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Exclusivity of the casts...

Mar 10, 2015
well I was thinking it is time we got some new unique class restricted “wand” animations. These would be dropped or put in a cheap 100 crown pack or whatever,

Fire: You hold a orange orb that glows when we cast spell- school logo shines in it. When we cast it makes our arm engulfed to elbow in flames- we then punch enemy

Ice: Hold a dark Blue crystal. When casting it Glows and spins. When cast, makes a blue earthquake that causes ice shards to rupture from ground.

Death: a parasitic leach: When casting it flies around us and makes a nasty noise. When cast it would fly at enemy and climb under their skin then pop with 1000 small maggots crawling out of us

Life: We hold a rose, it’s petals glow when spell. When cast it causes dark thorns to strangle enemy

Storm: A kite, it dances when animation. When cast it flies over enemy and gets zapped into enemy

Myth: A ancient coin: flip coin when animation: when cast makes a ancient spirit walk up and slap enemy on face

Balance: A feather, it shimmer when animation. When cast it flies onto a scale, and burns enemy with light.

These stitches are class exclusive. Means you can only use the one for your class.