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Dupe shop is needed!

Dec 28, 2008
KI, we desperately need a shop where we can trade in unwanted crown equipment items from hoard/lore packs. I have items from many different packs that I will never use because the gear you can get from dungeons usually turns out to be better that what drops from the packs. So they just sit in my bank, wasting space.

There are two ways to go about this, both are similar but have differences

First way to go about this;

Right now we have Rare (R) and Ultra-rare (UR) rarities in crown packs. Lets say I opened 10 Wysteria lore packs and didn't get the piece of gear I wanted, but I got a bunch of other gear I didn't want

I take my unwanted gear/dupes to the dupe shop vendor and trade in my unwanted R items and exchange X amount of those for another R item that I do what from that specific pack. (I.E. I can only trade in wysteria lore items for another wysteria lore item). UR items follow the same format.

Alternative idea;

Lets take the same situation, I have X amount of unwanted R items from Wysteria lore pack, I go to the dupe shop vendor to trade in these items. Only this time...it's for a special currency that can be used to buy items from other packs. I would then take my special currency and buy an item from a hoard/lore pack that the vendor offers.

The vendor would have rotating packs (think of Fortnite how their item shop changes everyday) that changes what's offered every few days. This keeps this shop idea from being too OP.

Please let me know what you think.