: a little of everything, and also has its own aura spells
Wanderer: helpful with lots of utilities to aid allies
Enchanter: controls the other schools, like storm, ice and fire

Drake-Born: Higher damage, not much else
Flame-Wielder: lots and lots of DoTs
Incendiary: utilities like disarm, steal charm, etc. and powerful link-like spells

Storm-Bringer: stuns, AoEs
Wind-Caller: lacking in the usual storm damage, but more accuracy and critical chance
Berserker: No health. At all. But pretty much wipes out everything in its path.

Giant-Kin: strength of the giants. Extreme levels of health and resistance
Ice-Blood: specializes in shield-like spells (tower shield) and protection
Messenger of Frost: stronger damage-wise than usual, with stuns and freezes

Dec 14, 2009
An excellent example to what you are suggesting. I agree. I posted something similar, but your details, and dedication in posting the example, far exceeds my own. Here is the link to my thread though:


Nov 30, 2012
Thanks. I looked and we are basically talking about the same thing. I had to do a lot of stretching to come up with some of the ideas, and I'm sure KI could come up with some other names that are better. The hard part was trying to balance the three paths. With some schools it was easier, like Death and Myth, since they have many different aspects. But when it comes to something like Storm, who's only real aspect is power, it was a lot harder. But, I'm sure it's possible. Plus, each branch would have their own unique spells, so it could come down to which spells a certain player prefers.

Oct 09, 2011
First off, why would we get 400 more levels within one year? Seems like you're exaggerating on purpose, but that seems like a bit much. I'd love to have specialization in the game, but why make it level 200? Seems like an awfully long wait, why not make it level 100?

Nov 30, 2012
Yes... I'm not saying in a few weeks everyone's going to be level 500, but I was making the point that eventually we can't keep leveling up and up and up.... which is why I came up with these ideas, allowing wizards to reset to level one while not reducing them stat-wise.

Mar 17, 2010
Yo this should definitely be added to the game. Finally would bring something a bit different.
Bring on the Flame-Wielder
and Giant-kin (wizards that I have).