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Emotes For Chat!

Aug 22, 2009
Hey Wizards!

Have you gotten tired of the same, old, typed out smiley face?

Have you ever wanted to add a bit of awesomeness and creativeness in your conversations??

Do you want to add EMOTICONS to your chat???

If you have answered 'yes' to any of these questions, why, you clicked to the right topic!

As the title says, I would ask KI to let us put these little pictures (emoticons) in our chat. Say, they could be put in the menu chat, or you can also have an option in your spell book to activate them when you type in their regular symbol like:
:) =
:( =
<3 =
And so on..
They could also be accessed by a little roll-over button in your chat box- also an option in your spell book.
I'm not saying that all these *fantastic* ideas could be used, but still...

And what will these emoticons be, you may ask?

Pretty much all of the ones left to your screen when you type in a response to this topic.. which I hope you do!

Or just for review:

And maybe some more..

Thanks for taking the time to read this!
Please comment below of your similar ideas and if KI should add this!

Jazzy ThunderStaff, Lvl 90

"When the dueling gets hot, summon a fire shield."

Sep 02, 2012
Cool, but how would you put the schools in without using the chat box? Maybe say " lifeemote", and you get . Like for example. You say "I am a level 18 lifeemote wizard." It would show up as "I am a level 18 wizard."
If you still don't understand, here's a list of what I mean.
= balanceemote
= iceemote
= deathemote
= fireemote
= mythemote
= lifeemote
= stormemote
= sunemote
= moonemote
= staremote

I may be wrong on a few more things so please quote to this post if you found something wrong with what I suggested.

Hunter LifeLeaf lvl 19 Journeyman Theurgist
Don't let anyone tell you what you can and cannot do.

Sep 19, 2010
These are reasonable ideas, and I hope Kingsisle takes notice

Oct 15, 2010
Yeah maybe.

Below- if the phrase is bolded it has to be added to chat list. If it is bolded and underlined it is only usable in emotes.

Turn it on in Gameplay options, maybe (theyve been adding various stuff to that lately so IDK where else to put it, lol)

>:) or >:D