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Elvenhiem (new world)

Oct 11, 2008
Elvenhiem is a world with powerfully magical forests. It is the original home of the elemental elves( fire elf, storm elf, ice elf) But in the world there are elves the size of normal Wizards too. The elves stole the Eye of Bartleby from Malistare right before he was defeated. When Morganithe arose they stood quiet, leaving it as a guarded secret. But the news has now be spilled and she knows it's there, and now after it. With the power recently acquired, she won't just be able to see the past; she will be able to change it. Thus we must now stop her at all costs. But the elves are tense, they want to know who was their traitor. But that's their least worrying trouble. Their mystical forests are becoming corrupt with darkness, and if not corrupt they are dying. The spirits of the forest are trying to fight back, but they are failing. It is up to the wizard city wizards to help them!

Other things that will occur with the introduction.
New Creatures: Male Elf warrior(large elf) Felmale Elf warrior. Ice elf, Storm elf, Centaur, non-boss Oni, Elf Wizards and Witches (both large and small)
Spells: A small handful of spells once exclusive to their school of focus will now be available to wizards who have learned all of the spells taught in wizard city (such as ice armor) There will also be some brand new spells for them to further their secondary school. New, Rank one moon spells will become available that are much stronger and include resistances, accuracy, and damage. Moon shield, and Sun shield will become available to learn, as well as Moon blade and Sun blade (but they must know the shields first) As this might be a little unfair to Balance, they will exclusively be able to learn celestial blade Which is Star and gives +30% and costs one pip (they must learn either Sun or Moon shield though)
Equipment: Some equipment will have boosts to movement speed, once exclusive to mounts and boots. There will also be plenty of new bows such as Bow of the Fire Elf, and Centaur's lively Bow.
-There will now be a maximum of 81 spell cards in a deck.
-The level cap will once again increase to lvl 80, with their rank 10 spells