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Eighth school

Dec 11, 2008
What about Chaos as an eighth school? I've put a lot of thought into this, so hear me out. This is how I'd picture the school:

Chaos would be the opposite of Balance, however, it would still have the same strengths as balance. It would be strong against all, yet weak against all, but would have a bonus against Balance, and Balance would have a bonus against Chaos. Also, you know how Balance combines Fire, Ice, and Storm? Chaos would combine the aspects of Life, Death, and Myth. While Balance is more along the lines of a buff school, Chaos would de-buff.

The school symbol would be the eight-pointed arrow, each point standing for the many ways that chaos disrupts and interrupts the other schools, including itself. The colors would be dark purple and pink, (Maybe blue?), the colors of the void.

The school and it's spells would be focused around disruption. Stuns, charms, and weakening spells would be commonplace. They would also have a lot of spells like Death's Beguille, turning enemies against eachother, and spells that decrease accuracy.

Their spell's theme would be extremely alien aberrations and chaotic energies. An example of their creatures would include Mind Flayers, Beholders, Intellect Devourers, Chaos Beasts, and other strange monstrosities.

So there you all have it. The eighth school of Chaos, eternally disrupting and ruining all the other schools in their endeavors..

Mar 15, 2010
Yeh an eighth scool would be great like here are some:
Air: spell wind wind blows enemie gets lown away
Nature: Not life nature anyone noticed life has no animal spells I was thinking Lion roar attack, Rose petals heal
Rock: Wirl rock wind attack
Water: Neptune rises and swims around you

Just some ideas
Scarlet Lionbreeze
Journeyman thergist

May 28, 2009
fireguy88301 wrote:
I think there should be a school of dragon riders that could be introduced in a world after grizzleyheim where you do a special quest you can optionaly do.Where you have to find a dragon egg and food for your dragon.Then you are a dragon rider.There could also feed & take care of your dragon &take him on a ride .Plus your dragon would help you recover a sword insted of a wand.There could be spells whip or slash.you could change this to your normal school.

If you like my idea please write back .
p.s.it would oppose myth.

That's basically what happen in dragonspyre. Well most of it anyways!

Apr 18, 2009
Youtube910 wrote:
Stormfur2 wrote:
I don't think there should be any new schools because the game is aready on line and if you made a new school were would it go? If there was an addition to Ravenwood there would have to be another teacher added, more spells and more quests! Why don't you think of the people who don't pay? The people who made wizard101 might have to put wizard city off line for a few days!!!!! Another reason is if there was air, water and earth added they would take some other schools jobs. Ok i have NO clue how you came up with time, time would be very weird because it would have to take place in marleybone. Who would want to wait that long any ways?

That is why the should never be more schools added
~Jacquline thunderblood

Your right but another school would be cool, then the game would be out of place. Each teacher has a place they came from.

Moolinda Wu: Mooshu
Cyrus Drake: Dragonspyre
Halston Balestrom:
Professor GreyRose:
Arthur WithersField: Marleybone
Malistaire Drake: (MAYBE Nightside Most likely not)
Dalia Falmea:

I dont know about the ones
But that leaves out Krokotopia, Is that all of them
Plz let me kno if i'm wrong!

YOUR MISSING MY OTHER SCHOOL TEACHER! Alhazard is the corocodile balance teacher!(My personal favorite teacher) anyone have any other teachers they know about like the new one in celestia? for the water school,(still not sure if there is a water school or not) :?

Ah well, Happy casting everyone!

Nicholas SoulMender lvl 42 Sorcerer

May 27, 2009
I think that maybe if there will be an 8th school it would have to be light. and possibly dark for the 9th school. light would have like monsters made of light and for dark monsters that are made of black smoke.

Mar 01, 2010
RoyalMandy wrote:
If there was a school of water there could be a spell for water called big wave!
tsunami on my post

Jul 21, 2009