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Epic Quest

Aug 13, 2013
Okay, so, I;ve had this thought in my head for awhile and i'm deciding to post it.

What do you guys think about a quest to restore the trees in DragonSpyre? I really wanna see opposite genders of the trees in Ravenwood, so i think this quest would get allot of attention, i mean who wouldn't wanna see the opposite of the trees in ravenwood. What do you guys think? Gimme your opinion on the subject. Would you do this quest? What level minimum should be required? Post anything as long as it's appropriate

Dec 05, 2012
i am not sure about it because this would mean new teachers which would mean all new spells and that would be very hard. plus most of them just aren't even there. and anyway, we have the fire tree which should be enough for a firey world like dragonspyre.