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Energy Pips

Mar 24, 2011
There is an upcoming fear I have approached. what happens when we reach rank 15 spells? how do we get 15 pips? I have an idea. once you reach level 138 and are at the rank 15 spell, you will learn a new kind of pip you can earn. your power has become so great, that it can create energy. that energy can be stored in pips, or Energy Pips (EG Pips). Energy pips are rare and show up green. they take away a small portion of your actual energy (3-6). EG pips are of course worth 3 pips. you have a little chance of earning these because only your pet can give extra. the highest percent possible would be around 80%. The twist is you may only use these pips on rank 15 spells or above. also, like shadow magic, these have backlash. as you see, you can only earn them if you have energy. and there is a chance you get double energy removed. so you need EG defense (EGD). this is a new stat that allows you to defend against the chance of getting 4, 5, or 6 energy removed. there will also be a EG backtrack. Backtrack is the ability to use less energy when getting EG pips. Like critical, Backtrack will be out of 500. 500 would allow you to get 1 energy taken every time. New ways to fill energy will be acquired. For example: around 80,000 gold to refill. This is far into the future but something to think about if KI goes that far. ALSO: there would be a chance that you would not be able to use your rank 15 spell due to the fact you get no EGP's.
You may also acquire new astral spells that give a better chance to the opponent getting extra energy taken away. I think these spells could be called Energy Slashers, or Laziness (due to the fact it removes energy ). then there is the star spells that can give things like -15% EG pips $ rounds or +15% EG knockback 4 rounds. Moon spells would allow polymorph into an energy wizard. it gives you 4 rounds of the ability to add energy. They will though cost 2 EG pips with no replacement pips (not 6 pips).

I hope KingsIsle sees this so they can consider this in the not so distant future. Thank you for the consideration.
If this idea is used please site my work as I would like to know my work is being respected -Cameron NightCaster 68

Dec 30, 2009
Sorry, I can't see this happening for a number of reasons.
The main reason is because a lot of players are careful where they spend their energy.
Some players don't have a lot of energy gear and the energy gear they get from the bazaar/crafting is not a lot.
If you were questing and you kept getting these pips and you don't want them, that's 3-6 of your energy gone that you might need to use to garden or train a pet. And you said for backlash, double energy loss, that would make some players furious. I have 40 plants in my house, i need 80/85 energy to tend to them every day. What if I quest for a while and keep getting these pips and it drains all of my energy? Then I wouldn't be able to take care of my plant's needs and then they might wilt and die. Keep in mind, these are crowns plants, which would be really infuriating for people who spent a lot of crowns on them. I know the solution would be an energy elixir, but people can't always afford to be buying these. In addition, you said that we could pay 80,000 gold to refill energy. While this would be nice, not everyone can be affording to spend 80,000 gold every day to refill energy that they may not wanted to have lost in the first place. People complain it is hard enough to get 40-60,000 gold to hatch once for new pets. The only way I could see this as being possible is if you could toggle these pips on and off so you could choose when you want to possibly spend your money on these pips.