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Every day Spells

Aug 04, 2012
In some wizard games you have your fighting spells and your everyday spells. An everyday spell is a spell you can use no matter where you are. (Except in Fights) Everyday spells can do all sorts of things. They can make you levitate, look different, change your surroundings, make things brighter etc.. I think it would be really cool for Wizard101 to add these to the game. I know there are already fishing spells and gardening spells but you can only use the spells when your doing that task. Everyday can be used whenever you want. There can be new trainers that teach you funky spells for gold or crowns or whatever. It would make the entire atmosphere of the game more magical. One last thing, these spells can only be done onto yourself. Only because if you were allowed to do them on anyone there would be hoards of people going around who kept on casting them on you which would be annoying. So, What do you think?