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Enemy A.I "Threat Levels"

Aug 01, 2014
shows the symbol of the player (1st person = sun, 2nd = eye, etc like in battle order) next to the enemies name, then it shows "0/50" under the symbol of the player. These numbers are "threat levels" and the player with the highest level will be targeted specifically

Attacks: +10 Threat (to the enemy you hit or all enemies depending on spell)
Heals: +5 Threat (to all enemies)
Taunt Spells: +10 threat
Minion/Summon spell: +3 threat
Shields: +0 threat
Blades: +0 threat
Reduce Threat spell: -5 threat

I would like this idea because it helps figure out who is targeted, and it makes taunt / reduce threat spells valuable, especially in teams.