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Every wizard has a story whats yours ! ! ! !

Apr 28, 2009
Just wondering if your wizard did HAVE a background story before summoned by ambrose what would it be. Please post your back story here

Luis Legendblade

Grandmaster diviner

One of the oldest playing players you can find

Sep 17, 2009
Jan 29, 2010
A young adventure loving wizard from dragonspyre wanting to learn fire magic hopeing to meet new friends and explore.

Dec 19, 2008
A boy going to college (note that the ravenwood school IS a college look it up if you don't believe me) and doesn't know which one to go to. One day he found a college to go to for dancing then as he went to sign up time froze, he was the only one who could move a round. Then came a portal surrounded by fire with a picture of a big tree with eyes and an old man with purple hat with white stars on it and a cloak thats also purple with stars with a pet. A white owl that is dressed like HE just graduated from college. Then when the boy went slowly to touch the portal sparks popped up and smoke was appearing all around him, then when he open his eyes he seen the old man and the owl and a kind of goose animal "Why hello new student!" said the old man. "What? huh? new student? where am i?" I asked. "My name is Merel Ambrose" he began. "I am the headmaster of the Ravenwood School of Magical Arts," it was kinda weird but it sounded cool. He invited me to talk to his owl, i said Owls can't talk! Then suddenly the owl spoke: "Haha but indeed i do! Sorry where are my manners, my name is Gamma The Owl and i am quite pleased to meet you. He explained about wizardry and dueling and about the schools and that their are teachers and a dark evil force... Malistare. Speaking of him we seen him inside with too of his minions, Headmaster Ambrose let me borrow his deck of spell cards and take out his henchmen. I defeated them with the help from Headmaster. After the battle Headmaster Ambrose gave me a potion that in 5 minutes i would be restored to my full health and mana. Then he introduced me to the register person Mr. Lincoln and i filled out some paper work about the school i will enter and i made it to the school as a fire wizard so thats what i am now i went from a novice pyromancer to a grandmaster.

-John NightWalker

Feb 22, 2009
Um ok so i was playing club penguin before this, my friend from there suggested this to me and the first time i played i got completely hooked, so i switched to here about a year ago and i've been on ever since

Apr 28, 2009
to be honest i didnt expect this it get through my last two attemps failed so i just wanted to get the message through before I post mine